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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. R27


    VVV was a song I remembered liking more than I actually did upon re-listening. I still enjoy the song quite a bit, but I find the self-referential lyrics a bit too gimmicky. That being said, there are definitely still several songs that should have left before it.
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  2. It is interesting how all these Rebel Heart songs are dropping tens of spots. The album probably benefitted from recency bias in the previous rate, and maybe it just doesn't seem quite as great in a post-Madame X world.
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  3. Veni Vidi Vici is enjoyable, and the lyrics manage to somehow not flog the concept to death, but Nas verse is just a bad choice. It should be her story.

    Plus, there's such a difference in their deliveries. Nas is here to convince you of what he's saying, that he's the greatest, but Madonna doesn't need to. You're thirteen albums in, listening to her bonus tracks, you're already convinced. She's matter of factly reminding you of everything she's ever done. There's a cool confidence to it that you can't help but admire.
  4. LTG


    Noooo! I wasn’t surprised at Iconic leaving, but I thought of these two self-aggrandising bops on Rebel Heart, Veni Vidi Vici would have held on for much longer.
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  5. I gave this a 9, it was one of the better Rebel Heart tracks in my opinion.
  6. I remember when she was on Jonathan Ross he read out some of the lyrics from the song and managed to make it sound painfully cringeworthy nn
  7. VVV is cute but the production is pretty uninspired other than the Holiday horns which are genius. For a victory lap song, the lyrics are atrocious and really a disservice to her discography of wonderfully written and clever songs.

    Iconic, on the other hand is out way too early, the production is (well, not the vocal production...) is one of the more interesting on the album.

    Shanti/Ashtangi is very clearly the worst song on Ray of Light but still an 8--the claustrophobic and muddy production just works for me.
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  8. I really like Veni Vidi Vici and it’s definitely out too soon, but I’ll never not think of these two posts when I listen to it

  9. Let me hope that also is the case when it comes to "Living for Love". It reaching top 10 in the previous rate is a bit outrageous.
  10. I hope this cold shoulder Rebel Heart is receiving doesn't tank the likes of Best Night, Bitch I'm Madonna, and Ghosttown.
  11. This rate has made me realize how much I just don’t like Rebel Heart.
  12. I like Rebel Heart but I think I did overscore some songs like Heartbreak City and Illuminati.
  13. Didn't help that he read out lyrics from Nas' verse and Madonna had to explain she didn't sing that bit.
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  14. Living For Love was top 10 in the previous rate!?

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  15. Top 10 in the 2000s rate.
  16. Oh, right. Still ridiculous though, given it means it was rated higher than most songs on Music, American Life, Confessions and Hard Candy. I'm looking forward to the tumble.
  17. I don't agree with this. Veni Vidi Vici cannot be reduced to being Madonna's story, as it is more about the very act of storytelling, and Nas even introduces it as "telling stories sometimes" at the beginning of the track. It's two legends in their own league telling stories about what made them and what they went through, and it makes it that much more impactful that both of them have their legendary statuses earned. If anyone should be able to make such a song, it's definitely Madonna, and I think the choice of the guest is rather justified. And I guess I get why people would have a problem with a rap verse on a Madonna song, but in this case it's honestly the best part of the song. And what makes it even better is that despite Nas spitting straight fire and delivering one of his best verses in the last ten years, it's not even done in a way that Nas overshadows her: his verse is paired with that Holiday sample in the background, and the sample itself is built from noise, glitches and gunshots that appear here and there during his verse, so once you hear the full sample as a looming reminder of where the story started, right after he says "And I've never been happier, no lie"... I mean I don't know, I find it hard to articulate this amount of goosebumps and I think they flow so well together on the track. I think it's so quintessentially Madonna and so significant for shaping her contemporary sound (as well as the self-mythologizing aspect of Rebel Heart), and I actually find it a bit outrageous that it's out at this point of the rate. With many other Rebel Heart tracks, I would definitely say it's a preference factor (which explains the absolute disgrace of this song barely making it past fucking Addicted, of all songs, as well as weaker tracks like Best Night or Hold Tight still being in), but Veni Vidi Vici feels such an essential Madonna track that I always found it weird it doesn't get more love.
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  18. I said it in the last rate - I just wish it was Madonna who was talking/singing/doing something when the beat changes and the horns go off, because that bit of the song is incredible.
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  19. RJF


    After today’s eliminations, we’ll have our Top 150 with nearly eighty songs gone. Does anyone else sense foolery and fuckery at hand?
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