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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. I've lost two or three 8s so far, but nothing higher than that. I'm pretty sure that'll change tomorrow though.
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  2. I remember reading once that it was originally going to have two more singles, Don’t Stop and Forbidden Love, to coincide with the 1995 tour, but once it was cancelled the other singles fell through. No idea if it’s true though but it sort of makes sense since most albums before Bedtime Stories had more than 4 singles.
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  3. The Girlie Show is fucking amazing. The fact that she did that after the tumultuous last quarter of 1992 and first quarter of 1993 is remarkable.

    And I appreciated that she did something different from Blond Ambition. Still a spectacle but much more intimate. You can see traces of Rebel Heart and Madame X in it.
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  4. It's expected that once we were around and got past the 6+ average, things are getting extremely close (including a few ties) and therefore more exciting. A recap of the recent eliminations (part 1):

    One More Chance - 8,5
    ~ A lovely ballad that doesn't get enough love. Okay, I know that a certain portion of voters most likely dismissed AC Madonna's songs, especially this one. The single cover is so AC it looks like it was released posthumously - it was her peak of saying: "I'm can be a serious artist, too!" and like a preparation for Evita. Kind of odd they released the song a a single, too, but I genuinely enjoy this it. She sounds gorgeous, and the stripped down guitar really makes those clear vocals shine. The chorus is so beautiful and the way she finishes the line "be there for meeeee" in the final two choruses is my favourite bit of the entire song. The middle-8 is a non-event and I'm not keen on it, but the rest is great.
    I admit that I slightly overscored it, and that the more realistic score would be an 8.

    Sooner or Later - 5
    ~ Didn't expect this one to be so polarizing, but it's totally understandeable why it is. That live performance is iconic and truly showcases how she dominates the stage. I can't even recall whether I saw it in full earlier (or it was just a snippet on some TV show, which I assumed was from "Material Girl" or even "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Frind). No wonder it received that amount of 10's. Still, I sticked to rating the atudio version, where her vocal delivery is lovely, too. I like how the song sounds like some jazz standard from the 20's, but I'm just bored while listening to the studio version. There isn't a properly defined melody and it sounds more like it's ad-libbed or something.
    I'm surprised that it managed to outlast "He's a Man".

    History - 5,5
    ~ This one just does nothing to me and is a perfect choice for a B-side, since I think it's weaker than anything released on "Confessions on a Dance Floor" (yes, even "Super Pop"). Yeah, it has a pretty good production and the potential is these, but it just leaves me cold. From the repetitive hook to the dull melody to the irritating hook, this isn't the song I'll be returning to. And that intro - it literally forever for it to end and for the song to properly start, making it annoying. The demo is better, though it obviously lacks something, too.
    It's my lowest score in the entire extras section, so I'm glad it left.

    Borrowed Time - 6
    ~ The guitar riff is excellent and had me intrigued, but the song itself didn't live up to it. I mean, there's nothing bad with it, but it's all so basic and doesn't have anything else to set it apart from the rest. Kind of reminds me of Rihanna's "We All Need Love", which is better than this song. The dodgy vocal production is apparent here, like on the majority of the album and it's not that appealing.
    I may have underscored it, but I can't deal with how cliché everything is surrounding it.

    Dance 2Night - 6
    ~ I like this one and appreciate the retro vibe, but coming right after "Beat Goes On", which does the similar sound much better, doesn't do it any justice. It tries to be slinky and chill, but comes off as mundane (partly because of the vocal delivery), even though though there are some cute moments and great melodies in there. Also, Justin not being credited as a featured artist here is weird. The more I say about this one, the more I'll repeat @RJF's write up, because it perfectly explains the song's flaws.

    Funana - 4,5
    ~ Sorry, but I just can't get into this. The autotune is at its worst here and doesn't work at all for me. I mean, the way the final 'funana' in the chorus makes her sounds like a Satan doesn't help at all. The melody in general is clunky and not really good. Don't get the fuss about the lyrics, either, and find them juvenile at best. The breakdown is a nice moment and the entire production is interesting, but this just screams a bonus track and I'm glad they went with that.
    Definitely my least favourite song from "Madame X" and one of her weakest songs of that decade in general.

    Illuminati - 5
    ~ Yikes. I don't like the "rapped" verses and that chorus is annoying. The production lifts it up a bit, at least. And by far my favourite part of the song is the post-chorus, which is great and showcases the potential. Oh my, and the final chorus takes forever to end - so repetitive.
    Interesting approach, but the result is way below what it could've been.

