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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. RJF




    SCORE: 5.661

    2015 PLACEMENT: 187 of 210 (5.581)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 9 x 3 (@fatyoshi @BreatheBox @Pop Life)
    LOWEST SCORE: 1 x 3 (@Drew @acl @RainOnFire)
    MY SCORE: 4/10

    Lord, this is just a bit turgid, isn't it? That two-bit, incessant synth loop, the anaemic production overall, the plodding tempo, the maddeningly simple and boring rhyming in the lyrics... which is not really new for Madonna but it still just adds to what is already a frustrating listen. It might be the most without note song that has been released so far. Like I'm honestly just padding out this paragraph a bit at the moment so it looks like I've maybe written something more about it other than what I've wrote about it above. I'll probably end up pointlessly waffling for longer than I actually spoke about the song in the end and I can't believe you're actually still reading this if you got to this point.

    At four and a half minutes, this one is also a particularly long waste of time too, which only adds insult to injury. Maybe the real pretender was this song masquerading as something worth our attention. I can't believe this is a Nile Rodgers production. Even elsewhere on the album where I maybe don't like the song, the production is at least dynamic. Here, it's barely even moving. Y'all really let "Shoo-Bee-Doo" go before this one, huh? Mess.​
  2. RJF


    I'll return later on tonight with our final elimination of the day, which is probably the first elimination to piss me off a little. See you soon!
  3. Still on the matter of Madonna singing in foreign languages, there's something about the Portuguese in Madame X that makes it a lot more endearing than the Sanskrit in Ray of Light. Not only she uses it on many songs, making it sound less like an accessory to the album, those songs are actually composed for the album, or are at least covers of pop songs. This doesn't mean her Portuguese enunciation is any better (I love it in Faz Gostoso but as stated above, Killers Who Are Partying is such a wild ride if you're a native, and the "você pensa que eu sou louca" bits in Crazy just sound straight up comical), but it does show how differently she tackles different cultures in her albums.
  4. [​IMG]

    Anyway here's a better Pretend bop:
  5. I've always disliked Pretender, even back in 1984. After Dress You Up and Shoo-Bee-Doo (yes, I like it), Pretender is a big yawn.
  6. I originally intended on giving Lament a 5 or a 6, but than watched the RIT performance and gave it an 8.
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  7. Lament out already? Y'all are so weird.
  8. Not super surprised about Pretender (though for me it could have stayed for another five or ten eliminations), but Lament is really, really beautiful, you jerks!
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  9. How the hell did the trash that is Pretender (which I gave a 3) outlast Cyber-Raga, which is unique and beautiful (I gave it an 8) and Lament, which is powerful and haunting (I gave it a 9). Pretender's melody is terrible and really the only good part is the "I'm not afraid to fall a thousand times" part and I can maybe fuck with the "You lie, you lie, you lie, you lie" bit. Other than that, it's an absolutely grating earsore. It simply doesn't sound good. There's songs like Jimmy Jimmy, which are not particularly good, but still sound decent. Then there's shit like this.
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  10. R27


    I gave Pretender a 6, but honestly cannot remember what it sounds like. I probably should have spent some more time with before scoring it, but oh well.
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  11. "Pretender" shouldn't have gone before "Over and Over" and "Stay", but oh well.
    I find it very endearing for some reason.
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  12. Why is Fighting Spirit still in? Is it getting a bonus for being on Confessions? It's an incredibly shitty song.

    Addicted also needs to fuck off right about now. The lyrics in that one are Katy Perry levels of cliche.
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  13. Lament - 8
    ~ My highest score to get eliminated so far. To be honest, I didn't really pay much attention to my scores from "Evita", and it turns out that this is the my second highest score for the songs from that soundtrack. The melody is beautiful and her vocals are very emotional.
    Like I've said, this is the score for the gorgeous live performance, since the studio version rails off as soon as Antonio starts singing. The duet would've gotten a lower score for sure.

    Glad to see that this is the first song where my score actually made the impact, since the point difference between "Cyber-Raga" and "Lament" was very small.
  14. It’s about time Killers Who Are Partying stopped coasting on some nice production and was sent packing.
  15. Killers Who Are Partying, Extreme Occident and Dark Ballet all got very high scores from me and are exactly the sound that I want her to continue exploring.
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  16. I can’t imagine giving Killers a high score when its lyricism is some of the most tone deaf by any modern pop star but let me eat my food keep it positive.
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  17. I get that they’re at worst tone deaf and offensive and at best clumsy but.... I just really like the melody, delivery and production.
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  18. Yas, these results are going swimmingly for me.
  19. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    "He’s a pr—"


    Pretender is irritating as hell. Good riddance. I didn't give it a 0 because it's not as bad as I'm Going Bananas and Cry Baby, but a 1 was more than enough.
  20. In retrospect, Pretender is shit.
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