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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. I should've given True Blue a 1
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  2. Well I hope some of you are happy I guess. This shouldn’t have left for another 30 eliminations at least, “uNpLeAsAnTnEsS” or whatever the fuck else aside
  3. It's my lowest remaining track by far. No one, I mean no one, should come to Madonna for '50s pastiche.
  4. I’m pleasantly surprised my 11 is still in at this point. Usually mine crash out relatively early!
  5. I should have given Devil Pray a 5.

    Bitch I’m Madonna is excellent and it just should have been the groundbreaking closer of the Rebel Heart Tour.
  6. Screaming that after all this @Maki isn't even the lowest score.

    I gave it a 2 for the title alone really because bitch, she is Madonna, but the actual song is complete viral video filler. If it was called Go Hard Or Go Home it wouldn't have made the top 100. Good riddance!
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  7. In my defence, I wasn't aware that it was your eleven.


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  8. Every time I listen to Bitch I’m Madonna I’m reminded that the home of sexuals that dismiss everything Madonna has done since Hard Candy and have the audacity to think Bitch I’m Madonna is embarrassing because of “aUtOtUnE!!!” and being boastful and just wanting to fucking party, are the same ones who hail Charli XCX as the future of pop for doing the exact. same. thing.
  9. But it isn’t. xx
  10. RJF


    yas kill each other

    One elimination tomorrow since I cleaned up this mess today.
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  11. Are they though? In my experience the fans wailing and gnashing their teeth about Bitch I’m Madonna (or Madonna in general since 2008) the loudest also wouldn’t touch Charli with a twelve foot pole, because it’s “not music” or something
  12. [​IMG]

    Wow. Can't believe it took almost 150 eliminations to get rid of this one.

    "Bitch I'm Madonna" is my second lowest score in the entire rate - only "Crybaby" received a lower score from me. I've just always disliked it, so annoying and trashy. Even putting the lyrics aside, there really isn't anything too redeemable here. I don't know, almost everything about it is... reductive.
    Okay, the melody is cute in the beginning, but not for long. That beat drop is one of the ugliest drops I've ever heard (yes, I'm including Rihanna's "Right Now") and completely ruins anything vaguely good that was before it.
    True musical cacophony that i not for me.

    I gave it a 3.5 and it was a bit generous, to be honest. I never gave anything lower than a 2.5 in rates (and rarely give anything a negative/sub-5 score), and me throwing something a 0 or a 1 is very unlikely to happen (though Miley's "Cattitude" is a strong candidate for that).
    Also, my whining about it still being around has more to do that a negative score of mine (my second lowest score in the entire rate, actually) has never went so far into the rate, and it was frustrating to see it outlast tons and tons of immensely superior songs.

    I never say this for the lowest scorers, but... Team taste! (yes, including @Verandi)
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  13. From a couple of online pop music circles I’ve been in... yeah. Their usual defence is “well Charli just does it better :)” or “but Diplo!!!!”. Girls just say you’re ageist and go.
  14. Bitch I'm Madonna is crazy fun. Ten for the audacity alone teebs. The on the other end of the spectrum is Promise To Try, which is just heart wrenchingly beautiful. Both worthy of top thirty on my ballot.

    But at least we're one step closer to killing Hard Candy, I'll celebrate that!
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  15. Before anyone starts, I gave BIM one more point this time!
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  16. [​IMG]

    Bitch I’m Madonna is the above quote in song form, which is why I’ll always go to bat for it. That, and I just like it in all its batshit funhouse-mirror insanity
  17. I just cannot fathom how someone can listen to Bitch I’m Madonna and not lose their absolute shit. It’s bonkers. It’s ridiculous. It’s just so fucking fun. Some of you are weird.
  18. I feel like I’m the only person who neither loves nor hates Bitch I’m Madonna. I appreciate the audacity of it all, but I find her vocal delivery grating and I’ve never been a SOPHIE/PC Music gay to start with. Everyone gave it a 10 or a 1 and I’m here thinking she’s a cute 6.5, I don’t know.
  19. I’m now going to mass stream Bitch I’m Madonna in mourning and I welcome you all to do the same.
  20. I think Bitch I'm Madonna best captures the messy Madonna that we have grown to love over the past few years.

    And the Jimmy Fallon performance will remain iconic and one of her all-time greatest performances.

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