    It's So Cool - 8
    ~ Oop, I don't recall giving this one a score so high. I probably subconsciously rated the "American Life" demo version of the song. Along with "Broken (I'm Sorry)" and "Ain't No Big Deal", this is probably one of her most tucked away tracks in terms of release. And all three of them have something else in common - all are extremely inessential and more or less forgettable even among her fans. The verses of "It's so Cool" are very strong, and I love the middle-8. The demo showcases all of the best aspects of the song - it's a shame that they went with the watered down and dated production, along with the lazy and repetitive "we need love..." hook for the final version. It totally ruins the vibe of the song, but I guess I'll bop to this version a bit. It turned out to be more catchy than expectwd - the switch up during the middle-8 remains a highlight.
    Same. It's my favourite out of the three* new songs from the greatest hits album and deserved to do a bit better.

    *four if we include "Broken (I'm Sorry)", which is also very good
  5. Call me crazy but I kind of felt like MDNA was a reinvention of Blond Ambition (big stadium show, innovative staging/technology, exhausting, long etc.), Rebel Heart was a reinvention of Girlie Show (clown imagery, more intimate & less exhausting) and Madame X was sort of a reinvention of Drowned World (darker, much more reliant on newer material and less accessible to the general public). Perhaps if there’s another tour it’ll be a reinvention of Reinvention nn
  6. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    The girl who started the HIYA thread skipping out on drama?

    We’d hate to see it.
  7. Don't Stop really is the lowest point from its parent album but I'm listening to it and ughhh bop. We're not even in the top 100 and the songs leaving are already good to great, not everybody has that.
  8. I think I'm more surprised and disappointed by I Know It being the first debut track gone than I am for Girl Gone Wild. I'll never apologize for loving GGW though, it's not 'just a bop' for the sake of it being a bop. I happen to love that style of dance-pop from the era and to a lot of fans it gets a "empty" "faceless" yadadada but I really don't give a shit, it's goes the fuck off whether it's not something you want from Madonna or not. Anyhow, as for Don't Stop, I'm surprised it's the first one from Bedtime Stories, I would've chosen the title track or Love Tried to Welcome Me.
  9. Both top 50 material!

    Don't Stop is probably my least played song across the three 90s studio albums so I'm happy it's the first out, too
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  10. I hope not since they are a 5 and 5.5 respectively.
  11. Lowest scores remaining:
    • Over And Over
    • Love Don't Live Here Anymore
    • Stay
    • Shanti/Ashtangi
    It's bout to get interesting.
  12. RJF




    SCORE: 6.367

    2015 PLACEMENT: 145 of 210 (6.432)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 2 (@Sprockrooster @Weslicious)
    LOWEST SCORE: 2 x 1 (@paperboyfriendd)
    MY SCORE: 5/10

    I paused What's Your Pleasure? to listen to this for a quick refresher and this is the thanks I get? Ugh. Acting as the closing track to Like A Virgin, this one is another track that appears to have been dusted off from the Stephan Bray demo days, as he would go on to include an early 80s demo of it on the wonderfully titled Pre-Madonna (womp womp), a unofficial collection of early tracks and demos that he had lying around... but we've covered this already, haven't we?

    In all seriousness, this is isn't actually terrible. Like A Virgin on the whole has horrific album tracks, so it's actually small miracle that this ends up only being boring. I particularly enjoy the spoken word section that sounds like it was recorded on a rooftop in the middle of a hurricane with Madonna on the rooftop of another building, but I guess we've come a long way in terms of sound production in the last... God, forty years? I wonder how many more albums Madonna will have released in another forty years.

    I've included the demo below for anyone curious, which I'm guessing will be less than 5% of you, but never let it be said I'm not thorough. If you thought the spoken word part in the final version was rough, get a load of the vocals on this one. Well done to Madonna for being able to breathe underwater for nearly four minutes to record her vocals here. Is there anything she can't do?

  13. Yas! It's slightly stronger than the other Virgin album tracks, but its departure has been overdue.
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  14. Stay is one of the... four Virgin tracks I would actively seek. That said it's one of her worst closers ever
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  15. R27


    Twos 8’s in a row! Stay is actually my third highest rated track from its parent album and easily my favourite of the album tracks. Hopefully one of my lower remaining scores leaves next.
  16. Y'all I hate Stay, it's just so 80s and downright boring. Also the scoop be dooby beep bop bit at the end is just garbage mama.

    On a different note, slightly scared at quite a lot of my low scores still being in... maybe my taste doesn't align with everyone else's as much as I thought it would um. Praying I don't get the villain edit of the season ddd.
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    This thread will go through numerous different phases, along with numerous villains, but we're still in the cordial phase... for now.
  18. Don't panic; there's a few songs that I know I'm gonna be the villain for...
  19. Some of you have never scoop, scoop, scoop, scoodooly-be-bopped and it shows.
  20. I really like Stay but it could do with being at least 30 seconds shorter. The demo has some good elements.
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