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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. No the remaining MDNA singles need at least Top 150.
  2. When the abomination that is I Don't Give A gets out of the paint before the top 200
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  3. I Don't Give A and abomination on the same sentence? I won't hear it
  4. "Dance 2Night" or "I Fucked Up".
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  5. Killers Who Are Partying please.
  6. I think that by blocking that song from my mind (and some other ones), I was believing that it had already gone. Trauma.

    "Can't Stop", like so many of her songs from the 80s and 90s, has an amazing and irresistible bridge. Even if it's a bit silly, it still has a strong melody and strong structure. And what about her delivery? She could sell anything.
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  7. [​IMG]
  8. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Fun fact: Willem Dafoe said Madonna's pussy smelled like ice cream.

  9. [​IMG]

  10. ♫ My pu$$y tastes like Baskin-Robbins ♫
  11. No wonder Yeezus likes it best
  12. I still think that this slap is the worst acting moment of the entire movie. And that woman won an Oscar. Madonna just needed more practice (or did she?)
  13. Body of Evidence is her Glitter, meaning it's basically a really melodramatic TV movie that somehow made it to theaters. Legendaric!
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  14. Wait, what TV movies have you been watching?

    I guarantee you wouldn't see this:

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  15. rdp


    I watched The Next Best Thing during the voting period. It was... not terrible and surprisingly had a lot in common with Marriage Story.
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  16. I meant in terms of acting dd. Obviously you'd never get away with the bobs and vagene on basic cable, especially not in the early 90s
  17. I Don’t Give A is one of literally six listenable songs MDNA so it can stay a bit longer. Let’s kick out some more Like a Virgin or Killers Who Are Partying first.
  18. I think it was People Magazine or Us Magazine at the time and they were polling audiences who went to see Body of Evidence.

    My favourite critique:

    "I don't like her panties."
  19. Whew, I really can't let myself fall behind in this rate. Gonna comment on some of the songs that have left.
    Superstar - I gave this a 6. My first thought on the song:
    This holds up. I really do love the guitar in the production, and I'm always a sucker for handclaps and stomps, and it's more electro then rock, but I like that it leans a little towards that sounds. It's a nice enough bop, but a little too long, and a little too "eh" in the end to care much about it. The melody and the lyrics are cute though. The breakdown doesn't work as well as I want it too though. And I randomly mentioned Taylor's song of the same name, literally only because it was the only one I knew, and probably cause I rated it recently at the point ddd.
    Shoo-Bee-Doo - I gave it a 7.5. This is what I first said about the song:
    This is pretty much exactly how I feel about it. I would add that she sounds great throughout as well, and I really really love the drums in the song, and the melody - especially on the pre-chorus and chorus - is extremely catchy. I would also add that it's a little too long - which I think a lot of the album suffers from.
    Spanish Lesson - A solid 8. My first thoughts:
    The production isn't really that different from the rest of the album, besides the latin influence, so I don't know what that was about. And the lyrics are fine I guess. They don't bother me. They're kinda there.
    That said, it's a mega bop that I always wanna dance to. The melody is madly catchy. I maybe over-scored it a bit - I'd probably give it a 7 now - so I'm not mad it's out.
    S.E.X. - I gave this a 7. My inital thought is a kii:
    I literally just didn't know what to say about the song. is till kinda don't and everyone else said it better. The production is great in it's weird ass vibe, the lyrics are not meant to be taken seriously, and the "You got a bad attitude" is the catchiest part. That bridge is low-key hilarious and amazing. I like that it made the album, but I don't use it much. And I hate that I said "anagram' when I clearly meant "acronym". I still don't get why it's titled like that though.
    Ring My Bell - another 7. I don't know why I said this:
    It doesn't really need to be on the main album. It works perfectly fine as a bonus track. And I don't know what I meant about the "empowering" vibe, but it's possible I was pulling that from the intro - which I actually really love - and a few lyrics here and there with the title. It's a bop, but nothing special, and I don't listen to it often, but I do love the intro. It's so sassy.
    Ddd you enjoy antagonizing me don't you?
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