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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

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  2. I'm not saying I want it to happen, but @RJF losing her 11 at 153 would be kind of a scream, tbh.
  3. Now I kind of do want it to happen tbh
  4. After @Cutlery's inference, this might mean that you'll most likely be losing a 9 or 9.5 next (or 11 lol)
    I just checked your scores for the albums and found that possible eliminations that you gave a 9+ score to are "Falling Free", "Body Shop" and "Living for Love" (though that may be too improbable).

    Which means that "Madame X" is also likely to lose a track next (but also that some random track from another album managed to improve its score over time, like "Veni Vidi Vici").
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  5. Okay, now I am really excited/nervous/scared to see the next elimination.

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  6. The MO of Ray Of Light is basically white lady discovers ~Eastern~ spirituality and Finds Herself in the process. But this is nearly completely obscured by how excellent a job it does in marrying its influences with interesting, immaculate production and deploying that to pursue its emotional themes. "Shanti/Ashtangi" is the only point in the album where this falters because it doesn't go beyond putting the influences and the production together. Even if she had gotten the pronunciation perfect, the track amounts to nothing more than a 'hey isn't this prayer in an ancient language set to modern production cool?' That's essentially the basis of Orientalism, which you can argue the rest of the album quite deftly swerves by achieving the cool "Shanti" tries to in far subtler, thoughtful and non-cringe ways. As a result, it has always felt completely unnecessary to me.

    For an incredulously superb counterpoint, see: "Isaac", which I hope we won't need to be discussing for quite some time.
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    35 years since this bop got its debut. Can’t believe you all treated it so badly

  8. I love the energy she had here and in the Virgin and Who’s That Girl tours. It’s amazing how she went straight to arenas and stadiums in the first five years of her career.
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  9. I love Broken - a song I only discovered about 18 months ago - and miraculously a long-time ICON member friend of mine sold his vinyl of it to me for about £35 not long after and is now basically the rarest... thing I own. That cover just makes me wish for a Hard Candy aesthetic pushed stronger in that direction, also.

    Sucks that only lower quality vinyl rips of the song seem to exist rather than any digital source. The record itself doesn’t sound great either.
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    Maybe it's Bitch, I'm Madonna leaving next?
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  11. Weird, I could’ve sworn Broken was released on the vinyl edition of Celebration as a exclusive track?

    I’d rather see To Have And Not To Hold leave before Little Star, but nothing else from Ray of Light should be touched again until... Top 120 at the very least.
  12. I sincerely hope not.
  13. RJF



    SCORE: 6.752

    2015 PLACEMENT: DOWN 45 - 109 of 210 (7.088)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 3 (@HEARTCORE @Sprockrooster @Remyky22)
    LOWEST SCORE: 2 x 2 (@rdp @godspeed)
    MY SCORE: 9.5/10

    Self-mythology was a bit of a theme with Rebel Heart, along with the thawing of Madonna's career-long frosty façade, and I'm not sure if anything else really puts it up on maximalist terms than this track. "Iconic" comes close with sheer bravado, but this one is far clearer in terms of what it's about, and... tea tbh. Despite all of her success, Madonna hasn't been nearly as eager to constantly reference her legacy like some of her male counterparts. Her eyes have always been facing forward and never looking back at everything she's accomplished. So to have a track where she explicitly turns around and goes, "Huh. I kinda did that." feels... earned, and it makes knitpicking the track difficult for me.

    I don't necessarily disagree with the criticisms I read. Yes, the lyrics do veer into YouTube comment section. Yes, Nas is utterly an asshole, but... she's so rare. We'll never have anyone else like her ever again. When you hear her make all these iconic references and realise she can because she is the reference is just brilliant, and although it's obviously come to light that it was a poor choice over the years, the idea behind someone similarly successful and established in a different genre jumping on the track so they could both big themselves up is a great idea. It's less arrogant bravado and more well-deserved self-awareness at one's own brilliance.

    Oh and the horns playing "Holiday" under Nas' verse and at the end is inspired. I want more tracks to do stuff like that, and I want more female popstars to have careers long enough to justify them. Like Madonna said when questioned on this track: if she can rip anyone off, it's herself, and she does it with aplomb.

