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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Just a little rectification here - the placement of "Forbidden Love" in the 2015 rate was 115. and its average score was 6.968, which means it actually climbed 4 spots, and didn't down (looks like the placement/average score of "Love Tried to Welcome Me" was accidentally used as a reference instead).

    Damn... I'm still not over "Forbidden Love", "Love Tried to Welcome Me" and "Runaway Lover" all leaving before the top 100. PopINjustice.
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  2. I'll explain it when the elimination takes place, but being "embarrassing" is the least of its problem. It hurts my ears a bit when listening to it - the sonic aspect of the song is quite dreadful, to be honest.
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  3. You’ll See is too boring to still be here.
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  7. 'You'll See' and 'I'll Remember' are two of my most emotionally resonant Madonna songs.
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  8. Not if you had lived through 5 years of Evita. We deserved that hit.
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  9. "You'll See" is beautiful, and so is "I Want You" (to a slightly lesser extent).

    The MOR Madonna ballads of the 90's I'm not keen on are "Rain" and "I'll Remember" (I always think they sound quite similar). They just seem too AC and don't connect melodically with me.
  10. Rain is so beautiful. One of her best ballads. Only number 14 in America. Mess.
  11. You’ll See is just so...generic. It’s fine. It doesn’t feel like her song particularly. Being reminded that things like Love Tried To Welcome Me and In This Life crashed out before it and I Want You just stings a bit.
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  12. The longer "up and down and all araaaa-haaound" BVs from Nikki and Donna are gorgeous.
  13. While I'm not a hater, I also believe it's slowly time for Bitch I'm Madonna to leave. My issues with it:
    1) The vocal melodies themselves are a bit simple, and not in a catchy boppy way. The verse in particular is basically just a scale run. And Madonna sounds squeaky. Probably by design, but still - why would I want to listen to a pitched Madonna doing what sounds like a vocal warm up before a show?
    2) The lyrics are...fine. "Bitch, I'm Madonna" is a cool title and statement, but apart from that these are basic party lyrics and hardly standouts in her discography.
    3) The PC Music production is...very gimmicky and of its time. I guess one could consider this not a fair statement, as it certainly comes down to personal taste (and it's not like her 80s and 90s work doesn't sound like it's from the 80s or 90s). But this is hardly a Like A Prayer where songwriting and lyrics transcend whatever problems one might have with dated production.
    4) Another Nicki feature, which felt a bit been-there-done-that as well.
    Again, I don't hate the song. It got 7/10 for me. But my Madonna Top 100 does not contain 7/10s.
  14. I loathe the production. A complete racket to me. I just can't listen to it as this noise is such a wall of sound inflicted on me.
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  15. The production is fine and doesn't stop me from bopping apart from the dog eating a balloon noise at the very end which is...a lot.
  16. Just accept Celebration is a bop in whatever mix you prefer.
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  17. "Rain" absolutely does not deserved to be lumped in with her "MOR mid-90s ballads." An iconic, peak Madonna single.
  18. Bitch I’m Madonna walked so Charli’s renaissance post-Sucker could sprint. Once again, Madge propped the door open for the bleep bloop girlies PJ loves to stan.
  19. I understand that people may think M went too ballad-heavy in the 90's, and I actually agree with that to a certain extent. But if you looked at each song as its own entity, I'd say you'd find it hard to fault almost any of them. Rain, Take a Bow, You'll See, I'll Remember, This Used to Be My Playground, Love Tried to Welcome Me, Forbidden Love, I Want You, they're all absolutely gorgeous.
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  20. Not some bitches coming for Rain, during the anniversary of it’s single release.
    Apart from the song being a masterpiece, I think the video is one of her most underrated, yet one of her very best.
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