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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. RJF


    nn how much was she PAID for this? The old white men trying to get selfies with her every time she goes to the front of the stage.
  2. That Billboard list is awful.

    Frozen not in the top 10? Hanky Panky anywhere near her top 100?

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  3. Okay, well done, now leave Hard candy alone for a while.

    That Billboard list, hey at least Superstar made it. Justice!
  4. That list is more my taste than this rate. Clearly all the 'critics' who compiled it are over 45.
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  5. There are a few picks I agree with, but not a trace of masterpieces like "To Have and Not to Hold", "Love Tried to Welcome Me" and "Easy Ride", yet trash that is "Superstar" somehow made it? Just... no.
  6. RJF




    SCORE: 7.394

    2015 PLACEMENT: N/A
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 10 (@Raichu @Angeleyes @elear @theelusivechanteuse @scottdisick94 @SloMover @Bleu Noir @wintersleep @Trinu 3.0 @sexercise)
    LOWEST SCORE: 2 x 1 (@Hurricane Drunk)
    MY SCORE: 6/10

    I'm actually surprised that this one went as far as it did in the end, as it's not the easiest pill to swallow. Nevertheless, it bows out with a pretty respectable score and placement given what it's up against.

    "Dark Ballet" is the Madame X song we've had the most time with also, which maybe explains why it has scored this highly. It first popped up during Madonna's set at the Met Gala in 2018, a year before we would hear anything else from the rest of the album. It was dubbed "Beautiful Game" by both fans and her official YouTube account when the set made its way there, and had us all thinking she was about to surprise drop a new single or an album... but of course she only showed up because the Met Gala's theme in 2018 was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, and... well... *gestures to Madonna's whole damn career* We would remain in the dark for another year before being invited into the world of Madame X.

    The song... is. I remember when we finally heard the final version and it just felt a little... irrelevant? It was fairly tired, obvious ideas wrapped up in a deliberately quirky package (oooh, an edgy, distorted Nutcracker sample for additional spooky ookiness!) that just didn't really resonate with me. I mean Madonna has hardly been the queen of subtlety over the years but this still felt a little pointless when it's ground she's covered extensively before, even down to the Joan of Arc inspiration that she already mined on the previous album. And this is basically like, what, the ninth revolution she's promised and alluded to in the last few years? Shout out to Stella and Estere who are the ones doing the howling wind at the end of the track though. Kinda sounds like me when I've finished a punishing circuit during a work out, complete with the thump of me hitting the floor.

    Now, the video. Disregard everything I said about the song above, because the video is phenomenal and shows why, after nearly forty years, Madonna is still Supreme (hhhhccccchhheewwwdeeeee) of this genre. In it, Madame X graciously steps aside and lets someone else's story shape the video's pathos. Close friend and please-God-future-collaborator Mykki Blanco steps up to the plate and is cast as Joan of Arc, bringing the parallels Madonna is wanting to draw into far sharper focus because... well, as someone who is black, queer, and HIV+, Mykki probably knows a thing or two about unfair persecution. It's a tough video to watch in places; the sound of the tinder snapping and snarling in the heat of the flames mixed with Mykki's sobs is a full body cringe in terms of discomfort, but it nails the theme of being persecuted for being different so well thanks to the fact that all the things that make up Mykki's minority status feel so relevant to our current world in a way that Madonna being up on the pyre... maybe wouldn't? But yes, it's a fantastic video.

    The song was also performed at Eurovision last year as well as the Met Gala the year before that, and was part of the Madame X Tour setlist.

    This will be the last time I acknowledge Eurovision 2019 and post a link to it.

  7. What in the world. "Dark Ballet" is same lane as "God Control" to me if not better. One of the moments of her latter-day discography.
  8. RMK


    I'd place 4 Minutes in its peak-2008 Timbaland styling above Dark Ballet, honestly.
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  9. Dark Ballet is a bit of a racket. There are certain elements to it that I love but it doesn't really come together as a song. Incredible video though!
  10. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I don't like Dark Ballet all that much. Maybe if it came later in the tracklisting I'd be more used to it, but the fact that it's track #2 and it's sandwiched in between Medellín and God Control usually means I'm skipping it.

    I Rise though... I'm never going to get why y'all don't recognize it as a highlight of the album. Maybe because it was a pre-release single? I didn't listen to it before the album release. It's such a wonderful, cathartic closing track.
  11. That Billboard ranking is a bit of a mess (Amazing higher than Beautiful Stranger, JFC) but I hadn't known it was Alicia Keys playing piano on Living For Love, so at least I learned something!
  12. Hmmm, for me 'God Control' is just superior in so many ways.

