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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Madonna is the one who did this wrong. The melody was there and the concept was ambitious, but those lyrics...They're absolutely cringeworthy. They sound like something that you would write in 5 minutes and find really witty for the next 60 minutes or so, only to want to curl up in embarrassment when you read them again the next day. There's no denying that she more than earned her right to celebrate her own career, but that career also earned the right not to be cheapened like that.
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  2. With the way these Rebel Heart tracks have fallen... a tad messy. If we’re heading for a Top 50 of American Life, Like A Prayer and Erotica, I wouldn’t be mad though.
  3. I sense we’ll see the back of something like Why’s It So Hard or I’m So Stupid soon, then not see those albums come up again for a while.
  4. It's been a while since "MDNA" had a cut - I hope "I'm Addicted", "Gang Bang" or even "Love Spent" leave next.

    Also, I absolutely wouldn't mind if some of the lesser "Erotica" tracks get eliminated at this point. Ideally, the last album left untouched should be "American Life".
  5. dafuq, two of the best tracks on there...
  6. I've enjoyed Rebel Heart less and less as the years went by teebs, especially after Madame X showed that she could still make a strong body of work. I think a lot of people (myself included) were less critical of Rebel Heart because they were comparing it with MDNA, but now, other than a few experiments here and there, most of the tracks just feel a bit insipid. This might explain why some of the songs are performing way worse than last time around.

    Not my top3 from the album!
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  7. I may have missed it but it is there a “What’s Left” list? Don’t worry if it’s a faff @RJF but always interesting to see quite where the fat is being trimmed from.
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  8. RJF


    A list of the remaining tracks will be posted after tonight's eliminations!
  9. Or it might be because last time it was rated, it was only a few months old, so recency bias isn't helping it out anymore.

    Masterpiece is what I'm calling for to leave next.
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  10. RJF


    I mean, I agree and I don't. I think it's an impossible bar to clear if you want a four minute song to adequately pay tribute to thirty years of pop iconography, so the song is always going to fail in that regard unless expectations are adjusted, and I also think that Madonna has more than earned the right to render her career on her own terms. And if that comes in the form of a pun-heavy mess, I'll at least accept it in the spirit it was intended. A song all about how much she's achieved was always going to be difficult to pitch well.
  11. Veni Vidi Vici isn’t actually cringe-worthy though. To incite cringe you have to be lacking in self-awareness and uh, her bluntly self-referential lyrics sidestep that completely. Her delivery is arch, icy and detached enough to make the dumb puns sound coolly ironic. All of the earnestness found in the song is saved for that sweetly soaring chorus, which actually does a rather wonderful job of saving the song from being an exercise in irony.
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  12. Let me be clear: even though I still think the song doesn't do justice to her usual brilliance, I totally agree with this!
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  13. I’ve was actually thinking about this recently. I enjoyed Rebel Heart for a good year but I found myself not returning to it and songs I liked back then I really came to struggle with, I’m only recently starting to appreciate the album again. But yes, Madame X blew it out of the water and showed she could still create a full strong body of work.
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  14. RJF



    SCORE: 6.755

    2015 PLACEMENT:
    DOWN 28 - 125 of 210 (6.838)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 4 (@AllGagaLike @Suburbia @joeee @Mr Blonde)
    LOWEST SCORE: 1.5 x 1 (@phoenix123)
    MY SCORE: 8.5/10

    Uh... what the fuck is happening here? "Best Night" takes a hit in both score and placement and somehow lands as being rated as middle of the pack on Rebel Heart despite the fact that it's probably one of the best tracks here. The Diplo tracks in general are the best tracks on the album, so to lose two of them back to back at this relatively early stage feels so strange to me. A lot of tracks on the album sound like they're built for arena tours in terms of their scale, but "Best Night" is one of the few that takes things down to a more intimate setting when the show's long over, you've decided to get out of the bar, and maybe it's time for a lil nightcap in luxurious furniture and atmospheric lighting. Oh, hold on. Lemme get out these clothes... aren't you coming?

    If "S.E.X." is Madonna parodying the pomp and stuffiness that can sometimes come with sex, then "Best Night" is her celebrating the crackle and heat of anticipation; when it feels like the connection is like a rope just waiting to be tugged to pull the other person in. Madonna's taken a lot of heat for how she's dared to still portray herself as sexually and sensually active since getting older, but I feel like even the most tight-fisted of pearl clutchers can't really fault how well this track renders its mood. It's a song born and raised on candlelight and dimmer switches, and the kiss to "Justify My Love" in the spoken-word middle-eight is such a deft, gasp-inducing touch on an album full of little nods to the past.

    Yeah, I don't really get why we're talking about this track this early. A shame. Some of y'all clearly didn't get drunk and writhe about in your underwear during quarantine and it shows.​
  15. Um...this is out way too early.
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  16. Oh, wow. I didn't expect this one to go this quickly either.

    I think this is actually one of the Rebel Heart tracks that gets better with time.
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  17. What?! All these Rebel Heart tracks going before we’ve even got to 7, and one of the finest on the album?
    My concern for Body Shop is much bigger now.
  18. R27


    Well this wrong. Honestly, the only remaining Rebel Heart track that should leave for the next several eliminations is Bitch, I’m Madonna, but I doubt that will happen.
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  19. WELL you prudes got me. On an album spent exploring the legend of Madonna, Best Night is one of the only songs that harkens back to Just My Love/Erotica/Bedtime Stories without flipping the references around to be crass or parody. Beautiful production, blissfully sensual, and she sounds so good.

    This bonkers extended mix/mash-up is also incredible. Turning the similarities to Moments In Love into a full sample, more Justify My Love, and utilizing that fantastic take you all the way to heaven's door bridge from the demo in a 10 minute odyssey.
    I'm on mobile and Soundclound is kinda shit? Why isn't there an option to generate an embeddable link? ddd
  20. I’ve never liked Best Night - it’s quite well produced, but the chorus is such a plodding let down. Inside Out had a slightly similar vibe and I’m glad that’s fared better.
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