    Y'all did this wrong tbh.​
  14. RJF


    Tomorrow: our final cuts before we reach the Top 150.

    154. Veni Vidi Vici (Feat. Nas) - 6.752
    154. Broken (I'm Sorry) - 6.752
    156. Shanti / Ashtangi - 6.73
    157. Addicted - 6.712
    158. Iconic (Feat. Chance The Rapper & Mike Tyson) - 6.702
    158. Ciao Bella - 6.702
    160. Spotlight - 6.694
    161. I Love New York - 6.652
    162. Messiah - 6.639
    163. Love Song - 6.621
    163. I'd Rather Be Your Lover - 6.621
    165. Supernatural - 6.615
    166. Candy Shop - 6.588
    167. Wash All Over Me - 6.561
    168. HeartBreakCity - 6.558
    169. Bitch I'm Loca (Feat. Maluma) - 6.548
    170. Your Honesty - 6.524
    171. Beautiful Scars - 6.461
    172. Something To Remember - 6.458
    173. Love Don't Live Here Anymore - 6.448
    174. Over And Over - 6.433
    175. Another Suitcase In Another Hall - 6.409
    176. Stay - 6.367
    177. Don't Stop - 6.339
    178. Girl Gone Wild - 6.324
    179. I Know It - 6.267
    180. Act Of Contrition - 6.245
    181. Fighting Spirit - 6.227
    182. I Don't Give A (Feat. Nicki Minaj) - 6.203
    183. It's So Cool - 6.191
    184. Illuminati - 6.167
    185. Funana - 6.161
    186. Dance 2Night - 6.152
    187. Borrowed Time - 6.118
    187. History - 6.118
    189. Sooner Or Later - 6.109
    189. One More Chance - 6.109
    191. Back That Up To The Beat - 6.076
    192. Let Down Your Guard - 6.036
    193. Killers Who Are Partying - 6.015
    194. I'm A Sinner - 6.012
    195. I Fucked Up - 5.964
    196 - Some Girls - 5.933
    197. He's A Man - 5.924
    198. Give Me All Your Luvin' (Feat. Nicki Minaj & M.I.A.) - 5.921
    199. Buenos Aires - 5.894
    200. Super Pop - 5.848
    201. Revolver (Feat. Lil Wayne) - 5.827
    202. Can't Stop - 5.776
    203. Ain't No Big Deal - 5.736
    204. Turn Up The Radio - 5.727
    205. Best Friend - 5.721
    206. Graffiti Heart - 5.697
    207. Hanky Panky - 5.691
    208. Love Makes The World Go Round - 5.679
    209. Back In Business - 5.67
    210. Pretender - 5.661
    211. Lament - 5.615
    212. Cyber-Raga - 5.603
    213. Incredible - 5.545
    214. Jimmy Jimmy - 5.521
    215. Now I'm Following You - 5.497
    216. Ring My Bell - 5.424
    217. S.E.X. - 5.373
    218. Spanish Lesson - 4.997
    219. Shoo-Bee-Doo - 4.948
    220. More - 4.852
    221. What Can You Lose - 4.436
    222. Superstar - 4.391
    223. Auto-Tune Baby - 4.121
    224. Cry Baby - 3.367
    225. I'm Going Bananas - 3.327
    226. B-Day Song (Feat. M.I.A.) - 3.000
    227. Hey You - 2.976
  15. All these plumetting (and for the most part undeserved) Rebel Heart cuts yet Worst Night and Hold Loose stand free?
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  16. I’m happy to see Veni Vidi Vici go to be honest. The lyrics are impeccably naff.
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  17. And when I struck a pose
    All the gay boys lost their mind

  18. RJF


  19. Jokes aside, I'm glad one of the weakest remaining "Rebel Heart" tracks is gone. Hopefully "Unapologetic Bitch" is next in line.
  20. Veni Vidi Vici’s placing tells me that the girls got to track #721 of Rebel Heart and started giving everything 5.5, placeholder scores. It’s a great song.
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