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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Are we talking about Miles Away now?
  2. C'mon, "One More Chance" is definitely not among her worst 50 songs, at the very least.
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  3. I love Adult Contemporary Madonna.
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  4. One More Chance is one of my favourite Madonna songs, I’m kind of surprised I didn’t give it a 10.
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  5. K94


    My table hasn't been fully shaken yet - keep these 4-6/10s coming

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  6. I don't know if anyone cares teebs but One More Chance was the first of... quite a few Madonna singles to reach the Top 5 in Italy while bombing/underperforming in the rest of the world. But we even put two MDNA singles in our Top 5 so...
  7. What can I say, you stan a Renaissance woman!
  8. I will defend her mid-90s ballad phase until I die, but I'll have to admit One More Chance is the weakest link there.
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  9. One More Chance is the definition of a 7. It's a good dependable song. Nothing that would set the world on fire and not the most original thing she's ever done, but very good in terms of the fundamentals. The vocals and melodies are pretty bulletproof and that middle eight ("This is the law of the land") is excellent.
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  10. RJF


    So here's one that's maybe a bit of a surprise.


    SCORE: 6.109

    2015 PLACEMENT: 166 of 210 (6.038)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 9 (@Andreas @Sprockrooster @torontodj @Dreampopboy @BreatheBox @joeee @phoenix123 @Pop Life @fancygreen)
    LOWEST SCORE: 0 x 1 (@OSHi)
    MY SCORE: 6/10

    Well, despite the mostly flat score from 2015, it wasn't enough to give "Sooner Or Later" any kind of boost. In fact, the higher scoring overall actually means this maybe tumbles out a little sooner... rather than later. Kii. This makes "Something To Remember" the last I'm Breathless track standing, besides... oh, you know.

    We've spoke about this one in passing in a few eliminations so far, but let's get into it properly now since I'm sure we all know that there's a major thing to talk about it in regards to it. So yes: one of the three Sondheim songs done for I'm Breathless, along with "More" and "What Can You Lose", and... it's probably the best one. From the moment you realise this is going to be a smoky lounge bar romp, you know she's going to kill it. Her voice really opens up in some parts in surprising ways for me; Madonna has never had a particularly spectacular instrument, but I'll say this for her voice: it's just as scrappy and determined and chameleonic as she is, and it serves her well here. Ultimately, a jazzy piano number was never going to light my fire, or by the looks of things, the fires of a lot of the voters, but she sells the absolute shit out of it.

    That's not even the most interesting part of this song though. Madonna had claimed that if either "Sooner Or Later" or "More" (DEAR GOD NO.) got nominated for Best Original Song, she would perform them at the Oscars that year. And lo and behold, "Sooner Or Later" snatched it, so perform it Madonna did, and then some. Famously also the night Michael Jackson was her date, she took to the Oscars stage, poured into a stunning Bob Mackie dress and glistening in $20M worth of jewels (someone work out the inflation rate and tell me how much that is in 2020), and she. Ate. That.

    Madonna has always said that no matter how much time goes on, she always gets nervous at big award shows, and the Oscars was doubly nerve-racking due to it being full of people in an industry she didn't command. You can hear the nerves in her voice at the start and ironically the most nervous she seems is when her back is to the audience, but you can almost see it like a switch the moment she turns around and sees that is just another packed out venue listening to her sing, that she can do this, and do that she does. Her vocals go syrupy and elastic, her stage presence goes planetary in scale, and it's just a delight to watch her twirl about and fill that massive space, and by the time it's over and she's mincing off stage, she's knows she's sIayed. UGH. Probably one of her most iconic performances. It's just kind of ironic that it's for a relatively forgotten song. It's also funny just how good she sounds when she spent a good amount of 1990 serving wood chipper vocals.

    Oh it was also performed on Blond Ambition but WHO GIVES A FUCK. You can find that performance below anyway, right underneath what Billy Crystal introduces as the NC-17 moment of the Oscars 1991. QUEEN.

  11. I love One More Chance. I’ve said it loads on PJ before but while I was a baby stan, I only had a few M albums until my Dad gave me his collection (he’s a fan too). His favourite Madonna record is Something To Remember and he plays One More Chance on guitar (he’s a brilliant guitarist). He’s played it solo, he’s played it with a few bands he’s been part of. The lyrics being a little unusual in sentiment for Madonna makes the fact they ring true with my Dad’s relationship with my mum even more poignant (he didn’t deserve one more chance, he just thought he did).

    My relationship with him isn’t perfect but one thing we’ll always have is a mutual interest in music and film, and each other’s tastes. It’s how we’ve been able to “speak” even when it’s felt difficult to do so literally.

    So I’ll always love One More Chance, for its slightly complex part in my journey with M’s music, and with my father.
  12. RJF


    A couple shots of the Oscars look, which was a goddamn shoot and a half. I feel like this was maybe the cap of her Marilyn Monroe phase as well, so it makes sense that the finale is a stunner. It's just Old Hollywood glamour perfection; I'm speechless at the silhouette alone.



  13. I only have one girl's photo in my hand and Sooner or Later makes for a fascinating piece of iconography but a languid listen.
  14. Sooner or Later is a fun time. And the Oscars show is HIGH DRAG
  15. One More Chance - 4.5
    Sooner or Later - 4

    Two more of my 4's gone. Now please.. kick out Dance 2night.
  16. One More Chance is nice! I think it could've lasted a bit longer...
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  17. The 1991 Oscars performance is genuinely one of the greatest moments in her career for me. Absolutely stunning from start to finish, and I think the only thing that really lets down the studio version is how dialed-back it is by comparison. An underrated ballad for sure, though.

  18. RMK


    I don't know where Miles Away stands for the fans, but next to the lead it feels like Hard Candy's best offering in my book.
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  19. RJF


    How she went from sounding like there's a demon in her throat on "Rescue Me" at the end of 1990 to sounding like an angel went into her throat, killed the demon, and took its place by early 1991. That's our mum.
  20. I'm kind of surprised that Something To Remember outlasted Sooner Or Later.
    I love the Oscar's performance, but I'm not too keen on the album version.
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