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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Pffft! She wishes!

  2. The elimination of "Celebration" was delicious but I'm still a bit peckish, @Laura Vanderbooben.

  3. 89


    SCORE: 7.785

    2015 PLACEMENT: DOWN 15 - 74 of 210 (7.662)

    11 x 1

    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 22 (@Tigerlily @Vasilios @HEARTCORE @discoteca @Remyky22 @madgemad @elear @Andy French @godspeed @NightmareBoy @BreatheBox @scottdisick94 @Sideout @RetroPhysical @joeee @Mister_G @Pop Life @clowezra @wintersleep @Remorque @RainOnFire @nametag)
    LOWEST SCORE: 2 x 1 (@letuinmybackdoor)
    RJF'S SCORE: 9/10

    We lose another soundtrack song, and I begin to realize that the only Madonna movie I've seen is 'Evita' (because of course it is). Well, and 'Die Another Day', I'd suppose, though that hardly counts (however when will the other Bond singers turn up in cameos as oversexed fencing instructors? Sam Smith LOST! But we've seen the latest album release strategy so we knew that.) I really do need to get around to 'A League of Their Own,' though.

    Anyway, when Madonna sings "maybe you're the," I was like

    because this song is from 'The Next Best Thing,' a film that Roger Ebert dubbed "a garage sale of gay issues, harnessed to a plot as exhausted as a junkman's horse." Sounds fun! The flick was a hit by Madonna standards because it almost grossed as much as it cost. Also, in my research for it, I found out Neil Patrick Harris is in it? He's been turning up in the most random shit for decades. Benjamin Bratt and Michael Vartan are in it too, in case you didn't have enough men with really skinny necks and 25% more bones in their faces than normal. Oh, and Lynn Redgrave is in it too! Did you know that Lynn Redgrave's husband had an affair with her personal assistant and fathered a child with her, and later the assistant married Lynn and her husband's SON (!!!) and only THEN did it come out that the assistant's child was her FATHER-IN-LAW's meaning the child's stepfather was also his HALF-BROTHER!!!!?!??! God, that's some juicy shit. Make that into a movie.

    Anyway, this is a nice song huh? Madonna sounds fantastic - her voice had so improved over this time, yas sustain those notes! - and the well-done production by William Orbit ensures it fits in perfectly with the soundscape she was playing with at the time. I've never heard it before today, I'll admit, so I'd need more time to sit with it, but at first blush I do get @RJF's high score. A lovely track. In fact, let's listen to it now!

  4. Causing A Commotion should have won.
  5. Thank you @Laura Vanderbooben for drawing our attention to a monumental bop

    Just as exhilarating as it ever was
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  6. Time Stood Still is really nice. It and American Pie almost made The Next Best Thing worth it.

  7. That cover is giving me Heather Graham auditioning for the role of Madonna in the new biopic.
  8. *sigh*
    When I asked for another elimination that didn't mean one of my 10's...

  9. WHAT happened during the edition stage in... her eyes, but also her face in general?
    Anyways the song is pretty lovely and beautifully performed, but it does leave me a little bit unmoved
  10. I got it off SoundCloud so like, maybe it isn’t even her nn
  11. It is! It's just retouched to fuck there for some godforsaken reason, dd. The original photo looks better

  12. Also, she looked gorge in this promo still.


    Shame the movie was...what it was, but at least she looked nice and the soundtrack was great!
  13. Believe it or not, the airbrushed version is real! It was the March 2000 cover for Jane magazine:


    Glamorous hard boiled egg realness.
  14. Reminds me of how Out turned her into a literal alien in 2006

  15. This cover is the tangible prescient manifestation of William Orbit's Britney "Alien" glitch.
  16. Time Stood Still is very pleasant. It's not the most interesting take on that Ray Of Light era sound.

    Has To Be should have gone higher. We need it on streaming.

    Anyone else getting Rachel Blanchard from this or is it just me ddd.
  17. I listened to Celebration so much during the very depressed year it came out that it was the third most played song in my iTunes library for about a decade, make of that what you will.

    Also the album version anytime over that honking Benny version, and the MDNA performance is one of her best tour closers. The energy!

    Time Stood Still and Has to Be are both gorgeous, the latter a bit... slight, and I think not worthy of being on the album proper, but still probably her best B-side for me.
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  18. Has To Be and Time Stood Still are both gorgeous and massive rate discoveries for me. I gave them both 8.
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  19. Ok but every time I see a still from this film (or watch the trailer because I am not watching that) I’m reminded of a poster on Madonnation or some other hellhole years ago that pointed out that no matter the context she had a contstant shadow on her forehead.

    There is
    A light
    Avoiding my
  20. No... "Time Stood Still" is rather gorgeous and one of the better and most unexpected discoveries of the rate (yet it didn't receive a 10, but did get a strong 9 from me).
    Definitely shouldn't have been eliminated until top 50 at the very least.
    The verses are stunning. Oh, and her vocals are among the best she's ever put on a record, for sure.
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