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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Mess. Best Friend not even making the top 200 while other crap songs are still in? Bye.
  2. Best Friend is one of the best things on MDNA. I hate all of you.
  3. Best Friend is great! What’s wrong with you all?
  4. The fuck???? Best Friend is easily in the top half of MDNA. I didn't expect it to do super well but there's plenty of shit off that album that should've easily gone way before it...
  5. Best Friend is one of the better songs on the album so I’m surprised it’s gone so quickly.
  6. Out of all MDNA songs to eliminate y'all pick this one? Sure the mixing is as shoddy as you can expect from the era, but the candidness and the beat make it a worthy listen
  7. R27


    Best Friend is a highlight from her weakest album. I Fucked Up or even I Don’t Give A, both of which serve the same purpose thematically, should have left before this.
  8. I’m a ‘lil shocked about Best Friend, yes on first listen it sounds underproduced, muddy, buried at the end of the album, but over time it has really blossomed and I would actually swap it out onto the main album with, let’s go with Superstar.
    I didn’t think it would rank highly, but I thought it had a bit more life left in it.
  9. I wonder how she actually feels about MDNA looking back.
  10. Wasn’t there a quote at the beginning of the MX era where she said something along the lines of not really wanting to make the last few albums (at least at the start of the projects). I imagine MDNA is included in that, though hard to know if she actually has much of a critical eye for the past work. I also think she was super engaged by the time the tour came round and so might lump it in with that and feel good about the era overall. Aside from all the guns on stage, maybe...
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  11. It would be interesting to hear what she thinks of the eras from Hard Candy and forward (well, actually, everything but for now I would love to hear what she thinks of the past decade). I'm sure the divorce and the Rebel Heart leaks play a major role in how she feels about certain albums/eras.
  12. Yas at all the love after the fact, but we needed a bigger sets of high scores to make it happen! Poor Best Friend, easily my biggest loss thus far!
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  13. K94


    Ok this is the first one I'm a bit annoyed about - there are loads of worse songs.
  14. I knew this was going a bit too well for me...

    "Best Friend" not even reaching top 200 is tragic. I literally gasped at its elimination. What the heck?!
  15. Best Friend is actually quite good. I love the glitchy cell phone interference production.
  16. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

  17. Love to see that everyone is more or less pissed and/or confused that "Best Friend" is already out.
    It's literally in my top 3 songs from "MDNA", and to see it leave as the third weakest song of the album is beyond me. I have no clue how that happened.
  18. Best Friend certainly deserved better than to bomb out before most of its parent album.

    I put away your letter
    Saved the best ones that I have
    It wasn't always perfect
    But it wasn't always bad

    ...are probably the best lyrics across the whole project. It’s a bit of a glitchy mess at times but affecting nonetheless.
  19. First time I've been surprised. I also gave Best Friend a 5.5 but it has revealed itself over time to be one of the better offerings on MDNA. Had I spent a little longer with it I think I could've scored it higher. Lyrically speaking, it's one of the best tracks on the album. I always assumed it was one of the more well liked cuts by fans but obviously not.

    Some Girls, I Don't Give A, I'm a Sinner, Love Spent, I Fucked Up all could have left before this. As could another 10-15 songs outside of MDNA. How the fuck is Dance 2night still here?
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  20. Ddd, I think the standard is pretty great aside from 2-3 songs. The deluxe edition does very little for me.
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