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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

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    Erotica and American Life

  2. The next time we see a Ray of Light cut will probably be in, like, late September.
  3. Little Star will be out before then but I would imagine everything else will remain safe for a little longer.
  4. RJF


    I just looked and realised that there is another tie, so I'll eliminate the two songs at No.154 today, so we can cleanly sail into the Top 150 on Wednesday.
  5. RJF




    SCORE: 6.752

    16 - 138 of 210 (6.588)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 5 (@AshtrayHeart @aux @nanafan @sfmartin @TrueBeliever)
    LOWEST SCORE: 0 x 1 (@Mister_G)
    MY SCORE: 7/10

    There's not really much to say about this track other than the fact that it's a basic banger, ladies. That's... it, pretty much. Sometimes a song can do exactly one thing, and do it well. Produced by Paul Oakenfold during the sessions for Celebration (a connection that makes an abundant amount of sense), it was initially left off in favour of absolute tripe like "Revolver" and "It's So Cool" before leaking in 2010.

    "But RJF!" the queers shrieked, "You said we weren't allowed to rate unreleased tracks!" Yes, that's absolutely correct, because it turns out "Broken" was in fact released in the most convoluted way I've ever heard. In late 2012, an email went out to all ICON members: if you had joined before 2010, you were eligible to receive a free vinyl copy of the song. Perks? Of being an ICON member? Groundbreaking. The additional perk being that the track has remained solely released on that format for the last eight years and is now going for stupid money on the Internet. I guess that'll help claw back around ten months of ICON subscriptions.

    I have literally no video related to this track because it remains so utterly unacknowledged by Madonna that there's not even a tangential connection to anything, so here's a picture of the now-worth-£400 vinyl. Recorded for Celebration, released in the same year as MDNA... uses Hard Candy imagery and font for the single cover. In fact, isn't this shot from Sticky & Sweet? Make it make sense.

  6. "Broken (I'm Sorry)" is great and could've lasted a bit longer. It most likely suffered due to being such a rarity, but also sounding so inessential.

    Similarly to "It's So Cool", I don't get why it would warrant a low score, especially a zero.
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  7. This being left off in favour of...any of the new Celebration tracks is utterly baffling. I can only fathom it wasn't finished in time or something. It's one of her most effective straight-forward pop bangers of the last decade.
  8. I actually didn't hear Broken until this rate (I know, flop fan) and it's a solid track. I admit I like Revolver, but how this song got tossed, I'll never understand (okay, I do but that's a whole other discussion).

    It just goes to show that both Madonna and Warner had no investment in the Celebration release. It should have been amazing (I did like the promo teaser and I admit I like the cover) but it was a "This'll do" kind of affair.
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  9. What a bizarre time the late 90s were in popular culture. Peak orientalism.

    I screamed at this though.
  10. The Immaculate Collection and Something to Remember are the compilations that felt like they had thought and commitment put into them whereas GHV2 and Celebration are just the laziest “this’ll do” affairs ever, and her attitude towards GHV2 really showed that.
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  11. I was hoping Broken would go further as it is a banger and I obviously love it since I have it a 10, but with it going unnoticed doesn’t add much appeal, and one could argue she decided not to include it on Celebration because she already has Sorry, but liked it enough to give it an exclusive release?
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  12. Much like It's So Cool, thank you very much, Broken (I'm Sorry) deserved to be on an album and get more exposure.
  13. Me watching basic bitches bop to Broken (I'm Sorry):

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  14. Shanti/Ashtangi would be more manageable if it were shorter/had less vocals and treated like an interlude (which it essentially is). Beautiful production.

    I'm really surprised Ciao Bella and Iconic are out so early! I enjoy both, and would have loved for Ciao Bella to be a dark horse but alas.
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  15. Wow, it really is so different. Madonna really said "I don't speak Hindi but I can if you like".
  16. I really do like Broken a lot. I'd be surprised it doesn't get more love (particularly from the "it's no Confessions innit" crowd), but given the way it slipped through the cracks in the last decade, it makes sense.

    Shanti is probably the "worst" thing on Ray of Light, but even then I gave it an 8; M sounds lovely despite the mangled pronunciations and the production is fantastic. This is going to sound very "Romy and Michelle Read Eat, Pray, Love" of me, but it's actually a great song to meditate to? Nn
  17. RJF


    The next elimination is my highest score to leave so far.
  18. It's interesting to see Broken get called basic because I don't think it's basic at all, I actually think it's one of the best and most affecting 'retrospective' songs she's done. The "Don't you feel sorry for me" refrain and the line about not changing her story are in a way typical Madonna tropes of no compromise, not apologising, etc but... I think she kind of nailed those ideas perfectly here. She "walked that mile" and she made bold decisions but she knew the consequences and still made them, so keep your victim narrative... Madonna.

    But if it doesn't grab you musically there are other songs that cover similar ground which were legitimised as album tracks and singles, I guess. I just think it's an absolutely huge bop. I regret not going the whole way and giving it a 10, and I think I let myself get distracted by its Extras status instead of going with my gut. Oh well. Marking 'gone too soon' in the column on my spreadsheet and moving on!
  19. Would it be insensitive to "like" this post?
  20. Didn't you give Act of Contrition a 10 already, love?
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