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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. The London I Rise moment was iconic even for her.
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  2. She wishes!
  3. About time! Bye!
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  4. Hmm, I thought Argentina could at least make it to the top 100.

    She might not be the best technical vocalist who has sung the song, but it's certainly the best version of it.

    Anyone who scored it low:

  5. This is such a great picture.

    I still wish we could have gotten Madonna in Music of the Heart. Madonna and Gloria together.

    But who would have sang the theme song?
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  6. Over the years, Madonna and Sinead O'Connor's versions of this song have become my favourites.

    I think there's something really powerful about these two women singing this song. They may not be Broadway/West End singers like Patti LuPone or Elaine Page but they are feeling and living this song. Plus, I do think both sound so beautiful on this song.
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  7. Sorry, but I don't really care for "I Rise" nor "Don't Cry for Me Argentina". They are fine songs, though.
    Love the write-ups, especially for "I Rise", @RJF!

    "4 Minutes" shouldn't have outlasted "She's Not Me", but both should've made it to the top 100.
    It's a pity that "Hard Candy" is already down to only three songs (at least my favourite, "Miles Away", is still in).
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  8. I'm just now catching up and I have to catch a breather after I Rise like what the fuck I'm still mourning Dear Jessie and 4 Minutes

    I will never forget 4 Minutes being everywhere and making me beg for that Hard Candy CD (I remember huge displays of the cover art in-store) which my parents thoroughly denied. (Also that story about the girl who was singing I'M MILEY CYRUS AND ALL I GOT IS 4 MINUTES... iconic)
  9. R27


    The I Rise write up and Madonna’s Pride speech were both lovely.

    On a more pot stirring note, I hope Like a Virgin is the next lead single to go.
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  10. The whole write-up for "I Rise" made me sad, but this part is just... *sobs*
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  11. Poor I Rise. Seeing it live was just an emotional crescendo to one of her greatest shows ever.

    Also, 4 Minutes HAS been performed outside its home era, but hardly prominently, in a cute set for Leonardo DiCaprio’s foundation gala thing.

    4 Minutes
    Ray of Light
    Open Your Heart (!)
    La Isla Bonita

    A setlist.
  12. BTG


    Goodbye Evita and good fucking bye Justin.

  13. She’s Not Me - The 2 minute outro is where its at, the closest Hard Candy got to that Confessions sound.
    4 Minutes - I wasn’t feeling this song when it came out, but still, it was massive, as a UK fan it was only the norm for Madonna to naturally get a huge hit and land at either number 1 or 2 with the lead single, (it was a shock to the system when MDNA came out).
    But, over the years I’ve grown fond of it because I still hear it in clubs and the room goes off every time, it’s her last “huge classic”.
    Argentina - I Live for the Miami mix, yes I’m that basic gay.
    I Rise - One of my favourites on Madame X, the write up on this was great and it’s so nice to read some positivity about this one, as I usually see it getting trashed. The song does something to me, I love the message.
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  14. Not a popular opinion, but I've always found the remix of Don't Cry For Me Argentina really fucking annoying.

    4 Minutes, if you can forgive the fact that it's JT-heavy (a big ask, I know) is genuinely great.
  15. The re-recorded Miami Mix of "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" always reminded me a bit of the amazing "Deeper And Deeper". Not sure what there is to was basically a long, refreshing sip of uptempo water after a fucking desert of mid-to-slow tempo balladry from 1994 through 1997.

    "4 Minutes" always sounded like a Timberlake-led pep rally with a lethargic Madonna phoning in a cameo.
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  16. This Used to by my Playground is so fucking good. I remember it from watching A League of Their Own on HBO as a child. There's this scene where Tom Hanks pees for one minute straight.

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  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I Rise was done...really dirty.
  18. RJF


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