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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  2. Love song was the first song by her that I didn't like, no matter how many times I played it. I have realised some songs like Jimmy Jimmy are trash now but enjoyed them then. But I found Love song tortuous.
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  3. I think some of you did Love Song dirty. It has always been one of my favorites on Like A Prayer. I can understand how some were disappointed that it wasn't this huge moment but I have always loved that it is Madonna and Prince in weird minimalist mode. It certainly feels more akin to the Sign O The Times era for Prince and it is a sound Madonna would not really revisit till she hooked up with Mirwais.
  4. RJF


    I don't dislike "Love Song" because it's minimalist; I dislike it because it's just simply not very good. And you just know that these two historically contrary irritants went into the studio and said, "Imagine how mad everyone would be if we just jammed for five minutes and that was the track." and cut the damn thing.


    You wrote and performed “Love Song” with Prince on your album. How did the collaboration come about?

    Well, we’ve been friends for years and admirers of each other’s work. So we’d always talked about getting together to write. And, in fact, there was a moment last year when we were possibly going to write a musical together. I went to his studio in Minnesota and worked on some stuff, just to get the feel of what it would be like to collaborate. Because it’s a very intimate thing to write a song together. I can’t write with everybody. I’ve tried with a lot of people, and it doesn’t always work.

    Prince and I didn’t really finish anything, though. We started a bunch of stuff, then we would go on to the next thing. We just tried to start as many things as we could. We worked for a few days; then I had to leave to do some other things. I decided that I didn’t want to do a musical with him at that time.

    Meanwhile, I went and did Speed-the-Plow on Broadway. He came to see the play and brought me a rough mix of one of the songs we’d worked on. I thought it was just fabulous. I’d sort of forgotten about it. So I called him up and said I loved it and that, after I was finished with the play, I wanted to get together with him and work on it for my album. As it turned out, we did it in a very funny way. We sent tapes to each other back and forth between L.A. and Minnesota. Then we would talk on the phone, and he would play stuff for me over the line. I loved working that way.

    What surprises you about him? For instance, what does be smell like?

    He does smell good! I’m really aware of people’s smells. I love fragrances and perfumes. Ever since I’ve known Prince, I’ve attached a smell to him, which is lavender, and I don’t know why. He reeks of it And I’m sure he would probably disagree with me. He’s very private, you know, and very shy. He’s great when you get to know him. Charming and funny, in his own way. More than anything, he really comes alive when he’s working

    Since he is the preeminent pop spiritualist did the two of you have any discussions about religion?

    We never talk about religion or politics. But “Love Song” does have a spirituality about it, the kind that exists between two people. It’s really about that push and pull of a relationship. The back and forth: I love you, I hate you. I want you, get away from me. You build me up and tear me down. That constant rubbing.

  6. RJF


    I mean, this low-key doesn't really contradict the spirit of what I'm saying. Although it did remind me that he asked for her feedback on the first draft of his musical and she publicly called it a piece of shit. Scream.
  7. RJF


    ANYWAY. While Miss @Pop Life continues to SEETHE, let's wrap it up for the night.


    SCORE: 6.639

    2015 PLACEMENT: DOWN 44!!!! - 118 of 210 (6.946)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 5 (@Remyky22 @Skyline @BreatheBox @joeee @Mvnl)
    LOWEST SCORE: 2 x 1 (@Andrew.L)
    MY SCORE: 5.5/10

    Yeesh, I think that might be our biggest tumble yet. So! Third verse, same as the first and second. Please don't misunderstand me; I'm not lumping this, "HeartBreakCity", and "Wash All Over Me" together because they're all solemn piano ballads. At least not entirely. The thing is that they all share the same problem in that pedestrian production doesn't allow what are generally well constructed songs to flourish. I'm not surprised in the slightest that "Joan Of Arc" is the only ballad from Rebel Heart left, nor am I surprised that the other three have left at a similar time. The gulf between them in quality is staggering.

    The problems with "Messiah" are also down to the fact that its lyrics veer far too much into platitude bingo, along with straight up copying a lyric from MDNA's "I'm A Sinner" to really drive home the idea that the lyrics were more an exercise in filling blanks rather than communicating a coherent emotion or thought. I mean it's basically about patiently waiting for someone to realise that you're everything they're missing in their life, but I'm not entirely sure the package as a whole really does a good job in portraying that longing and it suffers massively as a result.

    The song acted as the first interlude during the Rebel Heart Tour, in which a dancer tries to stop a particularly troublesome piece of gauze from flying away in a breeze. Reminds me of fighting with my shower curtain in the morning before I'm awake. It's lovely to watch, but I do remember thinking during my show that it was a bit of a mood killer after the electric opening act. Enjoy!

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  8. RJF


    Tomorrow: another tie! See you then!

