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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Eliminate someone’s scores instead for some drama xo
  2. LTG


    yes dad
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  3. We are not eliminating Gone this early.
  4. Dita has been consulted, @RJF.


    Pushing these past midnight will not count for Saturday.


    Get crackin'.


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  5. RJF


    Right let's kick these losers out.
  6. I’ve been out on the water all day drunk as a fucking skunk and yet here I am perched on this thread as soon as we returned only to find @RJF is also tanked. That’s my dad.
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. RJF


    SCORE: 5.497

    2015 PLACEMENT:
    174 of 210 (5.886)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 3 (@Remyky22 @BreatheBox @scottdisick94)
    LOWEST SCORE: 0 x 1 (@sexercise)
    MY SCORE: 4/10

    A... glorified dub mix? This song is original split into a Parts 1 and 2, but in the terms of discography rate it just doesn't seem that important to split the two because... what really happens in it? We've got the paper-thin sodomy pun near the end where Madonna's bottom hurts just thinking about it but... outside of a shockingly tantalising contemporary mix of... well, nothing, there's really not much here to stan or despise. The best part of it is the fact that it's the last track before "Vogue", but as you might expect we won't actually be talking about "Vogue" for months.

    Against all odds, this song received a live performance. I know, know. In the Dick Tracy section of the Blond Ambition Tour no less, which sounds more like an artist-sanctioned bathroom break more than anything but who am I to disagree with the queen? It's basically a dance interlude where Madonna brazenly just drops the damn mic to do the choreo rather than even keeping up the pretence, but she had maybe 10% of a voice at this point in 1990 so who can blame her?

  9. LTG


    Omg this is actually a bop. My bottom hurts just thinking about it.
  10. This before some of the other crap on that album?
  11. Ddd Part 2 is a dated racket bop, but I literally do not care about the first part at all
  12. I wouldn't be able to recall a single line from either version of this if I was asked to in a life or death situation, but I gave it a 2 so bye x
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  13. So weird to think there is a Madonna duet with... Shirley MacLaine's brother.
  14. Another I'm Pointless elimination?

    It was worth the worth.
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  15. RJF


    SCORE: 5.521

    2015 PLACEMENT: 194 of 210 (5.345)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 1 (@Ana Raquel)
    LOWEST SCORE: 0 x 1 (@Angeleyes)
    MY SCORE: 3/10

    Maybe on an album that wasn't so obviously engineered for its five singles and nothing else, this song would have some kind of life where it could live independently of being a pointless pastiche of its fellow 80s sisters but as it stands... who sent for it? Who really needed it? It just pales in comparison to every other song on True Blue, including its fellow album tracks. Although to be fair, the worst track on an album like True Blue maybe isn't the worst title to take. I mean there were only about four album tracks anyway so it's not like the list is extensive. But yeah, no live performance, no real impact, no real import to the album... Madonna's vocals are also 80% reverb but so were a lot of her vocals around the time to be honest. But we're not ready for that conversation and I'm certainly not ready for it at 1AM during a surprise attack of drunkeness in lockdown, so, enjoy the big fat nothing below.​
  16. So irrelevant it has to be content with being at the bottom of the page. Poor it!
  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Jimmy Jimmy is.. perfectly fine?
    But for a Madonna rate that's probably lower end.. so go on
  18. RJF


    Tomorrow is Saturday so only one elimination while I recover from being more drunk than I have been since... last November? Y'all are lucky I'm a high functioning alcoholic tbh.
  19. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    "Now I'm Following You (Part 2)" was clearly attempting a Prince/"Batdance" moment. Warner Bros. royalty helms entire indulgent soundtrack tie-in for big budget comic book action film and closes it with a messy gumbo of elements snatched from the film and other songs from the album.

    • The thrill of hearing the "Cry Baby" sobbing again and the "would you knock it off please, thank you",
    • The backing vocals ("on the run!") and strings from "He's A Man",
    • The "WOO!!!!" from the single version of "Vogue" (before the video edit replaced it on the album master).
    • The most memorable part, obviously, that "Dick-Dick-D-D-D-D-Dick..." bit with the "my bottom hurts..." line, all from "Hanky Panky"
    To me, the most interesting part is the use of the Disney "When You Wish Upon A Star" opening theme after a warped Warren Beatty sings "but who's counting?" and begins maniacally counting up increasingly hopeful box office figures and/or high production costs for 'Dick Tracy'.

    From Wikipedia:

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  20. Some Girls still being in...
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