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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Not only that but they specifically came for Like A Prayer's chorus while giving a 10 to the half-baked chorus in Give Me All Your Luvin'? Send them to jail along with the leaker, teebs.
  2. R27


    Girl Gone Wild is gonna get a score of over 6 isn’t it’s?
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  3. Hmm, I genuinely really liked Give Me All Your Luvin' but it hasn't aged well. In fact I think I *slightly* overscored it now that I'm comparing it to my Like a Virgin and 4 Minutes scores (my other least favorite lead singles)
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  4. So, songs have been eliminated that I rated every number from 1 to 9,
    but nothing I rated a 10 has left yet.

  5. I was ready to give this a lower score, but then I got into the groove of that surf-rock instrumental.
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  6. What does need to be said is that Medellin is her best lead since Hung Up.
  7. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Madonna hurling a baby was the most on brand thing about the MDNA era.
  8. Um, absolutely not.
  9. I absolutely loathe Give Me All Your Luvin'. Garbage song.

    The video is brilliant though, I'll give it that.
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  10. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    'Living For Love' is a gorgeous, emotive, floor filling, vaguely Chicago House BANGER and she is here today! All the Rebel Heart singles deserve more time here!
  11. Madonna said

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  12. The song (Living For Love) and sentiment is fine, unfortunately she just can’t sing it. Her voice isn’t suited to the song, she sounds so shrill to me, it needs a proper house diva to pull it off.
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  13. I just checked my scores for what has been eliminated so far and I've only lost one song that I scored higher than a 6.5, and even that was within the last 3 eliminations, so things are going pretty much perfectly for me.

    Now let's keep the good times rolling with a mini-MDNA cull.
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  14. Give Me All Your Luvin' 6.5

    Buenos Aires 3.5 (thankful that this tripe is finally gone)

    I still have a couple of more 3s left in this fucker (looking at you, I'd Rather Be Your Lover and Let Down Your Guard).
  15. I love Gimme All Your Lovin'. Such a bop.

    The MDNA performance was insanely good.
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  16. I've always really disliked her vocals on it too.

    But, you know who did love them?
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  17. I mean. Give Me All Your Luvin isn't... good, but it deserves at least a 6 average just for the instantly iconic "WHY. OH. YOU. YOU WANNA?"
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  18. RJF


  19. RJF


  20. RJF


    Our last one of the evening!

    SCORE: 5.924

    2015 PLACEMENT: 148 of 210 (6.323)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 1 (@BreatheBox)
    LOWEST SCORE: 1.5 x 1 (@Chezam)
    MY SCORE: 6.5/10

    Well, this is quite the tumble. "He's A Man" crashes out way earlier than it did in 2015, where it was the highest rated I'm Breathless track (that wasn't "Vogue", but that goes without saying surely) by some margin. Alas, here in 2020 it has been vanquished by both of the remaining ballads. Probably the biggest break from 2015's results so far, which is interesting. Maybe admiration for Madonna's Oscar performance has soared? Maybe people have been enjoying their Something To Remember CDs in lockdown? Who can ever be sure?

    I think "He's A Man" has always benefited from being first out the block in terms of voting in these rates. It's a good, strong opener, and it also hits before the album's worst tracks grind everyone's patience for the style into dust. It's a great vocal performance from her that really has her run the full gauntlet, the lyrics are true to character (whether or not I'm talking about Breathless or Madonna I'll leave you to decide) and it's generally a success story of how Madonna melded more contemporary pop leanings with the throwback noir style. She probably could have had quite a hit with something this slinky and... subservient in 1990 in case the label though people were getting tired of her being a trailblazing troublemaker. It turns out they weren't, obviously, but still. I don't really have anything else to say, so we'll end it here with an extended mix in case y'all didn't get your fix, although something tells me you did.

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