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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. A nice opener, very of its time, but it's about the right time for it
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  2. Agreed. This definitely feels like the best time for this to go.
  3. @K94 this one hurt.
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  4. She sounds so good on Survival that I didn’t really clock for years that she sings the same (only) verse repeatedly. And when I realised did lose some shine.
  5. I love Survival. I think it's a great opening.

    There was no other way to start Bedtime Stories. She obviously felt compelled to open it with it to address the state of her life/mind (and how she was treated for the last two years), but it's something many of us can relate to.

    Both Survival and Human Nature have become personal anthems for her. They both could apply to her life today, hence, why Human Nature is often performed on tour.

    Also, love Donna and Niki's backing vocals. The harmonies!
  6. Aww... I always wince a bit (or a lot) after seeing a "Bedtime Stories" cut. In fact, the only elimination from that album I will tolerate at this point is "Take a Bow".
    "Survival" is rather lovely and there are heaps of songs that are weaker than it. I know it's not a career highlight by any means, but it's a very nice way to open the album and it didn't deserve to be out before certain average songs.

    This is literally the epitome of "Bedtime Stories" as an album, especially the flawless production - songs like "Forbidden Love", "Inside of Me" and "Love Tried to Welcome Me" are all fantastic examples of that.
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  7. You'll be waiting until October for that.
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  8. I wouldn't mind that as much, to be honest, since "Bedtime Stories" deserves to have as high total album average as possible.
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  9. RJF


    Me talking the talk and walking the walk.


    SCORE: 7.63

    2015 PLACEMENT: UP 3 - 99 of 210 (7.25)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 17 (@nikkysan @GimmeWork @Andrew.L @fatyoshi @NightmareBoy @Hurricane Drunk @joeee @TrueBeliever @DinahLee @Crisp X @Pop Life @MrMannacroix @acl @nametag @Markus1981 @Music Is Life @FrozenNight)
    LOWEST SCORE: 4 x 2 (@maverick_79 @M24)
    MY SCORE: 8/10

    How fitting that two of Madonna's defiant kiss off songs leave on the same night. And for even more synergy, they're both from albums that were released to try and lure back audiences after rockily-received albums. "Like It Or Not" actually has notable notes to note about it, however, in the form of being one of the BloodShy & Avant productions on the album, which... kind of tracks when you hear that string work.

    I... could low-key copy and paste my critique for "Survival" into here and it would still fit. The opposites attract lyrics, the chiché metaphors, a bit of biblical titallation ... and it yet it just works. It's this quiet, unassuming thing saying "Oh, did you think I was done? Guess again bitch." which I just love. It's similar to "Human Nature" in that it's nestled within such a general-public-pleasing album, while reassuring said public that Madonna doesn't not give one solitary fuck about your validation. It is, again, a little nothingy when you're tasked to actually write something about it, but it's a nice closer to an album that can sometimes lack a little in that classic, acerbic Madonna bite.

    It was performed on Confessions Tour, in which Madonna seduces a chair.

  10. rayoflight_live8_scream.wav
  11. RJF


    Lucky Star
    Burning Up

    Material Girl
    Like A Virgin
    Dress You Up

    Papa Don't Preach
    Open Your Heart
    Live To Tell
    True Blue
    La Isla Bonita

    Like A Prayer
    Express Yourself
    Till Death Do Us Part
    Promise To Try
    Oh Father
    Keep It Together
    Spanish Eyes


    Deeper And Deeper
    Bad Girl
    Thief Of Hearts

    Inside Of Me
    Human Nature
    Bedtime Story
    Take A Bow

    Drowned World/Substitute For Love
    Ray Of Light
    Nothing Really Matters
    Sky Fits Heaven
    The Power Of Goodbye
    To Have And Not To Hold
    Mer Girl
    Has To Be

    Impressive Instant
    I Deserve It
    Don't Tell Me
    What It Feels Like For A Girl
    Paradise (Not For Me)

    American Life
    Love Profusion
    Nobody Knows Me
    Nothing Fails
    X-Static Process
    Mother And Father
    Die Another Day
    Easy Ride

    Hung Up
    Get Together
    Future Lovers
    Let It Will Be
    Forbidden Love

    Give It 2 Me
    Miles Away
    Devil Wouldn't Recognize You​

    Living For Love
    Devil Pray
    Bitch I'm Madonna (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
    Joan Of Arc
    Rebel Heart

    Medellín (Feat. Maluma)
    God Control
    Crave (Feat. Swae Lee)
    I Don't Search I Find

    Into The Groove
    Crazy For You
    Who's That Girl
    Causing A Commotion
    Justify My Love
    Rescue Me
    I'll Remember
    I Want You (With Massive Attack)
    You'll See
    Beautiful Stranger
    Time Stood Still
  12. I'm...a bit gagged Celebration is still in. The little basic bop that could.
  13. I’m shocked that Like It Or Not is out before Devil Pray. Also, the fact we never had a Human Nature / Like It Or Not medley on tour is a little bit criminal if you ask me.
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  14. She didn't even acknowledge Like It's existence again for a decade until the Art Basel Tears of a Clown show, which is a bit insane.
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  15. With each elimination, I have more disdain towards certain average at best songs that are still hanging on (looking at you, "Celebration" and "Living for Love") and especially towards a song that is pure trash ("Bitch, I'm Madonna").

    Losing two 8.5's in the same night isn't a good feeling. "Like It or Not" is a very cool-sounding closing track and gives a bit of a different edge to the album, so it should've been around for a while.
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  16. Like It Or Not is god awful. She’s lucky she was on Confessions tee bee aich; the lyrics are corny as hell.

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  18. Survival is meh-tier M.

    Also, Creep >>>>>>>>>>>>
  19. "Like It Or Not"?!

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  20. I wish the Bitch I’m Madonna haters had more to say about why they dislike the song other than it being “EmBaRrAsSiNg!!!!11” to them.
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