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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. RJF





    SCORE: 5.894

    2015 PLACEMENT: 180 of 210 (5.779)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 9 x 8 (@Andreas @P'NutButter @relby @Coochi @joeee @Jimmyandroid @phoenix123 @Trinu 3.0)
    LOWEST SCORE: 0 x 1 (@sexercise)
    MY SCORE: 6/10

    And the second and last of my cursory choices from the Evita soundtrack to placate the stans, unsurprisingly, bows out. To whoever runs the next Madonna discography rate (please God let it not be me and please God let it be because I found something better to do with my life and I'm not just dead) can be safe in the knowledge that we tried with this soundtrack, but no one wanted to know outside of the singles. Still, this is actually quite good! Fantastic, relentless energy, a great vocal from Madonna, and that middle-eight is glorious. The rest is kind of a checklist of little girl hits the big city tropes, straight up to the amount of impromptu spinning with arms open wide that Madonna does in the scene in the film. I'm also going to presume that her Spanish at the end is a hackjob.

    I think this was maybe meant to be released as the fourth single from the soundtrack, albeit remixed, which is perhaps why it was included in the first rate's ballot. It even has a run of promo CDs presumably for radio use only... except radio ended up not using them. Apparently all the physical releases for it are quite rare now so if you're sitting on it somewhere, you might be sitting on a small fortune.

    Here's a link to the remix! I honestly think the original version was probably better for a single release, but... I hate musicals, so I'm really not going to expend any more energy on this as I've already spent a stupid amount of my morning (it was ten minutes but still) trying to get to the bottom of whether or not this was or wasn't a single and trying to hunt down remixes that were renamed, so. Enjoy!

  2. Wow I was really feeling Evita when I submitted those scores.
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  3. The remix is a tacky bop even though I find the original tedious to get through
  4. FINALLY, now the rest.
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  5. RJF


    Honestly, the biggest awards injustice of Madonna's career is that she has been the performer of two Oscar-winning songs but doesn't have a trophy because she didn't write either of them, which... is some bullshit, considering how hands on she's been in the studio her entire career. Sondheim and Webber did her so dirty, and you just know there were some bullshit "let the maestro work, darling" politics involved in her not having a writing credit too. Men.

    I don't even really get why the performer doesn't get an award anyway. Like, yes, the award is technically for composition, but ain't nobody voting on that award with nothing but the sheet music in front of them.
  6. K94


    Forgot about that song but the gaudy, musical theatre vibe isn't my cup of tea so good!
  7. LTG


    Welcome to New York wishes
  8. RJF



    I can maybe give a pass to Webber considering the breadth of the Evita soundtrack and everything else Madonna had going on during filming, but the way Madonna has writing credits on all of I'm Breathless apart from the Sondheim songs is some bullshit, especially when you factor in that Warren Beatty allegedly recruited him to "save" the soundtrack. He really just turned up with his three songs, told her to sing, and left. These fucking men.
  9. On a separate note, it would be great if her label or the hunties over at Spotify would attempt to clean up her artist page. I know she has a few different versions of songs (mostly single mixes) but most artists combine the streams from both songs instead of having it separate. For example, Like a Prayer single version from Celebration has 132 million and the album version has 42 million. It's messy.
  10. I fucking love 'Buenos Aires'.

  11. I hate how much love this remix.
  12. Buenos Aires is fab! I will never finish Evita (it sits alongside Susan as one of two of her films I've tried to watch and bowed out halfway) but she sounds incredible on the songs I know. I only really got into it through the incredible L.U.V Madonna Megamix (which I will post multiple times before this rate is done probably), where it's interpolated into Holiday because...that's an amazing idea.
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  13. Can’t Stop, buried at the bottom of the Who’s That Girl soundtrack, which honestly, I turn off immediately after The Look of Love finishes.
    I always thought it was a typical mid-80’s filler song, until, one day it clicked with me, and I heard that middle 8, and I fell in love. Say what you will about this song but she kind of saves it with that Middle 8, she’s always been good at those.
    I’ve always wondered why she sounds out of breath on the second verse, did she drop by the studio during a cross country jog to do a quick one take?

    Revolver - It always saddened me this was at the end of disc 1 of Celebration, while the vast superior title track was buried at the bottom of disc 2, when you’re planning on going awol from the music scene for 3 years this is what you leave us with?
    The David Guetta remix can be fun though.

    Super Pop - Just a bit boring and basic, rarely listen to this one.

    P.S. I’m loving that Madame X remains in tact while some of y’all are begging for its demise.
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  14. Buenos Aires - 7,5
    ~ This is pretty good. Fun, playful and catchy. The middle-8 (that "and if ever I go too far..." part) is lovely and my favourite part of the song. The instrumental is good and those strings are a beautiful moment, too.
    It's reasonable that some didn't like the song, but I find it really enjoyable, despite it getting a bit annoying after a few plays. At least it's a bit of a break from the string of ballads she was releasing at the time and stands out.

    I didn't expect it to leave so early, but at the same time, I completely understand why it did. It could've easily been a bit higher, since there are plenty of weaker songs, but it's not a loss in the grand scheme of things.

    As for the single treatment, I'm pretty sure that "Buenos Aires" was supposed to be a fourth single from Evita's soundtrack, but as @RJF said, these were only promo discs which didn't circulate much and are considered a rarity. I would've included the song in the rate anyways, especially since it was available to the public at some point, detached from the soundtrack.
    And I find that remix funny for some reason, don't know why. It's good, though.
  15. "Buenos Aires" is a little bit bonkers, no?
  16. An underestimation.
  17. I used to get my little gay LIFE to Buenos Aires, doing pirouettes to the highly charged instrumental section. I felt strangely emotional when my job took me to Argentina earlier this year and I got to see the Casa Rosada.
  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Some of you give out 10s far too easily I-
  19. RJF


    People with glass ballots shouldn't throw stones.
  20. Evita is fine although a tad laborious, but as far as the soundtrack I only use the three singles and Lament (Live).

    But try A League of Their Own! Rest assured, she's not the lead.
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