    163. Messiah - 6.639
    164. Love Song - 6.621
    164. I'd Rather Be Your Lover - 6.621
    166. Candy Shop - 6.588
    167. Wash All Over Me - 6.561
    168. HeartBreakCity - 6.558
    169. Bitch I'm Loca (Feat. Maluma) - 6.548
    170. Your Honesty - 6.524
    171. Beautiful Scars - 6.461
    172. Something To Remember - 6.458
    173. Love Don't Live Here Anymore - 6.448
    174. Over And Over - 6.433
    175. Another Suitcase In Another Hall - 6.409
    176. Stay - 6.367
    177. Don't Stop - 6.339
    178. Girl Gone Wild - 6.324
    179. I Know It - 6.267
    180. Act Of Contrition - 6.245
    181. Fighting Spirit - 6.227
    182. I Don't Give A (Feat. Nicki Minaj) - 6.203
    183. It's So Cool - 6.191
    184. Illuminati - 6.167
    185. Funana - 6.161
    186. Dance 2Night - 6.152
    187. Borrowed Time - 6.118
    187. History - 6.118
    189. Sooner Or Later - 6.109
    189. One More Chance - 6.109
    191. Back That Up To The Beat - 6.076
    192. Let Down Your Guard - 6.036
    193. Killers Who Are Partying - 6.015
    194. I'm A Sinner - 6.012
    195. I Fucked Up - 5.964
    196 - Some Girls - 5.933
    197. He's A Man - 5.924
    198. Give Me All Your Luvin' (Feat. Nicki Minaj & M.I.A.) - 5.921
    199. Buenos Aires - 5.894
    200. Super Pop - 5.848
    201. Revolver (Feat. Lil Wayne) - 5.827
    202. Can't Stop - 5.77
    203. Ain't No Big Deal - 5.736
    204. Turn Up The Radio - 5.727
    205. Best Friend - 5.721
    206. Graffiti Heart - 5.697
    207. Hanky Panky - 5.691
    208. Love Makes The World Go Round - 5.679
    209. Back In Business - 5.67
    210. Pretender - 5.661
    211. Lament - 5.615
    212. Cyber-Raga - 5.603
    213. Incredible - 5.545
    214. Jimmy Jimmy - 5.521
    215. Now I'm Following You - 5.497
    216. Ring My Bell - 5.424
    217. S.E.X. - 5.373
    218. Spanish Lesson - 4.997
    219. Shoo-Bee-Doo - 4.948
    220. More - 4.852
    221. What Can You Lose - 4.436
    222. Superstar - 4.391
    223. Auto-Tune Baby - 4.121
    224. Cry Baby - 3.367
    225. I'm Going Bananas - 3.327
    226. B-Day Song (Feat. M.I.A.) - 3.000
    227. Hey You - 2.976
  9. RJF


    Just for anyone's own curiosity, here's the Popjustice-approved fifteen track version of Rebel Heart. Looks like we can finally settle that debate!

    1. Living For Love
    2. Devil Pray
    3. Ghosttown
    4. Unapologetic Bitch
    6. Bitch I'm Madonna (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
    7. Hold Tight
    8. Joan Of Arc
    9. Iconic (Feat. Chance The Rapper & Mike Tyson)
    11. Body Shop
    12. Holy Water
    13. Inside Out
    15. Best Night
    16. Veni Vidi Vici (Feat. Nas)
    19. Rebel Heart
    22. Addicted​
  10. Your Honesty notwithstanding, Love Song feels like the first song with an actual personality, an actual spark, actual bite, to take the fall in a loooong time. I mean, Wash All Over Me, Don't Stop etc. - and now, Messiah, urgh! - are all such faceless, nothing-y songs.

    Love Song is a definite mood. I don't always feel it, but when I do, it's such a trip. My favourite moment might actually be Prince's "... whut?" after Madonna starts talking in French, ha - followed closely by Madonna's raw energy during the outro:

    Don't try to tell me what your enemies taught you
    I'm gone! But I just want you to know
    That this is not a love song that I want to sing

    Also, yes, its shadow looms over Hung Up, but surely also over Bye Bye Baby.
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  11. That actually looks like an enjoyable listening experience, the run from Iconic - Veni Vidi Vici looks (dare I say it) cohesive. ddd at the list looking like a crucifix.

    Messiah is a strange one, it's placing between SEX and Rebel Heart has always thrown me off, like, really? Right after a song you've just listed a bunch of sex fetishes?
  12. Messiah is one of the very few songs on Rebel Heart I really like, so I think it's a shame that it's out already. @RJF calls the production pedestrian, for me it's one of the few songs on that album that doesn't give me a headache. And the chorus is quite strong.
  13. A Madonna song with the title of Messiah should have been incredible, and what we got...wasn't exactly that. I like the chorus a lot, actually, but I almost never go back to it.

    To be honest with you Diane, if you told me it was yet another repurposed Hello, Suckers! song I would take you at your word. There's something theatrical about it, but it's more Andrew Lloyd-Webber than Sondheim dd
  14. The lyrics to Messiah sound like she just cobbled together some meaningful-looking lyrics from different scrapbooks and called it a day. Fauxlosophy, if you will.
  15. RJF


    I'll also add that, while I don't find Madonna's actual vocals bad, I think they get a bad treatment. That blowout at the top of the chorus is rather jolting.
  16. RMK


    The fifteen tracks listed above are the best the album has to offer. Rebel Heart is great, but especially benefits from some trimming.
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  17. Yeah her vocals are distorted on the last chorus, that sound level meter must have been constantly clipping red when Demo mastered this.

    Which version has the orchestra playing on Messiah? I don't think I've heard this version.

    Also, it's nice to see there is a worthy album contender on the Super Deluxe Edition.
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  18. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Of all the Rebel Heart ballads that have left, 'Wash All Over Me' deserved to stay in the longest. Its a beautiful, epic sounding track. 'Messiah' was always a lil soggy.
  19. The 'Rebel Heart' album is so randomly assembled, too. Several many times I've attempted to cobble together a good 10-12 track album from its tracks and can never figure out a decent sequence.

    It's been stressing me out for half a decade now.
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  20. [​IMG]
    "I'll cast a spell that you can't undoooooooo-ooooo..."
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