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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Yes, the story was that it was supposed to be her first single. The label thought that it was the strongest demo, but they were not satisfied with the final version. (There's a comment to be made here, but I won't make it).

    Holiday and Borderline were brought to her afterwards, during the recording of the first album.
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  2. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Ain't no big deal
    My love is for real


    It's a bop and I prefer it to most of her debut teebs.
  3. Yes, stan my 90's 11 from the first rate.

    *alarm clock noises*
  4. It's time for a recap...
    Best Friend - 9
    ~ By far my biggest loss so far. It really took me off-guard, especially coming right after "B-Day Song". While the execution could've been better, obviously, the song is easily one of the best from the album. From the melancholic melody, to the glitchy, chaotic production that perfectly evokes the feel of unease (which is likely off-putting to some), it really is a unique song and an obvious standout from "MDNA". The lyrics, like it's already been said, are definitely among the best from that album and I kind of relate to them in a non-obvious way.
    Which calls for a "little" anecdote that nobody asked for:
    I once had a best friend. We've literally known each other since birth, since his grandparents live across the street from us. But we never were really friends until I changed school and we went to the same class, which was around the 5th grade. Ever since, there was barely a day that we haven't seen each other, which continued when we went to the high school, too. We always had some inside jokes (literally a tons of them) and our contrasts seemed to compliment each other - he was more annoying, and I was the calm one. However, things started to change about one year before we graduated from high school.
    He started hanging out with the problematic (and manipulative) kids from the class, really changed in a negative way (became bratty, which has to do with him already being spoiled due to living with a very rich family) since and started spending less and less time with me, which especially took turn once he celebrated his coming of age. I noticed it right away and our friendship started falling apart, but I didn't really want to revive it by force, so it just crumbled apart within a span of one year. The last time we really talked face-to-face was soon after we applied to college and ever since only text each other a few times times per year.
    He seemed quite self-seeking and used me for each homework, test etc, which was quite obvious not only to me, but the other friends from class, too. That made me realize that the "friendship" basically revolved around me helping him throughout the school. Well, I guess the right thing happened, but I still miss him in a way.
    While I have a few friends, there is no one I can call a "best friend" anymore and this song not only reminds me of that, but also makes me long for the past times. The lines "I feel like I lost my very best friend" and "but I'm still waiting for your call" can easily apply to that.

    Along with "Beautiful Killer", it absolutely deserved a spot on the standard album edition.
    I'm still greatly baffled about the sudden lack of taste, especially since the rate was going pretty much swimmingly for me so far.

    Luckily, a rebound happened:

    Turn Up the Radio - 5
    ~ Falls into the "offensively faceless" category along with "Superstar", but this one is a bit better. Kind of catchy and fun, although I'm not here for the trashy and dated production. Literally sounds like anyone could sing it and doesn't really suit Madonna. Should've given it a lower score, since this feels so below her.

    Ain't No Big Deal - 6,5
    ~ This definitely sounds like a B-side, and does a pretty good job at being one. It's a nice song, without being vaguely remarkable and bringing basically nothing new to the table, it basically serves its purpose. It surely sounds like it stemmed from the debut album sessions, but it's nice that they eventually released it, even during the "Like a Virgin" era. I really like the verses, especially when she elongates the note before the chorus. The rest of the song is bland and doesn't do much for me.
    In hindsight, I may have slightly overscored it, since it really isn't anything special, so it achieved an ideal placement.

    And this talk about "Ain't No Big Deal" and her early recording sessions demos makes me want to spotlight three of the officially released outtakes from the 1997 album. I may do it, but later.
  5. Please tell me this is on your list:
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  6. Then how come I wasn't stanning?
  7. I'm living for this level of pot-stirring, even though factually it's questionable at best.
  8. YAS, until I read that last line. Oh well, keep the like anyways!
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  9. R27


    Ain’t No Big Deal is kinda cute, but the vocals are some of her worst. They sound so off-key during the verses.
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  10. Well, I was referring to the three original, non-demo songs, but since this one is quite different from the 1984 version of "Stay", I'll include it, too.
    Yeah, but it is what it is for a reworked demo. And that's pretty good, especially when you compare it to the demos she made with the band during the early 80's.

    Now that "Ain’t No Big Deal" left the rate, I can't see rarities like "Can't Stop", "Let Down Your Guard" and "History" going much further, which is completely fine with me.
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  11. Cant Stop is great...i really love that bridge and the outro, great melodies.
  12. RJF




    SCORE: 5.776

    2015 PLACEMENT:
    185 of 210 (5.595)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 2 (@BreatheBox @Remorque)
    LOWEST SCORE: 1 x 1 (@godspeed)
    MY SCORE: 5/10

    Remember when I made a big deal in the voting period about doing your history? It turns out I'm a bit of a hypocrite, because I've never seen any of Madonna's films. I mean there was a very confusing half hour when I was a kid and couldn't sleep and caught about half an hour of Body of Evidence on BBC2 (the bit where Madonna gets eaten out in a parking lot by Willem Dafoe, who has a jaw like cruise liner so well done mama) at like 1AM, but apart from that, nah. Not seen them, don't plan on it, actively would avoid. So I've actually never seen Who's That Girl despite Madonna sinking a fair amount of her persona into it. Wikipedia tells me it's something called an "American screwball comedy" which instantly had me hitting the back button, so.

    I kind of think all the tracks Madonna did for Who's That Girl sound like either retreads of her biggest hits, or demos of hits she was yet to have, and I'll discuss that as they pop up throughout the rate... or maybe later on when me saying this inevitably starts a guessing game in the thread. In terms of "Can't Stop", I can't be the only one expecting to hear "Come on, girls! Do you believe in love?" in the opening few seconds. There are another couple of moments that really make me think of "Express Yourself" melodically as well, but maybe it's not too much of a surprise since they're both Stephen Bray numbers. It's another track that's just fine; the bit where it sounds like she's singing into a fan always gives me a fright because I always forget it even exists.

    My quick Google search to confirm this wasn't ever performed live... threw up that performance Madonna did with Miley Cyrus where she desecrated "Don't Tell Me" by mashing it up with "We Can't Stop". Miley Cyrus' career went missing swiftly after. Anyone know what she's up to now?​
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  13. I'd agree that "Can't Stop" was a bit of a retreat, but I still found enough to love here, hencemy score of 7. Not a bad song at all.
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  14. RJF


    Me to my mind at the fact that, for some unholy reason, seeing Madonna hump Willem Dafoe's face clean off the front of his head on top of a car bonnet is a memory it holds onto dearly.

  15. Can't Stop comes across like complete filler to me but without the personality of something like Jimmy Jimmy. I gave it a 4. I just find absolutely no reason to listen to it.
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  16. RJF


    Our next song is the last cut before the Top 200 (GOD.) so get your guesses in! I probably won't be doing another elimination until about 9PM when the heat dissipates a little and I can think.
  17. I have no idea what to expect. I mean, there's a few I imagine will go in the next 10-15, but it's not cut and dried. Things are getting blurrier and blurrier... Maybe I Know It, Over and Over, or Stay? Or back to Hard Candy?
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  18. Fffff @ me actually singing into a fan when I was a kid to replicate that effect.
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  19. one of the remaining MDNA singles missing top 200 would be pleasing so hopefully that
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  20. Apparently I gave Can't Stop a 4.5 but I don't even remember how it goes, kii.
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