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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. I was actually born the year she began, 1983.
  2. I was born on the 5th anniversary of "Madame X", which coincided with the release of her upcoming 15th studio album.
  3. The accuracy of this post...
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  4. Hot
  5. She actually started in 1982, but it could be worth it to start lying about your age to align yourself with the amazing "Everybody".
  6. Live to Tell was smashing the charts when I was born and she would follow it up with one of the best pop single runs ever with Papa Don't Preach, True Blue, OPEN YOUR HEART and La Isla Bonita.

    What a year. Wig.
  7. RJF


    SCORE: 5.679

    2015 PLACEMENT:
    190 of 210 (5.459)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 1 (@scottdisick94)
    LOWEST SCORE: 2 x 8 (@Angeleyes @Andrew.L @godspeed @letuinmybackdoor @Verandi @nametag @sexercise @Chezam)
    MY SCORE: 5/10

    Maybe it's just because I'm an embittered old bitch who has been in lockdown for too long, but there's nothing that'll make any shred of a "let's hold hands and get through this because love conquers all!" mentality turn to dust faster than the events of this year. Particularly since we can't even hold hands lest we contribute to the spread of a deadly pandemic. Love makes the world go round? More like racism and capitalism, and we must break this axis of misery if we're ever to be free. It's a cute artefact from when things were simpler I guess.


    The most interesting thing about this song is that it was actually the first ever song Madonna made with Patrick Leonard, which is wild! What humble beginnings for one of her best collaborators when you think about what they would go on to do, and what they did on the rest of True Blue to boot. Leonard posted a picture from the day they wrote it on his Instagram, where Madonna met his father. It's so strange to see her so comfortable and candid and... civilian? I mean I know this was after Like A Virgin so she was already huge, but there's something incredibly cute about her here. If only she knew what was to come.


    The song's a bit of a weird one in terms of live performances, where it appears to have been performed exactly once during Live Aid 1985, nearly a whole year before it would actually turn up on True Blue in any kind of studio form. This is in general is a pretty famous set in terms of Madonna live performances, and it's easy to see why considering how on fire she is throughout, although it's funny how far live music has come. These days the production for this massive concert wouldn't satisfy a drag queen in her weekly Tuesday night bar slot. A YouTube comment also points out that you can see Keith Haring singing along backstage at one point, which is nice. Clips from stadium concerts in the 80s always look so... over capacity too. Like the aerial view just looking like a swarm. Oh baby not my social distancing ass.

  8. I used to despise this, but I think it's a cute bop now. I love the melody of "make love not war we say".

    I've always had it out for celebrity platitudes but there's an earnestness here that she sometimes lost over the years (see: Hey You, some of the vaguery of Confessions, etc...). The joyousness of the Live Aid set helps. It's also cute that she went full circle (life is a circle!) back to the brief anti-gun sentiment with God Control.
  9. Good riddance!
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  10. All these songs at the bottom getting a performance and yet we’re still waiting for Nothing Really Matters, Rescue Me (not as an interlude) or Bad Girl to turn up on tour.
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  11. R27


    I wish I liked this more than I do because it is joyous and she sounds super genuine, but I’m just to cynical for these naive lyrics.
  12. I still think her teasing a full performance of Rescue Me with the Batukadeiras and turning it into a quick interlude is one of the cruelest things...ever?
  13. Curious. If you could personally guarantee that three songs would be performed (full-on, no interlude nonsense) at her next concert, what would you go with?

    Me: Rescue Me, Dress You Up, and Promise to Try.
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  14. I would love to hear Don't Tell Me, Papa Don't Preach (in full) and Everybody on the next tour.
    I really wish she performed more stuff from the 90s.
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  15. Nothing Really Matters. Living For Love - not the Offer Nissim remix. Take A Bow.
  16. Live performances of Secret Garden, Nothing Fails, and Dress You Up would be lovely.
  17. Physical Attraction, Rescue Me, To Have and Not to Hold.
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  18. The thing about Rescue Me is that any potential live performances have been so discussed and hyped up by the fans in the last few years alone that anything less than her sounding 100% like she did in 1990 would disappoint a lot of them, and the last thing Madonna stans need to be doing is more moaning.

    I want it acknowledged somehow on tour, though.
  19. I thought this was quite cute and catchy to boot, so I'm was not ashamed to give it an 8.
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