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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. RJF


    Well, it was going to happen eventually.



    SCORE: 7.309

    2015 PLACEMENT: NON-MOVER - 121 of 210 (6.892)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 3 (@Phonetics Boy @godspeed @joeee)
    LOWEST SCORE: 3 x 1 (@Markus1981)
    MY SCORE: 7/10

    So we finally reach the point where every album has suffered loss, and it's almost cruel that it's this track that falls first from Erotica, in the exact same place it landed five years ago. Still though, what a performance from Erotica. Surviving over a hundred eliminations, its lowest rated track not suffering a drop in standings and improving its score by nearly half a point, and literally everything on it guaranteed a score over 7.3. Clap for Dita, y'all. She earned it.

    I think this is a great track that maybe gets a little lost in all of Erotica's many setpiece tracks, but it carries heft all the same. It actually has a lot in common with what Madonna would go on to do on Bedtime Stories, I think, in the sense that it takes inspiration far more from of-the-time RnB than it does from the rest of Erotica's underground house palette.

    In this instance, I'm just going to jump straight to the live performance from The Girlie Show, because I think it's phenomenal, and does such a starkly amazing job bringing the song to life that talking about the studio version solely is kind of redundant. The preceding performance of "Deeper And Deeper" is a celebration of hedonism; dancing, flirting, nudity, humping, and excessive to the point that it ends in a big, sexy, ancient-times-style orgy that you see depicted on a stage rather than on the side of an antique Greek urn. But then we turn into "Why's It So Hard", and the mood inverts, and everything that was good and joyful about the last performance becomes shameful and scary. The dancers, who had been revelling in the contact and friction minutes ago, become slow and pained, reaching to Madonna for comfort and compassion as she implores the same kind of empathy from the audience. It's an amazing representation of the AIDS crisis at the time; how sex became something to be feared and to be ashamed of, and how even human contact became a privilege rather than something base and required, and it takes on additional meaning now as we eliminate it 2020, after months of the world being conditioned to treat proximity to others as a threat to our health. It's made all the more difficult when we realise that contact and sex are all connected to kindness and compassion and intimacy, and without one we risk losing the other... but we always have to strive to fight the fear and reach out, even figuratively, because love might be hard, but we cling to it all the same.

  2. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Ònly just now wondering if this was on Erotica because 'Why It's So Hard' LOL Innuendo.
  3. Seriously we need to stop haemorrhaging classics.

    This is in no way the worst thing on Erotica.
  4. Still shocked Why’s It So Hard isn’t the deep cut classic I thought it was. I’ve seen many fan site rates where In This Life (which I love btw) was at the bottom and Why’s It So Hard is up there with the best?
  5. Some people just didn't bring, sing, wear or share their love, I guess?
  6. I forgot to mentioned I looked at the 2015 PJ rate the other week and it was the first Erotica track out as well. Injustice. Doomed.
  7. How is Did You Do It? not the first one out?

    Why's It So Hard was my (joint) lowest score - 6.5 - after that though. There's nothing wrong with it as part of the album, it just doesn't hold up as a singular track.
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  8. Why's Is So Hard is like my third favourite track from Erotica. Sad to see it go so soon.
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  9. LTG


    Because @RJF cut it.
  10. Ah, I thought I imagined that since it was on my rate list. Good call.
  11. I think it was removed from the rate?
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  12. "This Used to Be My Playground" is one of her finest 90's ballads and I don't get why it constantly gets so mistreated. It's not perfect, though it is really touching and beautiful, both sonically and lyrically. I gave it a 9, but could've bumped it a bit, just for the sake of breaking the tie.
    Can't believe nothing from "Erotica" left before it.

    Edit: Oop, so it did lose a track in a tie. But "Why It's So Hard" is not the first song "Erotica" should've lost.
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  13. Why's It So Hard is made to pop off in a live setting, but on its own it's my least liked Erotica song.

    By the way, the album scamming 100+ places with no casualties thanks to Did You Do It?'s cut is justice
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  14. Not happy about Dear Jessie leaving. At all.

    Why’s It So Hard I’d rank in the lower half of Erotica (but it’s still good) but Fever should’ve been the first to go.
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  15. RJF


    And that's our Top 120.



