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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. RJF


    Would "I Don't Search I Find" still be here if it had the same production as "Come Alive" instead of the House Beat That's Crack To Gays 15/300 treatment it has?
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  2. If we're going to start shedding tracks from her best albums then Mother and Father can go.
  3. RJF


    Also, another host hot take: half of Music should be gone by now.
  4. ddlsjf I love the song but your disdain for it is hilarious.
    ...this, however, is not.
  5. RJF


    I don't even particularly dislike it but the way it rose up the ranks in the thread when the album dropped and now here was just... so transparent. Like when the album leaked from a vinyl rip and when pushed to describe "God Control" - song with about seventy different things happening in it - the most I could get from gays was "DISCO!" Like...
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  6. For me personally, I'll fully admit that the production is a big reason I love I Don't Search, but that's also a big reason I don't think of it as particularly basic. It sounds like it came straight out of both the nightclub scenes in Deeper and Deeper and the 1994 Bedtime Story Pajama Party, drugs and all, and while the lyrics are pretty formless, the whole thing being a woozy, delirious, existential dancefloor haze makes that work in its favor (and for whatever reason, "finally, enough love" has tugged at my heartstrings ever since she first teased it). Plus, it flows really well into Looking for Mercy.

    Real talk though, the God Control thing was bullshit. Like I love a disco banger as much as the next mincing queer but it's so much more than just that.
  7. I'm so glad What It Feels Like For A Girl is still here. Charlotte Gainsbourg stays winning.
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  8. And we better not be touching this till the top 40.
  9. Everybody is a serviceable bop and I respect what it did for her, but she’s done way better since then, this is a good time for it to go.

    ...but LITTLE STAR?!!?? Out before fucking Faz Goatoso?
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  10. acl


    Come Alive is the first elimination so far that has really bothered me. The music and lyrics come together beautifully creating a song that feels both melancholy and hopeful. A beautiful jewel in her discography.

    It was the song I was most exited to see on the tour and was magical, radiating so much joy and light it felt like a religious experience in the theatre.
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  11. RJF


    The singles, "I Deserve It", and "Paradise" should be the only songs left from Music so I'm not sure what anything else other than those are still doing here over some of the best Rebel Heart and Madame X tracks. So if y'all could maybe explain why that isn't the case and I've had to eliminate the likes of "Body Shop", "I Rise", and "Come Alive" in the last few weeks, I'm all ears.


    Oh, and "How High"? That's high enough.


    And in your heart of hearts, you know the truth: that the True Blue title track should go soon.


    This has been Host Hot Takes.

  12. The elimination that makes the least sense to me is still Extreme Occident- a great experimental track. I love Come Alive but after hearing it live, I agree with whoever said her vocal lets the track down. It’s obviously intentional (perhaps to balance the rich, full sound of the backing singers) but I’m not keen on the sound of her voice in this one. She sounded so powerful singing it live though.
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  13. Batuka, Dark Ballet and Extreme Occident should be rounding out the Madame X EP, along with Medellin and the “disco!!!1!” tracks.

    Faz Gostoso still being in is a little bizarre.
  14. RJF


    Also, this thread is totally going to break 500 pages and I'm gonna die.
  15. I love I rise and Come Alive, both deserved to stay longer than they did. A cute tibdit about Come Alive is that Madonna mentioned in an interview that she wrote the song for her kids, as a reminder that they should always stand out, be themselves and never give up on what they want. Its a beautiful message.
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  16. The Music FILLER being here is a JOKE. And Faz Gostoso being in over Come Alive? Get the fuck out of here.

    I Don’t Search I Find is saved by those strangely emotive moments but it really sounds an extended interlude. “Finally enough love” is a stupidly evocative line and has helped it a lot I think.

    Bin everything bar singles from Music at this point, the dull songs in the extras, LIVING FOR FUCKING LOVE, and...I’ll be happy.
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  17. Extreme Occident absolutely went way too soon and yes I'm still pressed.
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  18. I think I gave Living for Lauv a 7.5 or something but I really need it gone like... yesterday.
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  19. The warm 'n' fuzzy dream trinity of Body Shop - Crazy - Come Alive bowing out before the top100 is very sad to see.
  20. Amazing and Gone aside, none of the Music songs should be going anywhere anytime soon. And really, neither Amazing nor Gone deserve to be eliminated quite yet either.
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