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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Mine would be the following:

    Human Nature
    The Power of Good-Bye
    Like A Prayer

    With Crazy For You, Hung Up, Take A Bow, La Isla Bonita and Dress You Up making up the rest of the top 10.
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  2. I completely forgot that "Crazy for You" is still in. Kind of justifies why it's among my lowest remaining scores.
    It can leave anytime.
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  3. RJF


    Tomorrow... well, there was really only one person I would be handing over to, isn't there? Trust her with my life? Never, she's made too many attempts on it. Trust her with the biggest rate in forum history, however? Of course. Oh, and you best believe the good sis was all over that kind of glory like a rash. That and she has nothing going on this weekend. Sad!


    That's right; the ever talented, gracious, and hilarious @Laura Vanderbooben is covering you from Friday to Sunday! I've sent the good sis everything she'll need to give you guys the usual statistics, but whatever else she cooks up is her own damn mess... Well, unless there are score misreports, which will be my error, but I won't be able to fix them until Monday and like hell am I giving anyone else access to the spreadsheet, so. Toodles!​
  4. Time to sow some chaos!

  5. This will be an event.

    What to wear, what to wear...

  6. Ok so I just heard the single mix of Keep It Together this morning (after years of only knowing the rather flat album mix) because of this post, and I think I hear sumn...


    It's been on repeat (along with the Levitating Remix) all morning.
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  7. The Keep It Together remixes were superb. Like...Vogue is the superior/more iconic song to me, but I really do hate that Keep It Together basically got lost in the shuffle, because it's a great song (and uncharacteristically sentimental for Madonna, especially at the time!)

    I can't ever listen to it without mentally prepping myself for her mic to go out like in Truth or Dare though ff
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  8. M has great songs and important songs. Keep It Together is both and thus top tier for me.
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  9. Joan of Arc is good but definitely deserved to go around here, if not slightly sooner.

    Laura of Booben on the other hand? Legendaric!
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  10. I agree. I was actually kind of hoping she would have recreated the Jimmy Fallon performance and it would have been slotted at the end. Probably no better way to end a Madonna concert with the statement "Bitch I'm Madonna". But I guess she wanted Unapologetic Bitch near the end.

    I love Joan of Arc and wish we got a Rebel Heart Tour performance.
  11. See ya Joan.
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  12. Mm, you girls did Joan of Arc a bitsy wrong. Lines like 'I want to die, I never admit it, but it hurts' coming from Madonna of all people makes it even more heartbreaking. One of truly great Rebel Heart tracks.
  13. Bouncy beat and heartbreaking lyrics worked for Till Death Do Us Part; not so much for Joan of Arc. It was time for it to go. But Keep It Together? I don't know how anyone who's watched Truth or Dare could score it anything less than an 8.

    Celebration, Living for Love, Has to Be, Time Stood Still and (sorry not sorry) Voices out soon, please, thank you.
  14. I'll just be Queen Liz when I hear this...

  15. Joan of Arc is the best song on Rebel Heart, it's just absolutely beautiful and she sounds incredible on it. The last time she managed to achieve something like this was... Nothing Fails, maybe? The chorus is obviously the best bit and so deceptively layered once you dig into it:

    I don't wanna talk about it right now
    Just hold me while I cry my eyes out
    I'm not Joan of Arc, not yet
    But I'm in the dark, yeah

    'Cry my eyes out' (at a stretch maybe) could be a reference to the weeping statues of Mary, and 'I'm in the dark' could be a reference to the fact that Joan of Arc came near the tail end of the Dark Ages.

    I can't be superhero right now
    Even hearts made out of steel can break down
    I'm not Joan of Arc, not yet
    I'm only human

    A little more straightforward, an obvious reference to Superman being the 'man of steel'

    Like, on an album with patchy, shallow songwriting at best, preceded by two others that were almost across-the-board written terribly, Joan of Arc is an incredible jolt of life.

    The album mix is also far superior to the demo version, which is...rather uncommon for that album.
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  16. Joan of Arc is absolutely gorgeous and was my 2nd choice for my 11.

    I think the fact that I never bothered with any of the demos might be why I don’t have any qualms about the production. I’m always hearing people say [X version] was better as the reason for their dislike.
  17. 92


    SCORE: 7.715

    2015 PLACEMENT: DOWN 6 - 86 of 210 (7.541)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 15 (@Andreas @eatyourself @Mjg0806 @CasperFan @torontodj @1991 @scottdisick94 @Sideout @joeee @Bleu Noir @BTG @phoenix123 @Pop Life @Remorque @sexercise)
    LOWEST SCORE: 2 x 1 (@godspeed)
    RJF'S SCORE: 6.5/10

    What a fitting elimination to open with, as I cause my own commotion by taking over this rate while @DAP goes off to live ha Brokeback Mountain fantasy on the moors or wherever Scots go. 'Brokeback Mountain' or the opening scene of 'An American Werewolf in London'? Or both? Who can say. Anyway what was I talking about.

    Oh right, causing commotions! Love doing that. So does Maddy, this we know. Just look at her up there, looking like Princess Diana starring in a remake of 'Romeo Must Die'. Eyes narrowed as she locks in on her target. That's acting, girls. I have obviously never seen 'Who's That Girl' but I'm sure that it, just like this song, is...........extremely '80s. If you told me the titular commotions involved shopping montages and a night out at the teen disco that every town seemingly had back then, I would 100% believe you. But instead, this is actually about Madonna's marriage to an abusive Sean Penn?! Not exactly the subject matter that begs for the kind of 1980s staccato groove beat that you'll hear blaring from the Gap Kids soundtrack nowadays, and yet, the people didn't mind: 'Causing a Commotion' was a big ol' hit - far bigger than the movie that spawned it, which flopped terribly - charting at #2 in the US and #4 in the UK. It does slap, but it is quite slight, which probably explains its relatively low placement here. And it got some high-profile tour slots, so let's celebrate that!

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  18. R27


    No! This was one of my favourite discoveries of the rate. It's the sequel to Into the Groove that I never knew I needed until I heard it.
  19. About time.
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