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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. The vocals sound extremely Like A Prayer to me. Weirdly enough, on the verses her vocal style sounds similar to Oh Father and Spanish Eyes. That kind of sob she has in her throat when she sings.
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  2. [​IMG]
  3. I have a bad feeling that Madame X is going to crash outside of the Top 10 and maybe even earlier, but I love how solid its performance has been so far. The quality control on the album is extremely on point and I'm glad that's being acknowledged. Also, people wanted an experimental fresh album from her and she gave it to us and then some. She could have reunited with Mirwais and given us another sparse electronic album with rubbery synths and chopped up acoustic guitars and some fans would have eaten it up, but they both gave us something she's never done before. I think that deserves credit.
  4. Of all the songs going in the last couple batches, I think Messiah deserved a bit better. It was one of my favorite demos (and especially how different versions had different string arrangements, some of which I preferred to the ones used in the final edit), and even in its final form I found it the second best ballad on Rebel Heart, after Joan of Arc. Admittedly, I think it serves much better as a gloriously epic interlude and I love how that heartbeat at the end segues into the title track. The lyrics... well, yes, obviously some recycling (which is nothing new for Madonna), but I don't think it's meaningless. It's evidently written as an act of creating the love you're dreaming of, meeting the love of your life, manifesting love into your life, and this is something I find very integral for her music. Throughout her discography, there are so many moments of these little manifestations, like on Drowned World or I Don't Search I Find. Maybe I just like Madonna being all witchy, but also from a musical standpoint, I adore how gracefully Messiah builds itself and how atmospheric it is. I can easily imagine her in the dark and rising into the light like Jesus Christ reborn amidst a storm of strings. I love how collected and in control she sounds on these eerie verses and then when the chorus kicks in, the first note she hits gets it into a more emotional realm.

    On a sidenote, as a track produced by Avicii that (as far as we know) didn't undergo a dance edit, I was always curious how it would sound if it got the same treatment as those boppy versions of Wash All Over Me. And I'm still puzzled cause I can't hear it, despite having around 15 different demo versions documenting everything from the first fart on the song to all of the changes in vocal production. Fucking Rebel Heart era and the glorious mess it was.
  5. It’s done really well (because of its immaculate production) considering it’s plainly evident that it’s one of her worst lyric jobs ever. That’s not really up for debate.
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  6. Funny you mention that as I feel as though her vocals from Supernatural are very similar to her raspy Spanish Eyes vocals. It’s almost like they were recorded on the same day.
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  7. The album was largely written and recorded in like 2 weeks so I imagine many a vocal tales were from same day!
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  8. I love that she recorded it so quick and delivered a classic.
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  9. I don't like cities, but I like New York
    Other places make me feel like a dork
  10. R27


    I Love New York feels like a reverse I Don't Give A, in the sense that the former has terrible lyrics but great production, while the latter has terrible production but great lyrics (for the most part).
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    Not the second page for my baby, no.

    I’ll deliver two songs tomorrow. Three if you’re lucky and I’m feeling kind.
  12. I’ve just been bopping to Words and realised its time is probably almost up. This rate sure is making me nervous for my deep cut favourites!
  13. nothing from Erotica is leaving on my watch! Not before Gringo Pie is dealt with, which hopefully happens tomorrow
  14. I’ve got a soft spot for American Pie and I’m blaming it on me becoming a fully fledged fan over the course of the year leading up to it.
    But yes, hoping Erotica stays in tact!
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    Deepest apologies for leaving y'all deprived yesterday. Our next elimination is coming in the hour.
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    Another tie! Let's kick both 158s out today and resume regular service tomorrow.

    SCORE: 6.703

    2015 PLACEMENT: N/A
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 4 (@dodoriazarbon @HEARTCORE @joeee @Crisp X)
    LOWEST SCORE: 2 x 3 (@Dangerous Maknae @NightmareBoy @happiestgirl)
    MY SCORE: 7/10

    This is quite a big loss to be honest. To Madonna and Mirwais' credit, there isn't actually a lot of crossover between their Madame X material and the material they did back in the day outside of it all being good, but I think "Ciao Bella" comes the closest to sounding like a Music throwback, at least in terms of production. Madonna featured Guinée-Bissau-born Kimi Djabaté, who was brought to her by Dino D’Santiago, a Cape Verde musician who she consulted numerous times throughout the Madame X process for his opinion on the authenticity of the sounds she was going for on the album. Considering neither of them spoke English (Kimi sings in his native créole) music was how they were able to communicate. Acting as one of the more political tracks from the album, it's basically about how the world is a piece of shit grinding us down to dust but we somehow must persevere for the occasional ray of sunlight cracking through the clouds. Excellent existential dread for your Sunday morning!

    I can't find a translation for Kimi's parts, unfortunately, but considering he appears to have a history of working social issues into his own music, it's maybe no surprise that he features on a song that takes its inspiration from the Italian protest song "Bella Ciao", which has gone through numerous iterations over the years, from being sang in protest to poor working conditions, the Nazis during WWII, and against facists during the Italian Civil War. It's wild to think that a song that started life in paddy fields in 19th Century Northern Italy has reverberated through so many massive moments in the world, and is the inspiriation for a 2019 Madonna song. I've linked to the song below.

  17. I just love the way she sounds on this track. Classic.
  18. Three people gave this 2? Sometimes I despair...
  19. I love Ciao Bella, the production, her Erotica talking vocals, it’s the better out of the super deluxe tracks and it shows.
    I wonder if it would have done better if included on the main album?
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    The next track to go is a shock.
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