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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. The Bedtime Stories font is still gorgeous, isn't it?
  2. Oh wow, I totally agree with everything @RJF said about "Let Down Your Guard", so I might have been a little bit too generous with my 8.
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  3. In the 1997 film Speed 2: Cruise Control, the sequel to the 1994 surprise summer hit Speed, Willem Dafoe plays the antagonist Geiger who squares off against Sandra Bullock's Annie (reprising her role from the original) and Jason Patric's Alex by programming the out-of-control crash of... a cruise liner.

    Madonna, about to begin the recording sessions for Ray Of Light, was reportedly asked to contribute a track to the film's soundtrack but declined when she discovered that its creative direction was to be reggae-themed, apparently remarking that she was inspired by "other cultures right now".
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    I just--
  5. I love Let Down Your Guard, but I think now's a fair time for it to leave. Good riddance to Killers, which I only enjoyed the first time I heard it because I bust out laughing as soon as I heard her croak "ayyy will be geyyy".
  6. Yep, very 90s.
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  7. RJF


    SCORE: 6.076

    2015 PLACEMENT: N/A
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 1 (@Andy French)
    LOWEST SCORE: 0 x 1 (@Dangerous Maknae)
    MY SCORE: 6/10

    Me finding out that a Pharrell track was heading for Madame X last year:

    But wait, because I hear sumn... and it slaps! Maybe one of the best productions on the album, which is saying something. I kinda wish I had given it a higher score now. From what I can gather, the cliff notes version of the story behind this track is that Pharrell submitted it for Rebel Heart, because literally everyone in the history of the universe tried their hand at getting on that album. It got as far as the demo stage, leaked like literally everything she touched in 2014 did, and... that was it. It didn't turn up on the final album's four CD, fifty-song-strong tracklisting, and was presumed dead... until Jeff Bhasker and Mike Dean revisited it for this album, brought the production into the world of Madame X, and... improved it immensely. The drama, the stakes, those thundering drums. It definitely sounds like something Madonna would have heard coming out of a doorway in Lisbon and been enticed by. Pharrell has no hand in the final version, as far as I'm aware, but frequent Madame X co-writer Starrah appears to have come in to help pull things together. But yes: a bop! It could have gone a bit further but I'm not particularly mad.

    Here's a link to the demo for those who are curious. If I hadn't read from multiple sources that this was from the Rebel Heart sessions I would have just assumed it had been from Hard Candy, because it really does sound more of that era. Unless everything I'm reading is wrong? I wouldn't put it past Pharrell to try and sell Madonna something she had already passed on seven years prior, however. I also read on one site that Miley was meant to feature at the time of the demo being recorded, which would have been two out of four horsemen of the Apocalypse for me, but I think it was probably just search engine rigging bullshit. Miley was doing... something in 2014/2015, I'm sure, that would have kept her too busy for that.

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  9. Back That Up To The BEAST is fucking fantastic and I'm still in absolute awe of how she transformed it into the colossally weird, percussive banger that it is. I can and can't believe I was the only 10.
  10. "Back That Up To The Beat" SLAPS! Gone too soon.
  11. Ciao Bella has no business still being in this rate when Back That Up To The Beat has left.

    Funana best stay snug and comfy for a good while yet...
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  12. Nooooo my biggest loss yet (7.5)
    In theory dusting off demo #4748 from the Rebel Heart sessions wouldn't do much for me, but this slaps quite a bit and the autotune lifts it up
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  13. Wow two of my favs getting the boot. I'm pressed.

    Has Madonna ever spoken about the meaning behind Killers? I've always thought the pre-chorus ("I know what I am...") contradicted the verses ("I will be X marginalized group..."), and I like to pretend it's a critique of white saviorism nn.

    Also, Let Down Your Guard was lowkey my favorite from the Extras. I think it's innovative and modern nn.
  14. The embarrassment that people have voted out I Fucked Up and Some Girls before most of what’s left from MDNA. I didn’t want to come back into the thread and see...this.

    There’s still a fair amount of actual dross to shift but y’all no-relationship-having-ass motherfuckers[\Sticky & Sweet Tour Voice] had to bomb out I Fucked Up because that frenetic second half made your anxiety flare up.
  15. R27


    Aw, I'm pretty that was my highest scored bonus track from Madame X. It's next cut should have been/ should be Crazy.

    But obviously GGW should be the next cut overall.
  16. It's genuinely one of the weirdest songs she's ever put her name to (the Japanese phone call interspersed throughout? Iconic), but also one of the catchiest. "Won't you come inside and lay down next to my fire" gets stuck in my head on a regular basis
  17. First my favourite song from "Madame X" leaves, then my favourite bonus track from that album leaves, too.
  18. It was nice to get a Rebel Heart leftover completely overhauled for the Madame X era, the intro is an experience, I would have much preferred Never Let You Go though.
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  19. I’m lowkey surprised Funana is still here - but as long as Ciao Bella is the last remaining Madame X bonus, I’ll keep the peace.
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  20. Let Down Your Guard is a nice little oddity, with some further polish it could've been a welcome addition to Bedtime Stories. That "eEeHhH eH Ow" hook cracks me up ddddd
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