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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Funana is great and one of the most emotional songs on the album for me.
  2. Funana is bad but I guess listing legends who passed away did a number on quite a few of you huh
  3. I’d much rather Funana went instead of I Rise.
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  4. When we get down to the top 100:
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  5. @LegitTayUpdates said it best
  6. Meh. I mean a lot of songs could've done with at least one more vocal take, but I'm not sure I'd say there was a lack of care that went into Rebel Heart when she seemed to give a shit about the music and promotion for the first time in ages, and I'm pretty sure the only reason it got rush-released and mixed (by Madonna herself) in the eleventh hour is because some impatient homosexual with a password cracker leaked 75% of the album sessions over a period of like two weeks. Putting it on the level of MDNA, where she literally checked out as soon as the Super Bowl performance ended, is unfair
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  7. Funana is both catchy and genuinely touching.
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  8. The way this is most likely true.
    If a song with same lyrics as "Funana" appeared on "MDNA", it would've probably left around #215.

    Also, "Best Friend" leaving way earlier than it should confirmed that "touching lyrics" didn't leave a trace on most of your scores, so I can feel the same way with "Funana".
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  9. I'm a little bit baffled that so many people are defending "I Rise." It literally could have been written by a bot? It's everything I don't need from late Madonna.
  10. Totally agree, I’ve never been that fond of it. I get the lyrics are uplifting but I never really got why she pushed for it to be a big anthem so much when sonically it wasn’t really anything new.
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  11. I feel like the more experimental and organic sound of "Madame X" is what I enjoy the most about that album.
    For example, I'd rather go for songs like "Extreme Occident" and "Dark Ballet" than "Bitch I'm Loca", "I Rise" and even "Crave", since they don't sound innovative and are rather trendy.
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  12. RJF


    SCORE: 5.933

    2015 PLACEMENT: 172 of 210 (5.956)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 3 (@elear @scottdisick94 @Pop Life)
    LOWEST SCORE: 0 x 1 (@Cutlery)
    MY SCORE: 4/10

    I want "fake tits and a nasty mood" on my tombstone, please and thank you. Yes, despite five years, more voters, and new voters, "Some Girls" is more or less flat from its last rate performance. How eerie. Some things changes but other things stay the same I guess, namely the forum's collective, "Meh!" to this track.

    I think I would like it more if Madonna's vocals weren't so low in the mix, because the production is so strange and rubbery and abrasive and... low-key PC Music esque? Queen of innovating even on one of her worst albums! I've always been surprised at William Orbit's involvement in this track as doesn't really contain any of his regular hallmarks, while it does sound like a Klas Ahlund at least in spirit. A lot of Madonna songs from around this time seem to focus lyrically on how no other women are like her; anyone else notice? I mean, tea, but damn. Who has you rattled, sis? A divorce and the meteoric rise of another talented, savvy, controversy-courting popstar perhaps? But yes: great, interesting production. It's just a shame Madonna's vocals sound like when you would sometimes accidentally pull your headphone cable out of your iPod a little bit and you would only get part of the mix.

    Interesting tidbit: it turns out Bebe Rexha, for some unknown reason... did a demo of this? I initially thought she was maybe credited as a writer, but nope, it just seems to exist. I guess some girls are bad bitches and rexhars. I'll link to the demo below, since this didn't get a tour performance despite feeling like it would be oddly ripe for a cool setup or two.

    (That picture...)​
  13. Well...fair enough. I enjoy it but she sounds so bored singing it to be fair.
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  14. Some Girls is so bland I am glad RJF uses an artwork that makes clear which album it is (great concept also), cause otherwise I would not have known which album it belonged to.

    I did give it an 8,5 which probably means how tired I was by that point in the tracklist.
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  15. Some Girls has always been an MDNA highlight for me. I feel like the muffled cyborg vocals suit the production!
  16. Some Girls is a classic. The Rachel Stevens song that is.
  17. RJF


    The next song out is actually a bit of a gag if you ask me. Y'all were wrong to do it like that.
  18. I am stunned that so many people don't like this. I had this in my top 50. The vocal mix doesn't bother me in the slightest. It's squelchy synths and pulsing beat and glorious New Order chorus is more than enough for me.

    Sigh...some girls are not like me I guess.
  19. I gave this a 1 it’s one of the worst things she’s ever done.
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  20. I’ve seen several people coming for Dance 2Night, so I hope it’s not that. It’s basically Love Sex Magic.
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