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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

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    Shut your sore-addled mouth.
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    SCORE: 6.524

    2015 PLACEMENT: 170 (GASP!) of 210 (5.98)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 4 (@eatyourself @fatyoshi @Mister_G @Weslicious)
    LOWEST SCORE: 1 x 1 (@letuinmybackdoor)
    MY SCORE: 6/10

    So here's a cute aside from all the album culling of late! "Your Honesty" is another track that really shouldn't have as complicated an origin story behind it, but here I am telling you it anyway. Spotify users will notice that Daniel Abraham's name pops up again, and that's because despite its actual release being in 2003, this track was originally for Bedtime Stories. Bop! They should have stuck this onto the album instead of "Don't Stop" to be honest; it would have made it a pretty bulletproof run. It's doubly confusing considering that "Don't Stop" is rather obviously a half-finished idea now that I've actually had it pointed out to me, but alas.

    The track was released as part of the fucking weird Remixed & Revisited in 2003, which was comprised of four remixed American Life tracks, a live recording of the 2003 VMAs performance, and... sigh... "Into The Hollywood Groove", a ghastly mash up of the two named songs which they then had the audacity to haul Missy Elliot into so Madonna wouldn't be alone in the humiliation. Wasn't it basically just a jingle for the GAP? It was a weird career move in general. From all the recountings of this in the General thread over the years, we were supposed to get a ridiculously expansive, sprawling box set curated by Stuart Price (I think?) that would have involved an obscene amount of remasters and rarity releases that fans are still clamouring for to this day. It would have been in celebration of Madonna's twentieth year in music... but naturally, Madonna quickly lost interest in going through the archives and moved quite swiftly into other newer, shinier projects instead, so we got... this.

    Below is the "video" for "Into The American Groove" which as I said above, is quite literally just a GAP commercial. At least Queen looks incredible. Like she's literally glowing in her GAP jeans.

    *looks into the camera*

    That's GAP.


  3. Okay, "Heartbeat" out next, please. Thanks.
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    An iconic set of bottoms.
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    It really cannot be overstated just how much of a disaster "Into The Hollywood Groove" is. The fact that they went to the trouble of having Madonna rerecord her "Into The Groove" vocals only to use the new take for the chorus and paste in her 80s vocals for the verses is a mess. Missy stuck in a feedback loop about jeans. I can't.

    Madonna and Missy Elliot in general feels like a woefully underused combination throughout the years. One of them needs to pick up the phone to the other and get a proper collaboration on the go. Let's hope they work together in the future on something!
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    Christ almighty, I’d blocked out that horrific advert. What a horrible flashback.
  7. Missy and Madonna together was gay rights and set my ten-year-old heart afire with joy when it happened, but yeah, I'll take an original song collab any day. I do think that incorporating her verses from the GAP ad into the Re-Invention Tour version of Into The Groove was a great idea (as was the entire arrangement on that tour, teebs)
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  8. Into the Hollywood Groove seemed like an unnecessary thing and a misfire. Sounds like me on karaoke night (Madonna's bit that is)
  9. Yeah but take into the Hollywood groove and add bagpipes on for the Reinvention tour. Horrific!
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    I didn't know this existed

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    Quick show of hands: who is surprised?
  14. When I first heard Your Honesty at the end of that random EP way back when, I thought it was an instant throwaway, but over the years I’ve come to adore this track, a long with my love and appreciation for Bedtime Stories in general.
    The pre-chorus is so infectious and yes, I agree it does what Don’t Stop tried to do much better.
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  15. People love us in our Gap jeans,
    We walk by people ask us where you get them jeans?
  16. I feel like Your Honesty being plonked at the end of the Remixed & Revisited EP has affected how I feel about it (I gave it an 8.5, which in retrospect feels...low?) because I do love it, and I fully believe that if it had been included on the album it'd be a highlight. The harmony in the prechorus is beautiful, and I adore the middle-eight. It's a great track.
    Not with that genuinely euphoric middle eight you don't!
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    Blah blah blah blah, (blah blah) BLAH! lol.

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  19. Getting us to the next page so you can eliminate it for realz.

    (I mean, sorry, @RJF.)
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