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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. The Afterbirth Collection is terrifyingly strong. The highlights of several PJ faves’ careers could be stacked together against that list and still come out sans scalp. Everything there is at least 8+ realistically.
  2. It's probably why I stan so much too as La Isla Bonita was a serious 11 contender, the vibe of those two songs is so good it's uncanny.
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  3. RJF


    A massive and effusive thank you to @Laura Vanderbooben for taking over this weekend and keeping the hot mess express going at full speed while I was sojourning with mother for her birthday party, to which I was obviously invited. I'm just not in any of the Instagram pictures.

    I'll be knocking out two tracks a little later tonight, but to tide you over, some quick thoughts on the songs that were eliminated in my absence.

    92. Causing A Commotion
    I maintain that most of the Who's That Girl soundtrack is just a redux of Madonna's finest 80s tracks, and in this instance, I think "Into The Groove" is borrowed from heavily here. Which begs the question: if your choices are "Into The Groove" or literally any other song, what are you going to pick? It's a fun romp, I guess, but then most of her 80s stuff was, and like a lot of stuff falling at the moment, it's good, if a little inessential.

    91. Has To Be
    Stunning; like being submerged in water where the light goes all soft and shimmery, and like all great Madonna songs, there's a wee bit of double meaning in whether or not she's talking about a man for herself, or perhaps some kind of crisis of faith. The longing, the borderline desperation, it just makes for a wonderful listen.

    90. Celebration
    A bop. Some of y'all will go wild for the basest of shit when it comes to Madonna bangers so I'm not really sure what brought so much ire on this in the last week or so when it does what it sets out to do perfectly: a cute throwback to when all of Madonna's songs were about letting it all hang out on the dance floor. Yes, it's a little simple, but it's a greatest hits header. It should be relatively all-compassing and... M.O. defining, which I think it manages, although miles may vary on its effectiveness.

    89. Time Stood Still
    That vocal. The way it just soars in the chorus. Mother was really feeling her oats huh. If there was at least one great thing to pull from what appeared to be an absolute garbage fire of a film project, it has to be glittering, grand thing. Maybe her best soundtrack song, which is not something to say slightly considering how many amazing songs Madonna has donated to films over the years.

    88. I'll Remember
    Honestly, one of the best things about "I'll Remember" was reading about With Honors to find that it is decidedly... without honour. A critically savaged box office bomb. I think "I'll Remember" was probably the most successful thing attached to it, and it's easy to see why. That wonderfully peaceful warmth that just floods through it makes it such an easy, addictive listen. It was probably my favourite discovery the last time we did this rate, so I'm pleased to see that it managed to stay relatively static with a score boost to boot.

    87. Who's That Girl
    Is anyone really surprised that @JMRGBY is a low scorer for this when it's basically a "La Isla Bonita" rip off? Again, this comes back to what I was saying about all the songs for this soundtrack basically being a greatest hits pastiche of everything Madonna had done up until then. I've... never had much affinity for it, and I think a lot of those who do most likely lived through the time it was a hit, because although we say we don't care, it's sometimes nice when the locals love our faves too, isn't it?
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  4. RJF


    Me making my way back to rate

    (Guy Ritchie... really had issues with strong women huh.)
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  5. I’ll never explain again.

    I’ll also add that it still went out at 87. One low score hasn’t made it fall from the top 10 or something.
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  6. The way every single song @Laura Vanderbooben eliminated deserved to go at this point. A true saint.
  7. This is still one of the most bizarre things she’s ever been attached to. A seven minute ad for BMW where Madonna berates Clive Owen and he goes on a joyride just to fuck with her, dumping her on a red carpet where a coffee stain makes it if she had her period? Shit herself? I dunno man. In retrospect it definitely...confirms a few suspicions fans had about Guy ff
  8. There was something seriously intimidating about her from 2001-2003.
  9. I mean, we all saw the size of her guns on the Drowned World Tour. I certainly wouldn’t have crossed her
  10. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Time Stood Still was, by far, the biggest discovery of the rate for me. Maybe my 10 was a little bit overboard, but I was honestly blown away by it. The way I can literally feel myself ascending with her vocals on the chorus, whew. It's so serene and calming, and one of the most beautiful-sounding songs she's ever done. I'm so glad it made the Top 100.
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  11. I paid Time Stood Still dust for far, far too long. It's one of her finest ballads and really deserved a chance to shine in its own right.

    This mashup with Goldfrapp's Some People is also absolutely stunning. Even the mild dissonant notes work in its favor.

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  12. Thank you for doing these eliminations, @Laura Vanderbooben!

    It's been a rocky road so far when it comes to my scores, so let me hope both of the songs leaving tonight received less than an 8 from me.
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  13. RJF




    SCORE: 7.888

    2015 PLACEMENT: UP 3 - 89 of 210 (7.453)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 20 (@Vasilios @Dangerous Maknae @rdp @DJHazey @gezza76 @Endothelium @Phonetics Boy @Andy French @Up Down Suite @godspeed @Coochi @unnameable @RetroPhysical @joeee @Jimmyandroid @Crisp X @Filippa @LTG @Mr Blonde @FrozenNight)
    LOWEST SCORE: 2 x 1 (@Aester)
    MY SCORE: 8/10

    We really are at the hurty part of the rate now, ladies.

    This is probably one of Madonna's strongest ballads of the time for me, although maybe not the most... showy? It's exquisitely composed but you can see why it was never a single. I also think it's maybe one of her densest packages in terms of lyrics. Is it about a personal crisis in faith? Is it about gang culture? Or is it about losing a friend to AIDS? The fact that it manages to touch on so many of these subjects so deftly and yet so ambiguously at the same time is a credit to the craft behind it. She really was just a ferociously powerful creative at this time, wasn't she?

    However, the general accepted canon for the track that is it is, in fact, about AIDS crisis, which would be a cause Madonna would rally behind for... well, the rest of her life to be perfectly honest. It's important to remember that 1989 was still relatively early in terms of the increasing deaths in the US, and the worst was still to come, but the amount of panic, fear mongering, and misinformation flying around about the illness was still huge. In fact, Like A Prayer's initial pressing was packaged with a page that set the record straight in terms of the causes, and what you could do to protect yourself:


    That and the smell of patchouli? Queen really was spoiling us.

    But yes, what a track. Patrick Leonard sets the stage with a wonderfully sweeping orchestral production as M provides maybe one of her most emotive vocals of the time that makes it sound like a lament at the end of the world. It's one of her quieter best moments of the decade, but still a standout nonetheless.

    The song has never been performed live, but it was included in that weirdly fucked 30th anniversary "remixed" album, which resulted in the song being renamed "Pray For Spanish Eyes" on every platform when I'm sure it went by just "Spanish Eyes" on most before that, but who am I to question the actions of... well, whoever the fuck was in charge of such a shambolic anniversary set for such an iconic album?​
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  14. This one hurts. Such a gorgeous and underrated ballad.
  16. Ugh. I gave way too many 10s (that have already left) but Spanish Eyes is one I feel I should have given one to. I just love it. I even love the strain in her vocals because it gives it more vulnerability.
  17. It's weird to think this has never been performed live or really acknowledged much at all in the last 31 years.
  18. My ears.
  19. One day I was obsessed with Little Star and it got eliminated, now today I was spinning Spanish Eyes like a madman and it's gone. When I first listened to the Like a Prayer LP, the castanets made my skin crawl, but it's grown a lot on me.

    ETA: wait let me get I Want You on heavy rotation
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