    SCORE: 7.309

    2015 PLACEMENT: UP 7
    - 128 of 210 (6.784)

    11 x 1

    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 13 (@Tigerlily @eatyourself @Angeleyes @matthew. @madgemad @elear @Andy French @fatyoshi @godspeed @torontodj @phoenix123 @wintersleep @Digital Ghost)
    LOWEST SCORE: 3 x 1 (@Markus1981)
    MY SCORE: 6.5/10

    Well I kinda blew my wad on the last elimination and this is the sixth one I've done today and Miss @Ramalama provided me no commentary to use and Madonna has never performed it live so I might just bounce to my chambers? No? FINE. "Physical Attraction" leaving means that the debut is down purely to that incredible five single run that gave Madonna the foundation she would build her kingdom on, but it also leaves with a cute boost to its standing and score, so it's not a complete wash.

    Despite it being one of the few tracks on the self-titled that doesn't have Madonna on the credits anywhere, writer and producer Reggie Lucas (who produced the bulk of the album) insists that, while Madonna may not have written it, "Physical Attraction" was written purely for her after sessions had started, rather than it simply being a demo he had lying around. It was also the track that seemed to kind of break the ice between them, as he says in this interview with The Atlantic:

    "As a producer, you understood that your first job was to support people to achieve that end. You challenged the artist just enough to bring out the best in them and introduce them to audiences that they normally wouldn’t be introduced to. When I did “Physical Attraction,” that was just it. She was a little different. Madonna was wilder in terms of her look and image; I don’t know if her music was that much wilder than anyone else back then. I think her music was sexually freer and it predicted what was going to happen in the future. She was definitely an innovator when it became to being more suggestive, which was pretty cool. I thought it was great.

    So—mixing that with my musical background, Madonna’s first album was really a hybrid of her interests and mine. “Physical Attraction” was our starting point with that style. It did pretty well and she began to move forward with her career and sound."

    I would deeply recommend reading the rest of the interview, as not only is it a great insight, it also reminded me of the fact that some people thought Madonna was black when they first heard her on radio back in the day, mostly because it mentions that "Physical Attraction" was No.1 on the now-defunct Billboard Black Singles Chart?!?! MESS. But yes, the song is a bop. Those low, squelchy synths with Madonna's cool, airy vocals just dancing across the funk. It's probably the most low-key song on the album, so it maybe lacks a bit of a marquee moment, but it's a vibe all the same.

    I was about to say Madonna has never performed this live, but then YouTube threw up this video from 1982 recorded on what looks to be... not even a potato. Perhaps a French fry that's been stood on? It's really quite the wake up call to how long Madonna's career is when you see stuff like this. Even lovelier? The next video of her singing it during a soundcheck with fans in Amsterdam for the MDNA Tour thirty years later. QUEEN. The way she lights up when someone mentions it in the crowd and still knows the lyrics? That's my mum.

  16. RJF


    Enjoy one of the final days of getting the leaderboard every day, because I'll be switching a remaining songs list once we hit the halfway point at No.114. Peace!

