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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. RJF


    SCORE: 6.621

    2015 PLACEMENT: UP 6 - 169 of 210 (5.981)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 2 (@Up Down Suite @godspeed)
    LOWEST SCORE: 2 x 1 (@Aester)
    MY SCORE: 6.5/10

    Well, it's been a pretty good turn out for "I'd Rather..." when you factor in its performance in 2015. Up five places and over two thirds of a point, along with leapfrogging "Don't Stop" which it didn't manage to do five years ago. That said, I'm not entirely surprised it's the next one out. My criticisms of it are similar to "Don't Stop" in the sense that I don't think Madonna embodies the vibe of the track fully, and it ends up sounding rather clinical instead of legitimately sexy and warm. I'm... also a raising my eyebrow a little at Madonna offering to be a guy's "brother". Like, okay, nice white lady. Work, I guess.

    It would appear this was one of the tracks that originally started out in Shep Pettibone's hands (Similar to "Secret" demo "Something's Coming Over Me" which @torontodj mentioned... maybe two days ago?) before moving on to a different producer. Sampling 1969 track "It's Your Thing" by Lou Donaldson, it basically takes that jazzy original and turns it into a contemporary RnB song. While the released version features a verse from Meshell Ndegeocello, there is actually an unreleased version featuring none other than 2Pac, presumably recorded when they were dating one another in the early nineties. Remember when she dropped that bomb during the Rebel Heart era? QUEEN.

    I've included the 2Pac version of the track (which is infinitely superior) along with the track that it samples. Enjoy!

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  2. Tanking a great song just because... it's been performed in three tours

  3. RJF


    The whole 2Pac saga is actually kind of sad when you look into it. A letter he wrote to Madonna when he was in prison recently went up for auction in a collection of stuff that an old member of Madonna's entourage was trying to sell (the sale of which Madonna attempted to block in 2016 and succeeded, but looks like it got overturned last year). In it, he apologises for ending things, and explains why he did so. You can read the full thing here.
  4. I love this song like the rest of Bedtime Stories, but Meshell is done a little dirty as a replacement for Tupac. She really comes across a bit... nothing-y...which isn't reflective of her abilities or her own work. Tupac on the track would have been a bit of a moment and certainly would have lead to this song being more canonised over the years. Ah well. It definitely has it's place in history if being relatively slight.

    For those who may never have investigated what Meshell can do, I recommend a dive! I imagine Madonna stanned this:
  5. A little gutted at this but not surprised. Discovered the 2Pac version during the rating process and loved it, what a moment that would've been. It's definitely bottom 3 of it's parent album along with Don't Stop and Survival.

    Although it does make me a little nervous for Inside of Me, my personal favourite from Bedtime Stories along with Secret.
  6. I didn't expect "I'd Rather Be Your Lover" to outlast "Don't Stop" this time, so it's no wonder it became the second song from the album to get eliminated. Let's be real - there really wasn't any other choice.
    It's my least favourite song from the album, but it's still pretty good, and I'm not bothered by its departure.

    The backstory is quite interesting and it's very possible that "I'd Rather Be Your Lover" is the earliest recorded song that made its way to "Bedtime Stories", as her relationship with 2Pac was prominent in 1993, and she officially started recording the album in February 1994 (that especially makes sense now that @RJF mentioned that Shep Pettibone had the idea for the song, meaning that it could've happened just before they stopped working on music together).
    As she stated, Madonna was in her "gangsta" phase at the time, influenced by dating 2Pac (which escalated with the iconic Letterman interview in March 1994), and that may explain the 'brother' reference and, obviously, the original feature.
    Anyways, it makes me glad that they later switched it up and changed the sound of the album, leaving the new jack swing vibe of "I'd Rather Be Your Lover" and "Don't Stop" behind and majority of the songs having a timeless vibe.

