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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. The best way to remember "Funana" is actually when you let out a really descendingly low register, satanic, creamy belch.

    Sounds just like the horrific low her vocals hit when she lays into the title at the end of, chorus? and undermines the entire sentiment she was allegedly going for.
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  2. Yup, as much as people talk about her imagery or messages, the main deciding factor for how much I like a Madonna song is for me at least her VOICE. The urgency. The emotion. The joy. The pain. The strength.

    And again for me at least, her vocals have been a lot more inconsistent and too mannered from Hard Candy on. Heartbeat's a good song, but it could've been another classic if she had ripped through it the way she did Into the Groove.

    But I believe the voice IS still there. You can hear it in Ghosttown, Looking for Mercy, and a few others.
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  4. No Madonna vocal is ‘shriller’ than Living For Love - it’s the sound on nails slowly dragging down a chalkboard for me.
  5. We get it,
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  6. LTG


    Yas same here. Looks like our prostitution have worked.
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  7. Any of these can leave next:

    Another Suitcase In Another Hall
    Candy Shop
    Love Song
    Your Honesty
    I'd Rather Be Your Lover
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  8. Shrill? Where?

    I do hear a lot of vocal production issues, tho - not to mention the insultingly anemic "drop." There's a 10/10 song hidden somewhere in its potential, but as it stands, I still scored it a 8/10 because I feel the melodies and songwriting are excellent.
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  9. RJF


    Good morning! I’ll kick off eliminations in a little while.
  10. Morning! Thanks for all the work you’re putting in.

    Can you please make sure Bedtime Stories remains untouched for a good while as well...
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  11. RJF


    SCORE: 6.227

    2015 PLACEMENT: 182 of 210 (5.77)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 2 (@DJHazey @fatyoshi)
    LOWEST SCORE: 1.5 x 1 (@Chezam)
    MY SCORE: 6/10

    Looks like the fighting spirit can't help you break the Top 180 in 2015 or in 2020. It was released back in the day as an ICON bonus track which, for those who don't know, is Madonna's premium fan club that members pay to be a part of. What the perks of it are, I'm not really sure, because every time I see it mentioned it's in tandem with asking them to pay for something that they should probably get for free with their membership. So shout out to whatever homosexual paid $20 for the MP3 of this track only to stick it on YouTube for the unwashed masses who give Madonna 60% of their annual pay, rather than 75%. another pointless regional bonus track.

    I'm honestly running out of ways to say things are fine at this stage in the rate. It kind of feels like a bit of a disco pick and mix at times, with an additional nod to "Under Pressure" in that intro. This is another one of rare Mirwais Ahmadzaï songs found on Confessions On A Dance Floor, which I'm guessing was either from the early sessions for the album or for one of the two musicals she was briefly working on at the time too. I honestly don't think Madonna slept from 1982 to... maybe 2014? But yeah, it's slinky and nice and I probably would have a better opinion on it if it felt embedded in the fabric of the album, but it doesn't get the privilege of being part of the mixed set, and as a consequence it ends up feeling a little... slight without its Confessions siblings protecting it. Which is how I feel about a lot of the tracks in the second half of the album anyway, but the unbroken chain of the mixed album really does help it keep an impenetrable united front. Obviously, considering that's the two bonus tracks gone while the main album remains untouched. ANYWAY. Bye!​
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  12. Not that it really matters, but Super Pop was the ICON bonus track. Fighting Spirit was released on some kind of deluxe CD edition.
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    nn I read the Wiki page too fast.
  14. Your edit!
    Love it.
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  15. Is ICON even still around in any form other than a paid subscription to get future discounts on overpriced merchandise? I know it used to do those magazines that must have been cute back in the day. upload_2020-7-3_12-28-59.jpeg
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    It's raining and I'm on a rest day from exercise so I'm just gonna blast through these this afternoon so I can eat and remain horizontal for the rest of the day. Maybe buy the Pokémon DLC because I hate myself idk.
  17. Fighting Spirit is so boring and pointless, I can't believe it climbed up 20 places from last time...
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    Something to remember is that the ballot is eighteen songs bigger than the last time, so even though it might look like it shot up, it's more or less stayed in the same place.
  19. The best Confessions bonus track is the demo of History. I don't care too much for the other two.
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  20. Aww... I knew its time was ticking out, but losing "Fighting Spirit" hurts. I'm happy it was crowned as the best bonus track/B-side from "Confessions on a Dance Floor", because it is by far my favourite out of the three. The production could've been a bit better, but that chorus!

    Glad that it improved its average score and that @DJHazey and @fatyoshi threw it full marks.
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