    121. Physical Attraction - 7.309
    121. Why's It So Hard - 7.309
    121. This Used To Be My Playground - 7.309
    124. Dear Jessie - 7.3
    125. Heartbeat - 7.285
    126. Inside Out - 7.239
    127. Where's The Party - 7.188
    128. Falling Free - 7.179
    129. Crazy - 7.173
    130. Nobody's Perfect - 7.139
    131. I'm So Stupid - 7.127
    132. Push - 7.112
    132. I'm Addicted - 7.112
    134. Masterpiece - 7.091
    135. American Pie - 7.085
    136. Body Shop - 7.061
    137. Unapologetic Bitch - 7.058
    137. Extreme Occident - 7.058
    139. Looking For Mercy - 7.042
    140. You Must Love Me - 7.024
    141. Goodbye To Innocence - 7.009
    142. Gang Bang - 6.939
    143. Holy Water - 6.915
    144. Gambler - 6.912
    145. Think Of Me - 6.906
    146. Beat Goes On (Feat. Kanye West) - 6.894
    147. Beautiful Killer - 6.884
    148. Hold Tight - 6.873
    149. The Look Of Love - 6.824
    150. Future (Feat. Quavo) - 6.8
    151. Batuka - 6.791
    152. Voices - 6.785
    153. Best Night - 6.755
    154. Veni Vidi Vici (Feat. Nas) - 6.752
    154. Broken (I'm Sorry) - 6.752
    156. Shanti / Ashtangi - 6.73
    157. Addicted - 6.712
    158. Iconic (Feat. Chance The Rapper & Mike Tyson) - 6.702
    158. Ciao Bella - 6.702
    160. Spotlight - 6.694
    161. I Love New York - 6.652
    162. Messiah - 6.639
    163. Love Song - 6.621
    163. I'd Rather Be Your Lover - 6.621
    165. Supernatural - 6.615
    166. Candy Shop - 6.588
    167. Wash All Over Me - 6.561
    168. HeartBreakCity - 6.558
    169. Bitch I'm Loca (Feat. Maluma) - 6.548
    170. Your Honesty - 6.524
    171. Beautiful Scars - 6.461
    172. Something To Remember - 6.458
    173. Love Don't Live Here Anymore - 6.448
    174. Over And Over - 6.433
    175. Another Suitcase In Another Hall - 6.409
    176. Stay - 6.367
    177. Don't Stop - 6.339
    178. Girl Gone Wild - 6.324
    179. I Know It - 6.267
    180. Act Of Contrition - 6.245
    181. Fighting Spirit - 6.227
    182. I Don't Give A (Feat. Nicki Minaj) - 6.203
    183. It's So Cool - 6.191
    184. Illuminati - 6.167
    185. Funana - 6.161
    186. Dance 2Night - 6.152
    187. Borrowed Time - 6.118
    187. History - 6.118
    189. Sooner Or Later - 6.109
    189. One More Chance - 6.109
    191. Back That Up To The Beat - 6.076
    192. Let Down Your Guard - 6.036
    193. Killers Who Are Partying - 6.015
    194. I'm A Sinner - 6.012
    195. I Fucked Up - 5.964
    196 - Some Girls - 5.933
    197. He's A Man - 5.924
    198. Give Me All Your Luvin' (Feat. Nicki Minaj & M.I.A.) - 5.921
    199. Buenos Aires - 5.894
    200. Super Pop - 5.848
    201. Revolver (Feat. Lil Wayne) - 5.827
    202. Can't Stop - 5.776
    203. Ain't No Big Deal - 5.736
    204. Turn Up The Radio - 5.727
    205. Best Friend - 5.721
    206. Graffiti Heart - 5.697
    207. Hanky Panky - 5.691
    208. Love Makes The World Go Round - 5.679
    209. Back In Business - 5.67
    210. Pretender - 5.661
    211. Lament - 5.615
    212. Cyber-Raga - 5.603
    213. Incredible - 5.545
    214. Jimmy Jimmy - 5.521
    215. Now I'm Following You - 5.497
    216. Ring My Bell - 5.424
    217. S.E.X. - 5.373
    218. Spanish Lesson - 4.997
    219. Shoo-Bee-Doo - 4.948
    220. More - 4.852
    221. What Can You Lose - 4.436
    222. Superstar - 4.391
    223. Auto-Tune Baby - 4.121
    224. Cry Baby - 3.367
    225. I'm Going Bananas - 3.327
    226. B-Day Song (Feat. M.I.A.) - 3.000
    227. Hey You - 2.976
  17. Of course my second favourite song from the debut album leaves about 60 places after my favourite track. "Physical Attraction" is quite a gem and deserved more.

    To be honest, the rest of her debut can leave altogether and I wouldn't even blink.
    Don't get me wrong, all of the remaining songs from it are good, but I just don't really care for them.
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  18. Sorry queen. I wanted to write something special for that, but nothing was coming to mind. Even now I can't exactly put into words why this is my favorite Madonna song. It just takes me on a journey every time I listen, whether it's in my walking playlist in the middle of the day, or just lying in bed on a dark night. I don't think she's ever sounded smoother to these ears than on the verses for this one.

    I thought about being more strategic and giving my 11 to a song that might actually fare well (which would've been Borderline...), but I had to go with the heart. I suppose I'll take some solace that at least it wasn't the first 11 out?
  19. Right. I’m here.

    It’s interesting now we’re finally getting into the MEAT. The songs leaving now can all be argued as a 10 to some degree.

    I’m proud of Where’s The Party making it this far because largely Madonna fans have no taste when it comes to that immortal bop. Of course the version to listen to is the You Can Dance version. Listen to that and come back and tell me it’s not a 10.

    I think Why’s It So Hard was always going to go first from Erotica because it comes in the last slog of an album that could feel a little heavy and impenetrable to casual/new listeners and maybe divorced from context of the time or if not paying attention it could seem a little simplistic.
  20. Physical Attraction are you fucking kidding me!!!!
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