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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Every middle eight on the album is pure gold. It’s like she tried to outdo the True Blue single with every song but I think Commotion rivals Who’s That Girl for the best.
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  2. Causing a Commotion is a giant bop and it’s in the top tier of her 80s output. I lowkey think it’s one of my favorite M songs nn.
  3. Causing a commotion is trash but top tier trash. The Silver Screen mix ups the ante even more.
  4. All of her 80s middle 8s are perfection.
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  5. Yes, and it’s not just the singles either!

    Don't be afraid to try
    Just let me love you for a while
    You'll see, what it's all about
    Oh baby I can't clear you out

    Drop your weapons, you'd better come clean
    I've got you covered, I'll catch you
    When you fall to me
    I'm not gonna hurt you, 'cause I'm not that kind
    We're not goin' nowhere 'til you have a change of mind

    Don't judge a man 'til you've been standin' in his shoes
    You know that we're all so quick to look away
    'Cause it's the easy thing to do
    You know that what I say is true
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  6. BTG


    What the FUCK at Causing a Commotion crashing out?!
  7. I tend to forget Causing A Commotion exists, but every time I play it my wig is violently yanked from my head. It's a bop.

    Also shout-out to Niki Haris for forever making me sing "I got the moves baby, you got the lotion" because of Truth or Dare.
  8. Amazing. I also love the bit with Donna doing her Belinda Carlisle impression and Madonna rolling her eyes.
  9. 91

    SCORE: 7.727

    2015 PLACEMENT: UP 14 - 105 of 210 (7.184)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 22 (@Andy French @fatyoshi @theelusivechanteuse @1991 @Andreas @Tigerlily @Vasilios @aux @eatyourself @HEARTCORE @djmakemewet @discoteca @AllGagaLike @Suburbia @elear @NightmareBoy @Zdarlight @joeee @DinahLee @acl @FrozenNight @beyoncésweave)
    LOWEST SCORE: 2 x 1 (@unnameable)
    RJF'S SCORE: 9/10

    Not Madonna trying to get into PJ memery and misquoting us. Y'all were like, this has got to be I Deserve It, got to be got to be. But instead we get the Japanese bonus track (not in the joke way either, like the actual thing) from Ray of Light, the first Madonna album I ever listened to in full! Of course I wasn't born when it came out - like @that boy is a monster, I'm 17 x - but it's really fun to experience iconic albums for the first time and put myself in the shoes of my elders like @RJF.

    Anywho, this is another William Orbit joint that immerses you in the soundscape of, like, drowning, but in a nice way. We hear Our Madge grateful for the experience of love, despite it ending in heartbreak, and wondering when she'll finally get that companionship she craves:

    I know there's someone out there
    Waiting for me
    There must be someone out there
    There just has to be

    Spoiler: there isn't! We're all going to die alone or partnered up strictly for convenience's sake, if a certain thread on this forum is anything to go by.


    And that's 'Has to Be.'

    She's never performed it live, so here's Bon Appetit by Katy Perry.

  10. How is Celebration surviving all these better songs?
  11. How I wish Has To Be was on streaming. My most favourite discovery while listening to her full discography for the first time.
  12. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    And your score is...?
  13. "Has to Be" isn't an ideal elimination, but I'm fine with it leaving at this point. Lovely production and vocal delivery, obviously. Despite being a bonus track, I consider it better that several (5) songs from the actual album (including one of the singles).
    This is probably where it would land in my own ranking (out of all songs, not the remaining ones).
    I'm shocked about that, too. There must be some type of mistake with its scores. There has to be.
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  14. @unnameable explain yourself immediately please.
  15. Finally.

    Has To Be is so fecking dull. I regret giving it as much as 4/10.
  16. Rebel Heart
    I'll Remember
    Till Death Do Us Part
    Bitch I'm Madonna
    Easy Ride
    Crazy For You
    Who's That Girl
    Mer Girl
    I Want You (With Massive Attack)
    Promise To Try

    My hit list as we go into the 80s
  17. @mods I'm being harassed
  18. you_in_danger_girl.gif
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  19. [​IMG]

    (I completely agree with the rest, except from "Waiting")
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