    Ideally it'll be one of the last Madame X songs standing along with 'Crave' and 'Medellín'.
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  13. RJF





    SCORE: 7.406

    2015 PLACEMENT: UP 11
    - 126 of 210 (6.831)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 12 (@cheida @eatyourself @m_dimitrov @djmakemewet @GimmeWork @dancingwithmyself @NightmareBoy @Bleu Noir @Pop Life @Remorque @Digital Ghost @Music Is Life)
    LOWEST SCORE: 3 x 1 (@Drew)
    MY SCORE: 7/10

    This is it! The Alpha! The Beginning! The First! And it's OUT before Top 100. Surprised? Relieved? Enraged? None of the above? I think overall "Everybody" has managed to perform really well this time around. A great surge in score and placement, which isn't too bad for a song that nobody really remembers by and large because everyone just assumes "Holiday" was Madonna's single.

    But no, it was this. This fizzy, spunky, six minute ode to dancing and singing and getting up and doing your thing. It's really as simple as that. So many artists end up with debut singles that are just mortifying, but of course Madonna ends up with one that she can be proud of. Produced by DJ Mark Kamins who played at a club Madonna frequented when trying to get a deal, who described her as "hot and co-operative" (gross), it would turn out to be the Modus Operandi of everything that she would stand for. It's a rallying cry for the dancefloor, to forget all your troubles and worries and let the music take over instead. And this has been the sanctuary that Madonna has offered from the start and continues to offer every time you press play on Spotify, or go and see her in concert. Leave everything that's plaguing you at the door. Your problems have two left feet and are not welcome on this hallowed ground. The dancefloor is for you, and you alone. Oh and everybody of course but you get what I mean.

    Y'all might notice that the single cover is a bit... hmm. Like I mentioned a few eliminations ago when that Reggie Lucas interview came up, a lot of people thought that Madonna was a black artist when she first hit the scene. That was mostly because Sire Records deliberately pitched her as one. A mess. You can even see it in how that single cover is coded in a very pointed way. It looks more like the cover of a soul or RnB song that it does white lady dance-pop. To be fair though, "Everybody" is a bit of a melting pot of genres, and the tawdry illusion didn't last long when Madonna demanded she get to film a video for it, because even when she was a baby she understood the importance of getting your image out there somehow.

    "If I didn't have a video, I don't think all the kids in the Midwest would know about me. It takes the place of touring. Everybody sees them everywhere. That really has a lot to do with the success of my album."

    The video cost $1,500 to make, which is a scream considering how much her videos would cost by the end of the decade. I feel like we've covered a lot of the origin story already in the rate (Stephen Bray, the demo tape with this, "Burning Up" and "Ain't No Big Deal" on it) that this perhaps doesn't need as much backing as it would normally get, but yes, it's iconic... if a little slight given everything that would eventually come after it. I've got a lot of time for it.

    Despite being somewhat of a lost classic, "Everybody" has had fair amount of outings live. It was first performed on The Virgin Tour, before acting as the finale to The Girlie Show. Afterwards, it took a long, long break before re-emerging for the promo cycle of Confessions On A Dance Floor (and even rehearsed for Confessions Tour, only to be cut) and again in 2012 during the MDNA Tour for its 30th anniversary. Finally, it was part of that wretched 80s medley on the Rebel Heart Tour, which is not here because I can't find an official video of it and the forum has an absurd media limit of five videos per post. Not bad for a girl with a $1,500 video and made on a $5,000 advance.

    (Her "Oh my God." when she hears the opening bleep bloops of the song in the MDNA Tour performance. "I wrote this thirty years ago. Can you compute this?")

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  14. RJF


    I'll be back later on to take us officially over the halfway mark with two more eliminations tonight!
  15. Welp, this is what I get for smugly thinking to myself last night that I hadn't lost a 10 yet and could see all of my 10s getting into the Top 100 unscathed. Pride cometh before the cull, I guess.
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  16. "Everybody" is a cutie, but I think all of the remaining songs from her debut got a 7 from me, so it's not a loss by any means.

    If I had to rank the singles from that album, though, "Everybody" would've been my 2nd favourite, but I'm not bothered by its elimination at all.
  17. Everybody is just okay, but is iconic for the mere fact it was her debut. She'd make dozens better dancefloor bangers afterwards anyway.

    Dark Ballet, I wouldn't think would get this far, so I'll have this.
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  18. I gave Dark Ballet a 7 and it's one of my album favourites, although her voice is a bit nasal.

    Everybody is a good 6.5, but it seems to go on forever.
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  19. 'Everybody' is a cute girl that I gave a 6.5 to, but is without a shadow of a doubt my least favourite of the debut's singles.

    Everybody >>> Holiday > Burning Up > Lucky Star > Borderline

    Still one of her very best singles runs though.
  20. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I didn't say anything out of fear but Everybody has been one of my lowest remaining scores for a while nn. It could've gone a long time ago and I would've been fine.

    Material Girl next please
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