    If there's any justice, the rest of "Bedtime Stories" should be safe for another 50 eliminations.
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  7. It's not especially good. I'd not miss it if I never heard it again.
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  8. Sorry folks, you did this one dirty, it's a jam.
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  9. Yeah, I love Meshell. Plantation Lullabies is one of my favourite albums from the '90s. So when I heard she was going to be on Bedtime Stories, I was excited. It just never took off for me. @RJF is right - the 2Pac version is superior. Cynically, one might think Meshell is on here because she was also a Maverick artist at the time, but I know Madonna was/is very fond of her as an artist.
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  10. By the way, I always found it interesting what Madonna said to Shep in the liner notes: "Thank you for being so understanding" or something to that effect. For years, I wondered what she meant.
  11. I’m really hoping this isn’t alluding to a Bedtime Stories culling on the horizon.
  12. I predict all of Bedtime Stories album tracks out lower than we'd want. A tranche of 'oh this puts me sleep!' voters are lurking I can just tell. Already seen calls for Love Tried To Welcome Me after all... worms...
  13. RJF




    SCORE: 6.621

    2015 PLACEMENT: UP 15 - 178 of 210 (5.824)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 5 (@eatyourself @Phonetics Boy @scottdisick94 @Sleepycat @Pop Life)
    LOWEST SCORE: 1 x 2 (@HEARTCORE @Markus1981)
    MY SCORE: 5.5/10

    Are you wasting my time? Well... kinda.

    Like A Prayer loses its first real track, and I don't think it's too much of a surprise to see that it's this one. It's difficult to put into words just how big a deal Madonna and Prince collaborating should be; they are two of the most powerful popstars to ever exist, and that was true even back then, so the fact that the two of them coming together on a track results in something so low key and something that is borderline just a jam session is... well, it's actually kind of iconic and reflective of where they both were creatively at the time, but still. My issue with this one has always been that it's just so turgid and one-note. It barely has production. I'm not against the idea of them inverting expectations and doing something more reserved, but "Love Song" is just boring rather than restrained. Prince actually lurks about Like A Prayer quite a bit, it turns out. He plays guitar on the album version of "Keep It Together", and until 2014 was thought to only play guitar on the remixes of "Like A Prayer", before Patrick Leonard revealed that it's him doing the shredding at the start of the album version before the door slams. Cute!

    Like all the great divas, Madonna and Prince have had their ups and downs over the years. They apparently had a wee fling in the mid 80s, and there's this weird as fuck anecdote about Prince coming over to repair a hole that Sean Penn had punched in the wall of his and Madonna's shared apartment, and then of course they hated each other for a few decades. Madonna was pissed that during a dinner date, Prince didn't eat and instead sipped tea "very daintily" (Liquid dinner? QUEEN.) and there was also a jibe from Prince about the amount of kids Madonna had in the late 00s as well. Mess. But thankfully, things mellowed out after that. One of their last meetings was when Madonna attended a concert in Paisley Park in 2015 attended by only sixty other people or so, and Prince serenaded her while she sat on the edge of the stage (this was also at around 2AM, and I'm screaming that Madonna was finally made to wait until the wee hours for a headliner to start). Then of course, Madonna paid... divisive tribute to him at the Billboard Music Awards in 2016, which I'll sign off by linking to now. I feel like a lot of the vitriol about Madonna's vocals in this performance came from people who have no idea what she generally even sounds like these days. It's... well, it's, but the sentiment is lovely.

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  14. RJF


    Oh Christ, the thumbnail for the Prince tribute. Why are YouTube so dirty?
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  15. Me'Shell is iconic for that moment in Love & Basketball alone, but Tupac woulda been legendary.

  16. I love Love Song and how Prince rightfully left Madonna centre stage despite his fingerprints on the album, but it is probably a little overlong.
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  17. I hate this page. Some of the worst MDNA tracks are still in!
  18. I know this is the biggest cliché related to the song but I love it that the line "time goes by so slowly for those who wait" had its first appearance here.
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  19. Been catching up on some of this thread. @RJF doing such a great job with the write-ups, really funny and interesting.

    (Best Friend and a lot of the I'm Breathless stuff was done dirty, and don't even start me on tracks from Like A Prayer and Bedtime Stories leaving when Bitch I'm MadAAAAAnna is still here...)
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  20. It's about time "Love Song" vacated - my lowest score from the entire "Like a Prayer" album.
    And I have to mention the superior song with that title:
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