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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. I'm sure L*n* would prefer Angel to what we call her these days.
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  2. Um, why did two of her sweetest songs go today?

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  3. How did I miss Angel's elimination?! Now I'm sad.
  4. Inside Of Me was always nice but I only fully appreciated it in recent years. But selfishly I’m glad Sanctuary is the last album track from
    Bedtime left. Talent.

    Angel is a lesser Madonna single, but it deserves it’s top 100 placing. Forgotten bop!

    I hope you haven’t booked the Airbnb I was in this past weekend (Corgarff/Cockbridge nn). Unless you like not being able to shower!
  5. I’m furious with you dumb satanic whores for dumping Angel like this. Certainly one of my big finds of this rate.
  6. It's what you deserve right after this.

    kidding love.
    I actually scream at how I appreciate your taste and share some of the same opinions yet some other things are just totally opposite dd. A full 180.
    Inside of Me is really that gorgeous song with some double-entendres. I also think it does work way better than Promise To Try, even thought they're different approaches of the same subject.
    Inside of Me is lush.

    For Angel:
    Actually happy it made into top100 with so many songs being out already. Same feeling about White Heat for me. I'd probably give my blood to watch it being performed live, same for Look of Love. "Now I believe that dreams come true \ cuz you came when I wished for you" is just so pure naive yet marvelous.
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  7. I hope that she heard about Stranger Things using Angel just so she can be reminded that it exists.
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  8. Oh did they? I only recall the quite blatant Material Girl use
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  9. Yeah. I don’t watch the show but I remember reading that they included Angel and Material Girl.
  11. Y'all really think the title track from Like a Virgin is better than Angel?

  12. Angel and Inside Of Me are some of M's most plush and cute moments. Both excellent! Both could have stuck around awhile longer, especially Angel.

    I like to think of Angel and Supernatural as sisters. M really wanted that extra dimensional dick.
  13. Yet another superior 80s beast falling victim to True Blue*

    and 3 or 4 other classics I gave lower scores
  14. I gave Inside Of Me a 9, now I regret not giving it a 10. Its a gorgeous warm song that puts a smile on my face... yearning about an important loss never sounded so lush
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  15. Angel is Top 30 Madonna in my book but I imagine this is only true if you heard it when it was released. Hearing it retrospectively probably has less impact.
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  16. Into The Groove
    I know it won't, but I only gave 'Into the Groove' a 7 and wouldn't be mad if it went soon...

    Don't ban me.
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  17. It was #4 last time with a 9.534 average. I don't think your 7 is going to do much.
  18. Like a Prayer, Into the Groove, Vogue, and Frozen all have serious Top Five Energy. I'd put Live to Tell there too, but I'm not sure how popular it is around these parts (it's one of my all-time favorite songs period).
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  19. Hung Up is the other clear Top 5 staple.
  20. I do enjoy it anyway, just not as much as most of the other big classics.
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