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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

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    (ffffFFFFfff yeah, I... don't know how to explain that logo. At least you'll only see it seven more times.)

    SCORE: 6.267

    2015 PLACEMENT: 167 of 210 (6.016)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 2 (@DJHazey @Weslicious)
    LOWEST SCORE: 2 x 1 (@Up Down Suite)
    MY SCORE: 5/10

    And the debut takes its first hit, leaving Erotica, Bedtime Stories, Ray Of Light, and American Life as the only albums remaining that haven't lost a single track yet! At a run time of 3:44, this is actually one of the debut's shorter songs, but Christ if it doesn't feel like it does on forever. The sitcom opening credits production, Madonna's scrappy wee voice really doing its best to summon some gravitas in the chorus... it's all just a bit of a chore.

    I'm afraid there's nothing really that notable about it either outside of it being written solely by Madonna, similar to the bulk of the debut, which is impressive for a young female popstar in the early 80s I think. It was produced by Reggie Lucas, who did all but "Holiday" and who died in 2018. I want to say I remember Madonna posting something on her Instagram about it at the time, but from what I can gather they never worked together again after this. It was also used as a b-side on several of her singles, but from what I can gather, when Like A Virgin really took off, her UK label saw it as opportunity to push the debut again and basically re-released its singles, which is why I'm guessing it's so recurrent as a b-side. Perhaps someone else can enlighten us? Can you tell I feel less than nothing towards this song?​
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    ‘I Know It’ is absolutely the weakest song from her debut. Her vocals are pretty tragic on it and it just plods along. ‘Ain’t Not Big Deal’ could have taken its place and improved the parent.
  4. Are we forgetting Ray of Light in here?
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  6. Finally! The debut is such a great album except for vibe killer I Know It.
  7. Act of Contrition is genuinely brilliant. A complete mockery of religion and Catholicism. Karen Magdalene at the gates of heaven.
  8. Interviewer: "Act of Contrition," the closing track of Like a Prayer, has backwards masking and other mysterious elements. Did [Prince] have anything to do with that one as well? The credits only say, "Produced by the powers that be."

    Madonna: "Yeah, he did. He played guitar on it. He also played guitar on "Keep it Together."

    Interviewer: "I noticed on "Act of Contrition" that you have the choir from "Like a Prayer" reversed on that"

    Madonna: "Yeah, we turned the tape and played everything backwards"

    Interviewer: "Your idea?"

    Madonna: "Yeah. And then, of course, the whole thing, the saying of the prayer (on "Act of Contrition") and everything, that was totally conceived of in the studio, in the control room. Pat put out a microphone, and I just started fooling around; and that was free-form, too. Whatever was on my head. It's totally unedited."


    "Act Of Contrition" seems to be the result of the remix session produced by Bill Bottrell for "Like A Prayer". Or perhaps "Contrition" informed the remix. Either way, this is what she actually integrated into the Blond Ambition Tour arrangement (which was otherwise based on Shep Pettibone's dance remix).

    For anyone who has avoided maxi-singles, please indulge in this fantastic version:

    There's also the 'Dub Beats' from this session which use an additional sample from Prince's track "Bob George" - a vocal loop that says "That skinny motherfucker with the high voice" from his then-canceled release 'The Black Album' :

  9. The first cut from Like A Prayer should’ve been Dear Jessie not Act of Godtrition.
  10. Brilliant!! Best description I’ve heard all week!
  11. I never knew I Know It was so disliked, as I think it's a very cute bop - I gave it an 8, which is actually my fourth highest score from the album. It certainly helps that it's not 15 fucking minutes long.
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  12. Wait, grab a calculator... Given its ubiquity as a b-side, could "I Know It" technically be Madonna's all-time best selling single?!

  13. Act of Contrition is such a cool closer. A proper full circle album moment.

    All the Like a Prayer edits are ace. God, what a song.
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  14. Losing two 9's today is not cool at all. "I Know It" deserved so much better, I don't get why it's so disliked.
    Like I've said, it's my favourite song from her debut, the chorus + post-chorus/middle-8 combo is amazing and I totally fell in love with it.
    Poor @DJHazey...
  15. Act Of Contrition is brilliant, some of y'all really can't fuck with anything without an ABBA sized chorus.
  16. It's the twee + the sitcom production like our host accurately put it
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  17. Okay... But how is "Over and Over" is still in, then?
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    Oh my God...
  19. RJF


    Oh my God...
  20. I Know It can leave now, but the rest of debut deserves top 100.
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