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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Best Night is an underrated album track and it feels like it's gotten cut far, far too early.
  2. Mess at all these (bar Voices) going before Masterpiece, Future and Love Tried To Welcome Me.
  3. Not my fav! ":("
    Batuka is seriously one of my favorite things she's ever done. A powerful battle chant, but not one of violence, but one of resilience and having each others' backs. The call-and-response element is brilliant and I gotta thank these musicians for the amazing music they have created and that they let M share this passion with fans like me, that otherwise might have not been introduced to their voices. Musically, this is one of the most intense works in Madame X, with the bridge breakdown sending chills down my spine, it's so finely produced, crisp and a moment in the album. If I had the chance to hear this one live I'd probably cry (see also Come Alive, which I better not be hearing from anytime soon you MONSTERS)
  4. deserves at least a top 50 placement, yes
  5. Unfortunately American Pie's rotten remains are still riding along this rate!
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  6. To anyone that gave this less than 8, onde está o seu gosto?

  7. Batuka is a Madame X highlight, sad to see it go.
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  8. I’m surprised you girls let MDNA get even a sniff of the Top 150.
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  9. We really lost Veni Vidi Vici, Best Night, and Batuka today? Everything was going relatively well...
  10. RJF


    I think Rebel Heart has ended up being skewered quite cruelly by several factors in this rate, but not all of them are entirely unfair. The fact that it was followed up by a tougher, more """artistic""" album with a clearer M.O. that people put more inherent value in because of those factors when in reality, they can co-exist as do two different things that satisfy different needs, has kind of hurt it. The fact that it's also properly going up against her entire back catalogue this time is also most likely giving us a different reading. Although I told people to keep Madonna's whole career in mind when doing each rate in 2015, not only is that easier said than done, but each rate had a different group of voters. So the playing field has been levelled to a degree.

    The final part isn't that it benefited from recency bias in 2015, it was more caught in the absolute war between factions in the Madonna threads back then. Some people thought it was her worst ever, some people thought it was a massive return to form, and of course, the fucking demo tsunami had everyone twisted. People resented the final product because they had an incredibly unique and invasive insight into the creative process that they wouldn't ever typically have for any other album and scored accordingly, and people who thought the album was great potentially overcompensated because they alarmed at people losing their goddamn shit over Demo 5 of "Wash All Over Me" not making it or "Queen" being cut when really... it was a weird grudge to hold. When you go into a restaurant you don't go into the kitchen, taste everything in it, and then get annoyed when you go back to the table to find you have to pick from a menu. You're not even fucking allowed in the kitchen in the first place. What you are doing in there?

    I think the feelings from all that have maybe subsided a little five years down the line, and that, combined with everything above, results in a different reading for the album in 2020. It's worth noting that it's still got ten tracks left and it only really started to bleed recently, but honestly the thing I'm finding the weirdest is the order the tracks are leaving in. There's one track from the last ten that is left. Something ain't right.
  11. RJF


    Also, I've decided that I'll be taking a holiday when we hit the Top 100. Nothing too long! A few days, maybe a week. By then I'll have eliminated 127 songs so I think it would be, it would be so nice
  12. I've noticed recently (and by "recently" I mean "in the last year") that more and more M fans have been getting a mite too comfortable throwing Rebel Heart completely under the bus in order to praise Madame X, and I think that's a shame. Madame X as we know it probably wouldn't exist without the album that came before it - and while Rebel Heart definitely isn't flawless, it felt like Madonna regaining her artistic footing in a lot of ways and basically laid a lot of the groundwork for the reinvigorated spirit that permeated so much of the most recent campaign.

    Madame X is a superior album in that it corrected a lot of Rebel Heart's underlying issues and also furthered her own artistry in ways I'm not sure we'd seen from her before (see: God Control and Batuka's videos), but disregarding Rebel Heart completely because of it has never sat right with me.
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  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    A bop!

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  14. [​IMG]
  15. Madonna when she finds us in the restaurant kitchen -
  16. Rise Rebel Haters rise!!
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  17. "Voices" is the worst track on "Hard Candy" for me at least because of the awful mastering. So surprised to see "Batuka" go already, it's one of the strongest on "Madame X".
  18. Crushed about Batuka. I can also confirm the batukadeiras were a #moment at the show. I had an aisle seat and was starstruck when they walked by.
  19. Batuka leaving stings. Though I also couldn’t imagine it doing much better.

    It’ some ways the summation of when she gets shit like this right. It really benefits from the video or better yet seeing it live for it to really work it’s power.

    Reading the gorgeous tour book while waiting for the show to begin, taking in the images and text detailing the origins of the music, only to be blown away later when it actually played out in front of me. Whew. I genuinely feel for any fans who considered going but didn’t or couldn’t get tickets for whatever reason.

    It was an emotional evening to be a fan.
  20. RJF


    I didn't listen to it at the time because, you know, Dan Wootton, but I listened to the interview she gave The Sun last year to confirm the David writing credit story in the "Batuka" write up and it's actually one of the best ones from what was a weird, weird cycle for her promo. She's relaxed and chatty and eloquent and funny, which is a contrast to so many of the interviews she did last year where she seemed a little hesitant and even timid at points.
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