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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. The only bit of production on Bitch I'm In The Top 100 I don't like is the transition from the first verse into the bridge where the volume jumps up by about 5 notches.
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  2. I can't believe the poetry of Secret Garden had to bow down at # 101 so that *spits it out* Survival - which has "basic bitch" written allover it in the tacky pastel colours of its parent album's artwork - could snatch a spot as one of Madonna's 100 best songs (?) ... but work, I guess. Who even really needs Survival when Human Nature is right there, on the same album no less?
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  3. This is part of the reason I am not a fan of this 'song'. I get that it is a fun party anthem type song and that it is meant to be in your face (and annoying as fuck) but Madonna the mother and father of all pop should not feel that she has to tell us bitches that she is Madonna, we already know and would recognise her from ten thousand paces.

    At the time it felt like she was pandering to a younger audience that she will never win over. Sometimes less is more but she is clearly not always a big fan of that philosophy. Thank God for Madame X which is pure Madonna for me as opposed to the previous two albums (which definitely have great moments but Madame X for me is a fully realised Madonna album that doesn't sound like or pander to anyone else)
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  4. Reading some of these explanations, I'm wondering why was anyone asking for y'all to justify your shitty Bitch I'm Madonna scores in the first place. Out of everything she has blessed us over the last ten years, it's one of her most important, innovative and fearless songs by far, and yeah, too bad you don't understand its brilliance, but what's even worse is reading these claims about pandering, gimmicks and simple vocal melodies, none of which are to be found on the actual track.
  5. Rain is a 10. Periodt
  6. I'll Remember was one of my fave discoveries of the whole rate and it's done really well to get this far, but if it leaves now I wouldn't be mad.

    True Blue and Celebration however...

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  7. True Blue
    Promise to Try
    Paradise (Not For Me)
    Miles Away
    Devil Wouldn't Recognise You
    Joan of Arc
    Rebel Heart
    I'll Remember
    You'll See
    Time Stood Still

    Would be my choices to leave next. True Blue, as already discussed, just feels so vanilla and MOR among her singles catalogue. In hindsight, I underscored Promise To Try but I believe there's stronger ballads left. Paradise is one of those songs where there's true brilliance about it but also something that misses the mark. The songs from Miles Away through til Time Stood Still should've left long ago, especially when you consider the brilliance from Erotica that's left. All of them are just average songs.

    It also goes without saying that American Life is well overdue a culling. I know ya'll stan the album but the fact Mother and Father (among others) are being ranked better than songs like Secret Garden? Hmm.
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  8. That True Blue moment during Rebel Heart reminded us why it's a CLASSIC.

    I will not take this True Blue hate.
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  9. Time Stood Still is the definition of a hidden gem. Discovering it in 2005 I was SHOOK.
  10. Joan Of Arc is so out of its depth. Let me make a mental note to give it a zero next time.
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  11. Both Joan of Arc and Attack of Panic have been out of their depth for quite some time. Like I said, the recency bias really jumped out! They do not deserve this kind of 'Aly & AJ Classic' status already.
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  12. Wrong thread sweets?
  13. Oops yeah I thought I was in the Aly & AJ rate thread. It still applies (to their rate).
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  14. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    The way I CRIED....not everyone has that.
  15. RJF




    SCORE: 7.63

    2015 PLACEMENT: DOWN 2
    - 94 of 210 (7.311)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 12 (@Andreas @Vasilios @maverick_79 @WoW73 @Dreampopboy @MilesAngel @joeee @Xanax @DinahLee @Bleu Noir @wintersleep @Remorque)
    LOWEST SCORE: 2 x 1 (@Markus1981)
    MY SCORE: 6/10

    Damn baby, did it hurt? When you fell from the Madonna Rate, that is. "Angel" going down marks the first loss from the Like A Virgin single run, and funnily enough, it was actually almost the first single from the album too until the title track was brought into being. Knocking about as early as 1984 as a Stephen Bray co-write, Madonna has said that it's basically about a girl who is feeling a wee bit glum and is saved by an angel, consequently falling in love with him. There's of course a little bit of Madonna's Catholic upbringing tinged in such a topic, but since this is Madonna, I immediately think naughty thoughts about a sexy angel coming to strike heavenly judgement on me. ;)

    As far as Like A Virgin tracks go, I don't hate it, but the unfair prism through which we look at all Madonna songs in is the context of all those that came after it, and in terms of all the midtempos and ballads, "Angel" just doesn't really stack up to me. So much of her 80s material stands tall with her later work because it's so unbelievably larger than life. I'm not sure if even Madonna's later, superior work can match just how these singles can feel like... IMAX pop music. Surround sound, 4D, billions of pixels... and then you've got "Angel" kind of just plodding along here. It's cute, but cute next to gorgeous... is actually what the double a-side of "Angel" and "Into The Groove" could be described as. I guess I enjoy the repeated cackle that reminds me of the "Macarena", but yes, it's probably the right time for this track to leave.

    Despite nearly being the lead single, "Angel" exists without a video. Apparently it was because they were afraid of oversaturating music television (imagine that as a concept!) since five of Madonna's videos were in heavy rotation at the time thanks to her debut having a massive second wind after Like A Virgin smashed. Queen shit! It was, however, performed during The Virgin Tour, and even received quiTe the banging dance remix on its single release too. Enjoy!

  16. Ray of Light era is mostly intact so I want Time Stood Still to fuck off now. There are plenty of co-op purchased granola bops we can downward dog and align our chakras to left in this race that are much better.
  17. Honestly iconic.
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  18. Angel -10. Sad to see this go. It's my favourite song on Like A Virgin and not just because it's part of my name. It makes me feel like I'm standing on a cloud and is one of my favourites to sing along to. I adore the middle eight leading up to the last chorus 'the only way that this makes sense is that...ooh you're an Angel.'
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  19. Angel - 10/10 and hands down one of my favourite songs of the ‘80’s. It’s so sad to see it go but I wasn’t expecting it to go that high to be fair. I really wish she’d remember that this song exists!
  20. Like It Or Not could have lasted a bit longer. It's classic Madonna idgaf... I'll seduce, offend, and boss my way across this dancefloor. A cheeky, HBIC energy bop. Personally I love that Madonna.
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