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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Has To Be is objectively a 7 or higher.
  2. tea
  3. Has to Be carried me and my existential loneliness through quarantine. Like...

    I should be glad that I'm alive
    It could have been much worse
    I might have never loved at all
    And never known what I am worth

  4. Can I dwell on "Causing A Commotion"? Everyone always mentions the obvious connection to "Into The Groove" especially thanks to the lyric, but that bass line feels like a warning shot from "Vogue".

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  5. Has To Be is brilliant!

    I've always seen it as an alternative ending to the Ray of Light album. Mer Girl is already a pretty perfect book-end though, so I understand why this was relegated to bonus track status. Still, it does make for an equally beautiful, slightly more hopeful ending to the record. As if the depressive storm of Mer Girl is finally lifting and Madonna is left on open waters, looking out at the horizon again.
  6. Has To Be should not be out yet.
  7. That's four eliminations in a row I'm not particularly bothered about. I have a feeling things will be taking a turn for the worse soon though.
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  8. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve only ever listened to it a few times, but Has To Be doesn’t do anything for me, whereas Causing a Commotion is top 20 and it might have her best middle 8 ever?
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  9. Twins!
    It should’ve been on the album proper. It’s way too good to be a regional bonus track
  10. [​IMG]


    SCORE: 7.748

    2015 PLACEMENT: DOWN 9 - 81 of 210 (7.593)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 18 (@Vasilios @eatyourself @m_dimitrov @nanafan @Sprockrooster @tylerc904 @AllGagaLike @GimmeWork @Ana Raquel @1991 @Modeblock @joeee @TrueBeliever @Bleu Noir @Remorque @Markus1981 @Weslicious @Touchofmyhand)
    LOWEST SCORE: 4 x 3 (@Tigerlily @NightmareBoy @Coochi)
    RJF'S SCORE: 7.5/10

    Before any of you harlots try to come for me, yes I'm aware that's the 'Celebration' album cover, but I just really like it. Also let's stan the absolute flex of Madonna subtly reminding us all that she knew Andy Warhol.

    That being said, boy this is slight huh? Not an ounce of bass to be found. Even if I didn't know, I would be able to pinpoint it as being released between 2008-2010, aka the midst of the Noise Wars when every song had those tinny synths pumping through the production. I know this is Paul Oakenfold but 'Faster Kill Pussycat' it is NOT, ladies.

    All that being said, it's certainly still fun, and I'd imagine would be a nice moment on a night out if we got those anymore. I guess I'm just searching for a bit more weirdness to it. It's a bit...bland for Madonna, no? Or maybe I'm just thrown off because the production combined with her spoken word intro deadass gives me this:

    The video is a nice little time capsule featuring Madonna's ex plaything Jesus Luz and a young Lourdes, but 2009 once again rears its ugly head because this shit straight-up looks like it was uploaded from an iPhone 3 in glorious 240p.

  11. Celebration is basic but god it slaps. I love her weird uncomfortable cackle in the middle eight so much
  12. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    It shouldn’t have made it this far but the MDNA tour performance is so much fun.
  13. Has To Be, another one that was in my short-list for a possible 11. Gorgeous, isn't it? The production is definitely one of the things that elevates the song to it's contemplative state, but the early demos also served to put the lyrics on the spotlight and her vocals whewww

    I think the Demo 2 also serves a little for the Bjorkdonna gays

    Both are good, but the final does work in favor of transforming the song into an 11.
  14. The album version of Celebration is dismal but the remix is fire.
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  15. Celebration is a straight up instant catchy track and at the time I remember analysing it so much to how many references to her back catalogue were in the song, like the whole middle 8 reminds me of Everybody and Physical Attraction, the celebration concept instantly makes me think of Holiday. It was also an effortless top 3 in the UK, and her last top 20 hit unfortunately and coincidentally her last proper single with Warner.
    I don’t really count Revolver as a proper single as it never got the video treatment and it always felt as though the David Guetta Remix was just quietly released at Christmas time for the sake of it.
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  16. Finally, this wonky and bland attempt of a bop is gone. I just can't fathom what you're hearing in this one. It's literally on the "MDNA" level of basic blandness. I would even say that "Girl Gone Wild" is better than this.
    While it is cute and a bit fun, "Celebration" shouldn't have made it anywhere near the top 100.
    I don't find it particularly catchy, either. In fact, it's my lowest score out of the three/four songs from that greatest hits album - "Revolver", "Broken (I'm Sorry)" and "It's So Cool" are all better than it.

    Since I've mentioned bland songs; "Living for Love" out next, please.
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  17. Great work, @Laura Vanderbooben - daft question but, because I’m just getting into Real Housewives, is your name inspired by Ms Vanderpump?
  18. Oop this tea.
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  19. Honestly among the best of the decade.
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