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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Let me help you out.

    Considering this loss. I am more sad the album didn't escape bottom 5 than this particular song. That's all.

    Edit: I swear I checked if there were new posts. Dafuq
  2. Ahem I actually think Cry Baby is fine. Not 10 fine, but you march to the beat of your own drum, @Remyky22!
  3. Why she ever recorded this and put it on an album is beyond me, glad it’s gone
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  4. I overrated Cry Baby by giving it a 1.
  5. If only @Deconstruct was still with us...

    Or are they?
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  6. The question is...will 'I'm Breathless' go for a triple elimination tonight?!

    (I really do hope "Incredible" exits next, though.)
  7. Incredible came on shuffle last night and it lowkey goes off, haphazard song structure and all. It can stay for a little while yet. Spanish Lesson and Ring My Bell are the real turds off Hard Candy.
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  8. I love Incredible. It's kind of odd and very pretty. Middle eight vocals are pretty shrill though.
  9. And on that note, Autotune Baby next please.
  10. The worst part is that because these songs are so ingrained in my subconscious while you all are skull dragging Cry Baby it is now stuck on a loop in my head.

    giphy (44).gif
  11. Welp I checked their last posts and I'm screaming at Lana looking racist one year ago nn
    The energy!
  12. The core song of Autotune Baby is not bad, but the good (even great) melody is ruined by some horrendous sounding production and questionable lyrics. It's a noisy mess TBH.
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  13. I guess it's cute that they left with a post count of exactly 666.
  14. She sounds like Angelica Pickles from Rugrats on Cry Baby.

    That is not a compliment.
  15. I guess I appreciate I'm Going Bananas as the little gay boy that didn't really know what he was listening to, but wanted to shake his everything at Madonna going completely bonkers on all of us. Is it one of the worst songs on I'm Breathless? Yes, it is, but I couldn't give it a low score.

    And don't we all love bananas, sistren?


    As for Cry Baby... It's the voice that killed the song, n'est-ce pas? I can forgive the doo-wop music, because it kinda suited the soundtrack, but her performance is unforgiveable. And the less said about the out of tune and out of pace whistling, the better.

    Having said that, did it stay lodged in my brain for three days after listening to it?


    Yes, it did.

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  16. "Cry Baby" is my lowest score in this rate with a 3 and I'm surprised it even managed to get this far, to be honest.
    Hoping that we get rid of another "I'm Breathless" song next, preferably "More" (pun not intended).
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  17. I'm glad I managed to forget what Cry Baby sounds like since I rating it dd
  18. RJF


    I got one more bun in the oven!
  19. I don't hate Cry Baby. But it is over four minutes long.

  20. If it's Autotune Baby, just leave that bun burn in there, please.
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