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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. My favourite "Superstar" is by Self.

  2. Superstar's verses are terrible on literally every front from the phoned-in delivery to the nursery-rhyme melody to the actual lyrics themselves, but I like the chorus a lot.
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  3. Maybe a 0 is harsh, I can just about stomach the ‘I’m your biggest fan it’s true’ hook, but this is close to unlistenable for me. Maybe a 2 would have been fairer...? Either way that middle 8 is inexcusable.
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  4. rdp


    C'mon alt rock gays and gays who watched Juno!

  5. RJF


    The lyric about giving someone the password to your phone makes me scream, because all I can think about is the tea Bob The Drag Queen spilled about it being easier to get into the Pentagon than it is to get into a gay man's phone sksksks.
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  6. The 'locals' probably agree with you.

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  7. This just came on the radio and I’m transported back to 2004.

    I’m slightly shocked at Superstar going, it’s a harmless song, there’s bigger offenders still clinging.
  8. Superstar is a cute 6. Definitely an unexpected and undeserved elimination.
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  9. Oh my God, why didn't she just cover the Carpenters?! This snippet with the Alan Parker Choir is ten times better than her own track!
  10. The worst song in her entire career? You guys are a fucking mess.
  11. RJF



    SCORE: 4.436

    2015 PLACEMENT: 200 of 210
    HIGHEST SCORE: 9.5 x 2 (@funkyg @Bleu Noir)
    LOWEST SCORE: 0 x 2 (@Dangerous Maknae @Hurricane Drunk)
    MY SCORE: 6/10

    Again... I'm kind of confused about the ire this one has attracted. 83 people gave this a score of 4 or lower, and only 10 people gave it a score of 8 or higher. What's the issue? It's a fairly solid, affecting duet about unrequited love performed brilliantly that doesn't overstay its welcome. Like I know good and goddamn well some of y'all stan the days-old food stuck in Jackson Maine's beard from the A Star Is Born soundtrack so I'm not really sure what the vehement revulsion is all about about trained thespian Mandy Patinkin giving you vocals softer and airier than whipped cream. It's a cute spotlight moment from the third act of a musical, that bit where the main character is at their lowest before the typical stratospheric jump to triumph at the end. But then it sounding ripped straight out of a musical shouldn't be a surprise when Stephen Sondheim, musical extraordinaire, was the one who wrote it. I wonder how much longer his other two offerings will last.

    Enjoy this video which includes the scene from the movie where this song is actually performed. Not a good hair day for Miss Mandy; the stylist didn't have to do him like that. But then if you were frying Madonna's hair into ringlets every day you might get a bit tired.

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  12. Superstar is trash.

    Autotune Baby on the other hand? Slaps.


    A 10 well earned. Popjustice found lacking taste... again.
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  13. Madonna and the melody are both lovely on "What Can You Lose". It's Mandy's fluttery little vocal performance that gets on my nerves. Even so, I still gave it a 5.
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  14. Here's a rough solo demo...She's all over the place but it's charming. Plus you get to hear her lower register at certain points.

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  15. RJF


    I'm going to go and session Veep for most of the evening before returning for our final elimination of the day.
  16. What Can You Lose has crept up to become one of my favourite I'm Breathless tracks over the past year or so. It has a pretty melody, Madonna sounds great on it and the whole thing wraps up pretty quickly. I was surprised to see people calling for it to go so soon to be honest.
  17. Another one of my 1's leaving? Success. Superstar grew on me a little over time but when I say that I mean it went from a 2/10 to a 4/10. I'm a Sinner, I Fucked Up and B-Day Song were the only songs I ranked either on par or lower.

    Incredible next, pleathe.
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  18. I guess many of you just don't appreciate Sondheim. I think this is one of Madonna's loveliest vocals pre-Evita and Ray of Light.

    I mean, Spanish Lesson is still in and this is out?
  19. Superstar is trash on multiple levels and I'm not going to split hairs about its placing... It's just not worth questioning whether it's her 5th or 10th worst song.

    Also Little Star already does the saccharine ode to Lourdes thing to better results anyway. It's redundant. A 0 in every sense.
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  20. What Can You Lose isn't great but there are a couple tracks on I'm Breathless alone that could have left before it (He's A Man, Hanky Panky, More).

    Also, am I going to be the first one to start calling for Graffiti Heart? After Some Girls, of course.
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