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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. A handful of stinkers left but that top 150 is acceptable.
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  2. Batuka got a 9 from me and is my biggest loss so far. I knew it‘s not really a fan favourite but I thought it would rank higher because it‘s pretty unique, the production kicks ass and it‘s a standout on Madame X.
  3. "Batuka" is astounding. What on earth?

    I'm looking back at my Madame X scores and realising at least half of my ten (!) 8.5+ scores should have been 10s. If "Dark Ballet" doesn't make top 100...
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  4. Most of the interviews for Madame X were terrible. The recurring motifs for a lot of them being either ways to ~politely reference her age and/or motherhood annoyed the shit out of me, and that seemed to have a lot to do with her mood during that promotional cycle - like, mother just put out a whole fucking album of fascinating, challenging music and all you want to discuss is how she feels about so many of her contemporaries being dead for the umpteenth time?
  5. This is the worst loss so far. Batuka, which I gave a 9, is thrilling. It's one of the most unique things she's done musically and the the drum work is fierce. I get that people don't like the sound of her voice, but the jarring quality of it is intentional. Also, I think it's wrong to dock it on repetitiveness. That's entirely the point and to critique that feels pretty Western-centric to me.
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  6. RJF


    Yass it's finally time for the girls to get sad, bad, and MAD.

  7. "u know what we are, babe"
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  8. Need to vacate immediately:

    Think Of Me
    4 Minutes
    Gang Bang
    Living For Love
    Devil Pray
    Runaway Lover
    Causing A Commotion
    Beautiful Killer
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  9. Erotica and Bedtime Stories made sweet love and Best Night is the result. If you tanked it, or listened to it once amidst a flurry of cramming songs, then you simply don't deserve nice things.
  10. I went back in the Madame X thread to the weekend the album was released because avoidance, and I would just like everyone to read what is perhaps the best review it ever got, from our very own hostess @RJF
  11. I love Madame X but much prefer Rebel Heart. Can't even really articulate why, but if I can sit and enjoy TWENTY-FOUR tracks and never get bored or annoyed then she really did something. I can't say I enjoy every Madame X track (thanks to Killers), even if I think Medellin and Crave are two of her best songs since American Life.
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  12. Calling for this to go?

  13. Causing A Commotion is good in the way that Gambler is---a lesser Madonna single that is nevertheless an endearing burst of 80s Madonna energy. But it's kind of annoying to see it outlast something as creative and interesting as Batuka.
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  14. I can't believe Erotica and American Life haven't lost a single track yet, because every album of hers has some total filler on (even if I do have a personal liking for Jimmy Jimmy on True Blue)
  15. Absolutely not!
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  16. R27


    Another Madame X cut that isn't Crazy? We hate to see it.
  17. Living is nasal and dull, absolutely my least favourite lead single of hers ever and just...yeah, dull. Argentina is gorgeous but it’s a glorified curiosity. Masterpiece is lovely but in terms of singles still here, it’s bottom of the pack.
  18. My favourite interview from last year has to be when the German presenter nervously dared to ask her about her Eurovision performance and she basically slaughtered him with her icy stare, followed by someone in her team immediately stepping in to call it a day.
    I can't find this anywhere since the week it appeared online, if anyone has it, please post!
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  19. I think my lowest remaining score is Gambler (6.5), which is still fine. Everything else is 7 and up.
  20. Causing a Commotion is leagues above Gambler, should have left a good 10 places ago.
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