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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. This ballot should have been thrown out. Like I know we joke and all but really. I can only imagine @RJF ’s reaction upon receiving your PM.

    Also it’s time for Over and Over but it’s severely underrated in general. Full of energy and felt VERY Madonna in its message. It always felt like a lost single.
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  2. I did, and have the photo to prove it:

  3. Again. So is the purpose of a rate to get a perfectly streamlined set of 100 votes that all follow the same guidelines on how to score the songs, basically making for a scripted ranking. *YAWN* So no, I tell you to sit the hell down and "look at your own paper". I won't apologize for my opinions on the songs at hand and I certainly didn't send in a troll ballot worthy of being binned.
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  4. I love 'Over And Over.' It's so energetic and a great song to power walk to.
  5. RJF


    I mean, the purpose of a rate is also to roast people for their poor taste. If y'all think it's bad now, just wait until we hit the Top 100. That's when feelings will be hurt, and bussies will be immolated.
  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    And nothing of value was lost.
  7. The album version of Stay >>> the demo version I'm sorry, the demo is unlistenable it sounds so damn scary I wouldnt want to stay.
  8. I imagine there is a lot of nostalgia for Over and Over from us older Popjusticers who remember the era? It was a fun performance on the Virgin Tour and the You Can Dance remix is a blast of '80s goodness.

    I think that's my issue with the whole Like a Virgin album. As an era, it fills me with such nostalgia that it's hard to be objective about the music because it brings back such fond memories. I mean, Madonna literally became a wold superstar when it was released (we can argue when she became a global superstar, but let's face it, Like a Virgin was a huge factor in Madonna's rise).
  9. RJF




    SCORE: 6.448

    2015 PLACEMENT: 150 of 210 (6.304)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 2 (@Suburbia @Aester)
    LOWEST SCORE: 2 x 1 (@CasperFan)
    MY SCORE: 6.5/10

    So here's a song that might just have the weirdest trajectory for a song ever, not just in Madonna's canon. Originally recorded and released by Rose Royce in 1978 to pretty decent success, one of the label bigwigs who worked at Warner came to Madonna and Nile Rodgers while they were recording Like A Virgin, and said, "Hey, how about you cover a ballad and stick it on there?" because that's literally the only thing labels ever suggest. Despite a bit of trepidation, they agreed to the idea and went along with it, increasing the amount of listenable tracks on Like A Virgin from, like, three to four.

    ...But weirdly enough, being an album track in 1984 is not where the story ends. Off the back of "Take A Bow" smashing in US, Madonna scrapped together every single ballad she had ever done over the years and chucked it onto a compilation CD, which then used this as a single, albeit with remixed production. So yes, you who is reading this who has always wanted a particular song to be a single off your fave's album: never give up hope! It sometimes takes eleven years but you'll get there in the end. The original "Radar" to be honest; Britney could never! Fine is a word I'm getting a bit sick of, but yeah, this is fine. I think considering Madonna's voice at the time, she really goes for it, and the points where it sounds like she's at the threshold of her range actually add a lot of emotion to her performance. It's a track I could have seen lasting ten more places or going ten places ago, such is the nature of a 6/10 song.

    Below are a few videos. The first is from the video the song got when it became a single in 1996, where it looks like they were probably on set for roughly twenty minutes before calling it a day. In it, Madonna flirts with a pillar at an agonisingly far distance from the camera for two thirds of the video. You briefly get a few close ups of her miming to her decade-old studio vocals (Britney could nev--oh wait.) before the camera tracks back. It's... pointless. Especially in the 90s when every video was at 360p; it's just a shapely blob circling another blob with some curtains blowing in the wind machines. The second video is the original (superior) version as performed by Rose Royce, and the third video is from when it finally got its live debut thirty years after it was recorded and twenty years after it was a single at the Rebel Heart Tour, where it was mashed up with "HeartBreakCity", a performance that would have honestly been an ideal toilet break were it not for the incredible routine. Enjoy!

  10. The Top 200:


    The Top 100:

  11. RJF


    Remaining Like A Virgin tracks after today:

    Material Girl
    Like A Virgin
    Dress You Up​

    Today's leaderboard is going to be posted after our fifth elimination of the day. Yes, that's right. Looking at the leaderboard, it's a bit awkward to leave this track hanging, so I'm just going to go for it. So it's one more tonight! What are your guesses?
  12. RJF


    Also, she looks dead on the "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" single cover.
  13. Well, there goes my first 9

  14. Madonna means more to me than any artist ever so I will be dragging, roasting and scalping awful taste. We all have awful taste at points / in regards to some art and music; we need thick skin to endure the lashings and the understanding of why people will find said taste questionable - while being secure enough to still enjoy the trash. Enjoy GGW - I do too! But it’s still SHIT. Bedtime Story is not just an incredible song but a vital part of her musical journey. And Love... being criticised is madness - it’s tragically beautiful, mature, inviting.
  15. My fave moment is when she mouths "love" instead of "live" around 3:47, but they probably did like three takes and said "this will do".
  16. I think I said all I really needed to about why I like Love Don't Live Here Anymore the other day, but I just want to say again how much I adore her vocal on it - as @RJF said, she basically just scratches the edge of her range but it adds so much to an already pretty intensely melancholy song.

    Also, Mark Picchiotti's incredibly dramatic 1996 house mix is ten minutes of pure homosexual fantasia and I love it to pieces.

  17. Fine but you don't see me asking for people's ballots to be trashed just because they gave any of my favorite songs low marks or frankly saying anything towards those people. Instead I express disappointment about the results if I don't agree with them.

    I have taken that angle before (in fun) and always ended up being lectured on it so I try not to anymore.
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  18. The fact that Love Don't Live Here Anymore was also released in Japan as a Like a Virgin single in 1986 at almost exactly the same time that the US was getting Live to Tell, and then got an almost identical (but worse) remix on Something to Remember before being remixed again by Soulpower for the single/video only adds to the confusion of its storied history.
  19. Love Don't Live Here Anymore is amazing. I was just listening to it before I came into this thread.

    The original version is where it's at, but she looks stunning in the remix video.
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  20. RJF


    The video was shot while she was still trying to hide her pregnancy from the press and on one of her days off from shooting Evita, so I think three takes is generous nn. Sis turned up at that drafty hotel, twirled around that pillar for five minutes, told them that was all they were getting, and left.
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