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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Causing A Commotion is better than Gambler, but I still see it as one of those cute not-classics that some fans really love.
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  2. Oof, I knew Batuka would be my first 10 to fall and I knew the anti-autotune brigade would do it dirty, but still... fuck y’all.
  3. Batuka was one of my lowest scores from Madame X so I'm glad to see it go. I initially quite liked it but it's become one of my least returned to tracks from its parent album and giving it another go for the rate reinforced that.
  4. I VERY much enjoyed the sailing imagery in this. I'm a bottle of wine plus deep, and yes, it got me.
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  5. Best Night not even making the top 150 is some bullshit.
  6. American Life in no way deserves to be one of the only untouched albums left but I’m so proud of my baby, Erotica
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  7. American Life doesn't have one song below "quite good". A tight collection of songs.
  8. I really like the concept and sounds behind Batuka, but it's not a song I return to on its own. It works best as part of a full album experience and I generally find call and response songs annoying.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Erotica and American Life serving a Beyonce x Gaga sisterhood moment this far in the rate is beautiful.

    Music being "untouched" too (because whose version even has Cyber-Raga anyway kii) is also a sight to see. @Andy French us Music stans WON.
  11. Not to derail the thread but I was just reminded of how last year I was saying it was weird that I'd never properly immersed myself in Madonna's work. I was indoctrinated from an early age, as I'll be sure to tell in a few months, but other than Confessions and Ray of Light I hadn't even sought out a full album.

    The rate was the most rapid-fire catalyst and all of those gay shortcomings now sound like sacrilege. Gotta thank the sis @RJF for this; it'll be a summer of intense Madge listening and viewing (on tour duty now, Ciao Italia was a bit messy but I rise up above it all).

    Honestamente... I want to slap myself. I gave it a 7 but it's so brutal and truthful to the ethos of batuku (or batuque in non-creole Portuguese), to the unforgiving lives of the batucadeiras.

    About Rebel Heart, I think it's a decidedly solid album, and that resulted in somewhat of a deluge of 7/7.5s for me. Trying to follow the guidelines and taking the discography as a whole, there's hardly any song on there I think is top-tier Madonna.
  12. I wish Batuka stuck around longer, according to my scores it's actually one of my favourite Madame X songs.
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  13. Those of you who keep calling for Gambler are gambling with your lives. xx
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  14. LTG


    It and The Look of Love are my lowest two scores left. They can leave soon x
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  15. RJF




    SCORE: 6.8

    2015 PLACEMENT: N/A
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 3 (@dodoriazarbon @elear @wintersleep)
    LOWEST SCORE: 1 x 1 (@M24)
    MY SCORE: 6.5/10

    Well, Madame X did warn us that not everyone was coming to the future, so I guess this song's invite got lost in the mail. Serving as one of the album's pre-release singles, along with being Diplo's only contribution to the album after doing a considerable chunk of Rebel Heart, the track basically serves as Madonna's most explicit attempt at waking up the sheeple and encouraging all of us to move into the future, leaving the parts of ourselves that don't belong there in the past to die. CHEERY. You guessed it: this is another track that I think is fine. Diplo's dancehall treatment kinda harks back to the stuff he was doing way back when with M.I.A. which is a nice little nod, but I don't think Queen sounds all that good here and I remember at the time of release thinking it was just one giant lukewarm take from someone who sounded like they were a bit late to the party. The interpolation of "Don't Tell Me" in the middle-eight is a cute little moment and Quavo's verse is pretty good, along with the fact that he's a fairly present throughout the track which gives it more character. But yeah, I'm not really losing much sleep over this leaving now.

    This was performed... pretty horrifically at Eurovision last year, in tandem with a soul-sucking rendition of "Like A Prayer" and a severely out of place "Dark Ballet". Oh and did we mention the mangled Israel/Palestine imagery? Yikes. If they're worried about COVID-19 being airborne, just play this performance in any open air setting. It'll kill anything in the atmosphere. It was also performed during the Mum X Tour, but y'all know the deal with that by now.

  16. The 'piano' version done on tour of Future was great.
  17. .....

    I feel like it's too soon in the rate for me to start demanding a list of everyone's scores for a particular track, but I'm really not happy about this one. I gave it a 9.5... @dodoriazarbon, I see you and respect you.


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  18. Well, that was unexpected. I guess it suffered because of the Eurovision performance, because the song itself is pretty great and didn't deserve to be eliminated yet.
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  19. I'll get dragged but do you know what song I can't help but hear anytime I listen to Crave? I think it's the pre-chorus most of all ddd.
  20. I think Quavo was really unnecessary but otherwise it’s a great song and I think it could’ve stayed a little longer.
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