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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Dd that's what I heard too but it's "Da Vinci" everywhere I found the lyrics.
  2. LTG


    ddd Madonna stans uploading Funana lyrics having never heard of Avicii even though he worked on Rebel Heart.
  3. Take that, Rebel Heart (Avicii Demo) truthers!
  4. RJF


    Okay, let's kick off today's eliminations. First out?
  5. Crazy would be great.
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  6. I thought Crazy was well-liked but I'm seeing a lot of you lack taste
  7. Well... it's annoying. Just like Bitch I'm Madonna.
  8. I love 80sdonna, but I Know It and Over & Over need to get out.
  9. RJF



    SCORE: 6.167

    2015 PLACEMENT: 173 of 210 (5.897)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 1 (@funkyg)
    LOWEST SCORE: 0 x 1 (@paperboyfriendd)
    MY SCORE: 5/10

    Well, it looks like y'all stabbed the all seeing eye right in the pupil. Despite "Illuminati" actually performing better now than it did in 2015, it's our next girl out. It's... basically about not giving a fuck and dancing because nothing matters and the fight for autonomy is futile. Nihilistic bop! All kidding aside, I'm not particularly wrong considering the bulk of the lyrics that aren't just name-dropping fellow celebs basically boil down to "fuck it let's dance". I quite like this; I appreciate the effort that went into making sure the rhythm and cadence of the verses was preserved despite them being particularly verbose, but it's overall not all that essential. Interesting tid bit: this was actually one of the few songs Kanye West managed to finish before being distracted by a shiny object and abandoning the project completely, and you can kind of hear it in the production which is incredibly Ye 2015. Or 2014, since this was part of the six song package Madonna graciously gave us at the end of that year when everything leaked and she wanted to try and show what things were meant to actually sound like.

    Since it was part of the Rebel Heart album, it of course also has a demo that leaked that seems to favour acoustic elements over the more sinister atmosphere of the final version. I think the version we got is better; the demo is a bit disjointed for obvious reasons, and at least the final version really commits to the creepy off-kilter feeling of the subject matter.

    I'm including the demo below with two videos of same thing: "Illuminati" was featured on the Rebel Heart Tour during an interlude, which everyone listening to the album for the first time knew was its fate. That said, it is a great interlude, with Madonna's dancers displaying incredible core strength with some old fashioned gasp-inducing circus theatrics that was a surprise highlight of the show. At the top of tall, bending poles, her dancers lurch back and forth, gathering a frightful amount of momentum as they swing like tree branches in a hurricane and occasionally chuck each other through the air and risk headbutting audience members. It's a great bit of choreography and makes me miss the theatre and spectacle of a big budget pop show immensely. I've included the official recording from the Rebel Heart Tour release, along with an audience cam video so you can really appreciate the spectacle as... well, the camera work in the official version doesn't really let you see things properly. Some edgy stock footage plays on the screens behind the dancers but no one gives a shit. IF YOU'VE NOT SEEN THIS FUCKING WATCH IT BECAUSE IT'S GREAT. Enjoy!

  10. Illuminati out before Beautiful Scars????

  11. Nice to see "Illuminati" leave, I'm not a fan of it.

    Waiting for that extended final chorus to end had me like:

    It just goes on and on...
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  12. I find myself bursting into the chorus all the time! Beautiful Scars still hanging on in there is offensive.
  13. I'm a little surprised Illuminati has left already. It's not one of my favourite Rebel Heart tracks but I enjoy the album in general so I don't have any ill feelings towards it.

    It's definitely one of her best tour interludes. Kudos to those dancers for their amazing skills.
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  14. Apparently it’s Avicii. The lyrics sites which claim Da Vinci are supposedly wrong according to fan forums.

    Avicii makes much more sense as she actually worked directly with him for a few months on Rebel Heart before he got ill and had to call it a day.
    Avicii also sadly passed away during the Madame X sessions so his passing would have been very fresh on her mind when working on Funana.
  15. I couldn't bump any higher than my 10, because if I did give it my 11 @RJF would've have thrown my ballot is the dumpster.
  16. Illuminati, when those 6 tracks were released I was genuinely impressed with how much of an overhaul and polish this song got, and how much darker and sinister it sounded compared to the bouncy tinny demo.
    I loved that arpeggio bass in the pre-chorus, but overtime I like the song less and less, it doesn’t really do anything for me any more, and if Madonna did manage to trim down Rebel Heart to 12 tracks this would be one of the first to go.
  17. What the fuck? Illuminati seems like such a random song to fall this early, even within the context of its own album. (but then I love Beautiful Scars so fuck my drag)
  18. If this were true, my dear friend Breathless wouldn't be where she is today.
  19. Well, I'm sure the 5 people who actually like I'm Breathless did the best they could.
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