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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Incorrect?
  2. I literally cannot get past the initial note of that baby crying. It makes my skin crawl.
  3. If by numerous you mean literally one then yes I agree.
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  4. I feel like I have a bit more sympathy for Autotune Baby as a divisive oddity than some of the... blander songs in Madonna's catalogue *side-eyes MDNA*.

    I was dismayed to see that Let Down Your Guard was amongst the first 20 casualties last time. Absolutely deserves better this time.
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  5. RJF


    Also, re: input errors, I've individually checked 35 ballots today and found four mistakes where I was out by a single digit. I started my check at the back of voting list too since those ballots were more likely to have issues considering the... volume I received in a short amount of time. My eyes are going square and I'm going to keep going with the process throughout the week, but I'm happy to continue eliminations. To give some perspective, that's 4 errors in 7,945 manually typed scores. So I'm fairly confident in having eliminations continue and have my audit also be an ongoing process. That good?
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  6. Autotune Baby is one of the most interesting songs M's made in the past 15 years but some of y'all aren't ready for that conversation.
  7. "Autotune Baby" would be a terrible elimination this early. It's dumb and far from a discography highlight but it has at least some Madonna c.u.n.t. to it.

    I only just realised "B'Day Song" had my very lowest score. Next up for me were "Girl Gone Wild," "Hanky Panky," "I'm Going Bananas," "Back In Business" and "I Don't Give A (feat. Nicki Minaj)."
  8. As long as those errors somehow catapult Bitch I'm Madonna into the top 40
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  9. Now I'm following you is surely near the arse end of this rate?
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  10. "I mean, it's basically just a Warren Beatty song featuring Madonna...", etc.
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  11. If my ballot was among these 35, then I'm good with it.

    What I think will leave next: Cry Baby, More, I'm Going Bananas

    What I want to leave next: Cry Baby, More, Bitch I'm Madonna Superstar
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  12. Already calling for Autotune Baby's head when it just gave us this?

  13. Hoping Autotune Baby, S.E.X. & Superstar make an exit soon.
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  14. The song I’m desperate to leave isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so I won’t even mention mine. I do think songs from I’m Breathless and Superstar will be soon to go.
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  15. RJF





    (It's appropriate that all the I'm Breathless fonts were hideous.)

    SCORE: 3.327

    2015 PLACEMENT: 201 of 210
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 1 (@Remyky22)
    LOWEST SCORE: 0 x 31 (@nikkysan @aux @No hay banda @sfmartin @Cutlery @Suburbia @Mirwais Ahmadzaï @Phonetics Boy @Andy French @fatyoshi @Sail On @Babylon @muddleddreams @Robsolete @Fortune @R27 @Sideout @citoig @joe_alouder @BTG @Sleepycat @Lila @clowezra @acl @Verandi @RainOnFire @Ramalama @Holly Something @sexercise @Mr Blonde @happiestgirl)
    MY SCORE: 2/10


    ...Ugh, okay, fine, I guess it's a bit too early to start half-assing write-ups. I'm looking at my score at the moment and I'm honestly not sure where those two points I gave it came from, because... this is offensive. In what way, you ask? All the ways. Aurally, lyrically, culturally. Everything. I didn't need to hear "bananas" being rhymed with "piranhas" in a Madonna song, but I got it anyway. I also don't know how it managed to nearly claw its way out of the Bottom 10 in 2015, but then I suppose that's one of the changes that rating everything together throws up.

    Produced by Patrick Leonard, this is... basically a tacky as hell Carmen Miranda impression. I'm not even sure how this fits in the context of what the album is attempting to accomplish? Does Miss Mahogany work this into her set when she's feeling some kind of way? Were there still hallucinogenics left over from the Like A Prayer sessions? We'll never know. I think I gave it two points because it's mercifully short, and it was coming after the fairly decent opening three tracks of I'm Breathless, which I think I definitely saw in a different light this time around rather than some tedious bit of nonsense I didn't want to include.

    Against all odds, this made its way onto a setlist during one of her tours. The Girlie Show to be specific where... it more or less seems to be a glorified interlude to maybe buy the dancers some time to get changed? It's shockingly lacking in any potentially gross props that would seem in even more poor taste than the song already does in 2020.

    Her voice during this performance. Lord. I hate her Betty Boop voice so much.

  16. aux


    "I'm Going Bananas" is rancid. Good riddance.

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  17. kii at someone actually giving a 10 to it though.
  18. Someone actually gave that a ten?!
  19. BTG


    Good fucking bye.

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  20. I see a Now That I Found You avatar. Dots, I'm connecting them.
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