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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. RJF


    So here's a surprise at our latest tie.


    SCORE: 7.112

    54 - 78 of 210 (7.623)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 11 (@funkyg @eatyourself @sfmartin @Andrew.L @Up Down Suite @Hurricane Drunk @scottdisick94 @joeee @Lila @wintersleep @nametag)
    LOWEST SCORE: 3 x 3 (@Phonetics Boy @Sideout @happiestgirl)
    MY SCORE: 5/10

    A dance-pop song... being punished for being bad instead of being exalted purely on the basis your taint feels nice against the floor when slamming it in time to the beat? Looks like y'all are growing! I really don't even want to talk that much about this to be honest. It's one of the worst sounding songs in Madonna's discography. Maybe there was a point in its creation where it didn't sound like rotten, compressed garbage, but we were unfortunately not privy to that pocket in time, because what reached us was fucking awful. Madonna's vocals sound like she recorded them in a cupboard with the microphone on the other side of the door. The production has precisely no bass and therefore no soul. There are blowouts and distortions all over the place. This would be bad for a bedroom-popstar six days into their GarageBand free trial, and it's absolutely unforgivable from the Queen of Pop. Madonna claiming that she needs to dance followed by that """beat drop""" that doesn't actually drop anything other than the ball. A mess.

    The song was performed during the final stretch of the MDNA Tour setlist, where at least a few of the issues that plague its studio version were ironed out. Madonna was late at my date that night, so I never got to see it, but I was also spared the twelve minute lament of "Like A Virgin" so I think it was a positive thing overall. The most amusing thing though was that she soundchecked it earlier on that day. Why was letting people in for the soundcheck even a thing? I've included the official... martial-arts-themed (?) performance below, along with said rehearsal footage with an uncomfortable level of zoom for the kiis. The way she refuses to even look up at the audience asdfghjkl. I mean, tea. Scottish people are difficult to look at.

  2. The way I'm Addicted tumbled down the leaderboard so others could rise there. We would almost stan.
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  3. A SONG
  4. So close and I'm feeling bitter.

    The fact that "I'm Addicted" was ranked as the best song from "MDNA" in the previous rate is laughable.
    I very much enjoyed the way you dragged the song, @RJF!
  5. RJF


    "I'm Addicted" crashing out now actually means it loses its place as the highest rated MDNA track that it had in 2015, leaving "Falling Free" and "Love Spent" to battle it out. But is MDNA even going to make the Top 100 at this point?

    2015 MDNA Top 5:

    I'm Addicted
    Love Spent
    Gang Bang
    Falling Free
    Beautiful Killer

    2020 MDNA Top 5

    Love Spent/Falling Free
    I'm Addicted
    Gang Bang

    Quite the change!
  6. I am assuming Rebel Heart sees quite some changes too.

    Would you think it is time that did this or a different voter pool as now voters for only the first parts before were now obliged to do MDNA as well?
  7. I always felt the one thing missing from I'm Addicted, was a snare beat, like, this could have improved it so much, the song cannot be carried by that buried compressed kick drum alone, the same applies for Girl Gone Wild. The album was so rushed Benny forgot to add the snare, or unmute it during the export.
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    I don't think time has been kind to the uptempos on MDNA while the midtempos and ballads have aged better.
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  9. Masterpiece is terrible. Awful lyrics, god awful production, and it just plods along unpleasantly.

    I'm Addicted is also produced pretty poorly, there's not a hint of bass to be found in a song that needs it, desperately.

    Love Spent should obviously outlast everything else on MDNA.
  10. I'm Addicted got the boot, finally!! Thank god. I honestly thought this was be one of the low scorers for MDNA since it kind of encapsulates the worst of the record, but y'alls think this is one of its better moments? Can't relate. I can't believe I threw it an extra .5 on my 3 and kept myself out of the holy circle of lowest scorers so my regards to these tastemakers:

    I have some low scores left in but I can understand why someone would bat for all of them, I think... this one though? I just don't get it.

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  11. It’s been outclassed numerous times since and, because of the terrible mixing, isn’t ten-worthy, but I still like I’m Addicted, die mad about it!

    (That said, this feels like a respectable time for it to bow out, even if it should’ve gone before Body Shop and American Pie)
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  12. but a snare sound in there?
  13. It could’ve used a stronger one, at least - it’s very much of the Pump-Kin era where Benassi was really fond of those tin-can snares
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  14. Interesting.

    My top 5 from "MDNA" is even differs even more:
    Best Friend
    Beautiful Killer
    Falling Free
    er... I don't know which one would be my 5th favourite, since the rest ranges from mediocre to bad.
    Maybe "Some Girls".

    And I can't imagine "Love Spent" nor "Falling Free" reaching the top 100, but, honestly, neither of them deserve that.
  15. I can see Love Spent in the #100-90 interval and I think it would be a deservable place for it.
  16. Beautiful Killer losing out to Masterpiece is a mess. The latter doesn't even sound like it belongs on the album! Also, Body Shop was donde dirty, it's True Blue Madonna but after a lifetime of experiences. One of my favorite moments from the Rebel Heart Tour.
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  17. [​IMG]
  18. It’s barely audible, practically a tick, it needed a stronger punch, but I also recognise this was common in EDM music back in 2011-2012.
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