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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. This reads a little weird.
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  2. I listened to Ray Of Light earlier and thought 'Little Star will go soon.' I like the backing track and gave it 7 but it's my least favourite on the album. The only song I really love about children is 'Slipping Through My Fingers.'
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  3. RJF


    Nn I'll fix it. The previous sentence should read "as a black artist".
  4. RJF


    So we go from a list that was ever extending to one that will only get gradually smaller as the weeks go on now. Six weeks in... what a time.


    Madonna (1983)

    1. Lucky Star
    2. Borderline
    3. Burning Up
    5. Holiday

    Like A Virgin (1984)

    1. Material Girl
    2. Angel
    3. Like A Virgin
    6. Dress You Up

    True Blue (1986)

    1. Papa Don't Preach
    2. Open Your Heart
    3. White Heat
    4. Live To Tell
    6. True Blue
    7. La Isla Bonita

    Like A Prayer (1989)

    1. Like A Prayer
    2. Express Yourself
    4. Till Death Do Us Part
    5. Promise To Try
    6. Cherish
    8. Oh Father
    9. Keep It Together
    10. Spanish Eyes

    I’m Breathless (1990)

    11. Vogue

    Erotica (1992)

    1. Erotica
    2. Fever
    3. Bye Bye Baby
    4. Deeper And Deeper
    5. Where Life Begins
    6. Bad Girl
    7. Waiting
    8. Thief Of Hearts
    9. Words
    10. Rain
    12. In This Life
    13. Secret Garden

    Bedtime Stories (1994)

    1. Survival
    2. Secret
    5. Inside Of Me
    6. Human Nature
    7. Forbidden Love
    8. Love Tried To Welcome Me
    9. Sanctuary
    10. Bedtime Story
    11. Take A Bow

    Ray Of Light (1998)

    1. Drowned World/Substitute For Love
    2. Swim
    3. Ray Of Light
    4. Candy Perfume Girl
    5. Skin
    6. Nothing Really Matters
    7. Sky Fits Heaven
    9. Frozen
    10. The Power Of Goodbye
    11. To Have And Not To Hold
    13. Mer Girl
    14. Has To Be

    Music (2000)

    1. Music
    2. Impressive Instant
    3. Runaway Lover
    4. I Deserve It
    5. Amazing
    7. Don't Tell Me
    8. What It Feels Like For A Girl
    9. Paradise (Not For Me)
    10. Gone

    American Life (2003)

    1. American Life
    2. Hollywood
    4. Love Profusion
    5. Nobody Knows Me
    6. Nothing Fails
    7. Intervention
    8. X-Static Process
    9. Mother And Father
    10. Die Another Day
    11. Easy Ride

    Confessions On A Dance Floor (2005)

    1. Hung Up
    2. Get Together
    3. Sorry
    4. Future Lovers
    6. Let It Will Be
    7. Forbidden Love
    8. Jump
    9. How High
    10. Isaac
    12. Like It Or Not

    Hard Candy (2008)

    3. Give It 2 Me
    5. Miles Away
    11. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You

    MDNA (2012)

    10. Love Spent

    Rebel Heart (2015)

    1. Living For Love
    2. Devil Pray
    3. Ghosttown
    6. Bitch I'm Madonna (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
    8. Joan Of Arc
    19. Rebel Heart

    Madame X (2019)

    1. Medellín (Feat. Maluma)
    3. God Control
    7. Crave (Feat. Swae Lee)
    11. Faz Gostoso (Feat. Anitta)
    13. I Don't Search I Find

    B-Sides, Rarities, Complilation Tracks, Etc.

    Into The Groove
    Crazy For You
    Who's That Girl
    Causing A Commotion
    Justify My Love
    Rescue Me
    I'll Remember
    I Want You (With Massive Attack)
    You'll See
    Beautiful Stranger
    Time Stood Still
  5. Swim is a 10, heathen.
  6. LITTLE STAR? Okay I'm convinced any track of hers I'm obsessed with at the moment will get eliminated.

    Also what the actual fuck is I Don't Search I'm Find doing here when Come Alive just got kicked out? And White Heat. And some of those Erotica deep cuts.
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  7. No.

  8. RJF


    Twelve songs left until our Top 100... How much pain can be inflicted in that space?
  9. rdp


    I'm fine with cutting a few Confessions album tracks next

  10. So I just found out that because it was a double-a-side with The Power Of Goodbye, Little Star actually "peaked at #6" in the UK?

    Hustle, hitmaker, etc etc

    I think it's my least-favorite song on Ray Of Light but "God........gave......a present to me......." is a cute moment.
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  11. Come Alive could've stayed longer than some of the mid 90s ballads. I wish I scored it higher, I'm a little pressed at Madame X's cull today.

  12. the fuck is wrong with you people
  13. Its time for some more Rebel Heart tracks to leave. (+ whatever is left from MDNA)
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  14. The way we have butchered Madame X down to an EP that is missing most of its most adventurous and impactful tracks is sad to see.
  15. We can’t let Everybody leave without watching the “world premiere” of the new Sire recording artist.....

    Go on girl

    This is my favourite performance of Everybody and I think it is essential viewing.
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  16. These last few cuts are not worse than the likes of Throwaway Lover, mmm
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  17. Yeah Throwaway Lover and Amazing Mediocre need to go now.
  18. "Little Star" is very cute and I bumped its score by a half point, because of the production. Also, it kind of grew on me over time. Not mad about its departure at all.
    I'm surprised it received so few 10's - that's most likely why it didn't perform better.

    I predict (and hope) that the next "Ray of Light" elimination will be "Candy Perfume Girl" (in my own album ranking, it should've been eliminated before "Little Star" and "Shanti/Ashtangi", actually).
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  19. Poor Little Star! I'm not in possession of a uterus and neither have nor want kids, ever, but it's really sweet. The interstellar bossa-nova production really ups it for me.

    I kinda love that it was the B-side for The Power of Good-Bye of all songs, too. Talk about your polar opposites.
  20. "Rebel Heart" still has more than 5 songs in? pretends_to_be_shocked.gif
    It needs a cull consisting of these tracks:
    "Love Spent" can also leave, it's mediocre at best. Also, it being the sole "MDNA" track that has made it to the upper half of the leaderboard is quite funny.
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