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Madonna: The Discography Rate - Aliens Do It Better

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. I spoke a little soon and the back half is pretty strong, but I dislike a lot of the earlier tracks.

    Anyways, these are in contention for my 11 I think (out of my like 30 10s nn):

    Like A Virgin
    Like A Prayer
    Human Nature
    Ray of Light
    Mer Girl
    Don’t Tell Me
    Hung Up
  2. R27


    I just relistened to Bedtime Stories a few days ago and was impressed by how consistently strong it is. There are no duds for me and most of the songs will be probably get at least 8s once I finalize my scoring.
  3. Good to great Bedtime Stories album tracks:

    Inside of Me
    Love Tried to Welcome Me
    Forbidden Love

    8-10's, 8-10's across the board
  4. Is it controversial to suggest that Rebel Heart is better than Madame X? Like, yes the latter is infinitely more cohesive and a stronger social/political statement, but the former is feels like a statement of intent - much like Madonna, Like A Prayer, and Erotica, and American Life.

    And no, I am not suggesting Rebel Heart is up there with the best, but damn does that album capture who Madonna is.
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  5. Bedtime Stories houses my 11 and it's not one of the singles. The back stretch of that album is absolutely sublime. Dim the lights, open a bottle of wine, and let the resignation and heartbreak pour all over you.
  6. I'd say it's a quite a stretch to say Rebel Heart is artistically better than Madame X, but I certainly see why someone might like Rebel Heart better.

    Bedtime Stories is a weird one for me in that I genuinely think it's one of her best sounding albums, particularly vocally, but I find some of it to be a bit boring artistically.
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  7. Bedtime Stories is my #1 Madonna album. Except for 2 cute tracks, every song is brilliant.
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  8. Bedtime Stories and Erotica have completely come thru in the last few weeks as two of my favourite Madonna albums. The former is just... perfect. I was cooking the other day by myself in the kitchen with the lights low, had the vinyl on twice. I was entranced.
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  9. On the topic of Love Spent, recently discovered a handful of demos for MDNA, including this song in like 5 demos. It's really interesting seeing its progress. A lot of them are stripped back and acoustic-y.

    The writer's demo for Love Spent had a really interesting structure with the foreign bit from the acoustic version as a post-chorus. It's like a sad electro Lela Pala Tute.
  10. Imagine not understanding how strong Bedtime Stories is?! I'll accept that Don't Stop and I'd Rather... could be called basic, but they sound absolutely gorgeous regardless. The rest is obviously incredible?
  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Don’t Tell Me is just....perfect. I think it’s up there as one of my favourite videos of hers too? It’s a classic.
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  12. A lot of Bedtime Stories feels derivative. Not to bring my other mom into it, but I don’t think M carries that soundscape as well as Janet, which is lowkey shocking for me to say since I think M typically excels and bests everyone at everything.
  13. RJF


    I think it's actually a soundscape that Madonna slips into fairly comfortably, so I disagree on that front, but I do in general agree that it's derivative to a degree. Aurally appealing, but it kind of acts as a checklist of Madonna tropes without the dogged investigation she had on previous albums. A bit of sexual intrigue, references to previous controversies, a dash of parental angst, a touch of experimentation at the end, and done. A steady ship in post-Erotica choppy waters, but I would play a good chunk of her albums before it. But she was on that Dennis Rodman D, so.
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  14. I'm personally not too big on Rebel Heart. Sure, it's a step up from MDNA, but I feel the double album concept excused her from sharpening her ideas. My 12 track playlist is cute enough, but I feel that if she'd delivered a more concise package from the get go the album's merits would have been clearer upfront.
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  15. I love Bedtime Stories, I don’t think it is derivative at all and it pairs very well with Massive Attack’s Protection. The segue between Sanctuary and Bedtime Story is the ‘chef’s kiss’ of segues and I think those two songs are even better than some on the ‘electronica’ tune-age on Ray Of Light. Veronica Electronica was alive and well before William Orbit arrived on the scene.
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  16. I agree with the second part of your comment. I was a little shook at the transition from Sanctuary to Bedtime Story too. There is a direct through-line to her subsequent work.

    Thinking about it today I kinda see Bedtime Stories as a bridge album between the house/hip hop influences on Erotica and the new age electronica of Ray of Light, actually.
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  17. I know we love our ice queen but Bedtime Stories feels particularly significant for being the warmest Madonna has ever been across an album. There’s an alluring sense of emotional intimacy to it that counterbalances Erotica’s more sexually liberating undercurrent.
  18. RJF


    I should prefix any critique I have of Bedtime Stories with the fact that I still think it's a good album, but it's hard to compete with the albums that flank it. Speaking of which... my averages:

    Ray Of Light - 8.429
    Erotica - 8.385
    Like A Prayer - 8.227

    American Life - 7.955
    Confessions On A Dance Floor - 7.714
    Bedtime Stories - 7.318
    Madame X - 7.222
    Madonna - 7.125
    True Blue - 7.056
    Music - 7.042

    Rebel Heart - 6.917

    Hard Candy 5.885
    Like A Virgin 5.667
    I'm Breathless - 5.273
    MDNA - 5.094​
  19. It better be the song about Mrs. Ciccone.
  20. The only part of Bedtime Stories that could arguably be derivative in any way is Don't Stop.
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