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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. I Don’t Search I Find has no business being here. Could have gone 50 eliminations ago.
  2. Or maybe because they’re genuinely good quality songs that deserve to be in the top 80?
  3. Me watching the drama unfold:


    (If anything it proves the point Bitch I’m Madonna tried to make.)
  4. I think I'd like these to go within the next 20 eliminations or so:

    Material Girl
    Like a Virgin
    True Blue
    Thief of Hearts
    Bedtime Story
    To Have and to Not Hold
    Mer Girl
    Rescue Me
    Nobody Knows Me
    I Don't Search I Find
  5. I'm not saying they are bad songs (despite two of them being among my lowest remaining scores), it's just that I'm perplexed that they are considered so much better than, let's say, "Extreme Occident" and "Looking for Mercy".
  6. Crave deserves top 10.
  7. Crave and God Control are Madonna's best singles in years.

    Four years, to be precise, because Ghosttown and Bitch were also Madonna's best singles in years.
  8. I love the drama that Bitch I'm Madonna conjures up...

  9. Enough of whatever you're trying to spin here... I don't have 80s phobia just because I didn't give one of your faves a 10. My 11 is from her debut.... and I gave Bitch I'm Madonna a 10. But werk I guess.
  10. I stan anyone who gave Borderline their 11
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  11. The debut simply does not get the rapturous praise it deserves. The singles are bulletproof.

  12. Debut is a tight post-disco masterpiece.
  13. Living For Love and You’ll See are my lowest (and only sub-7) scores left. In retrospect I could’ve been kinder to You’ll See. Maybe.
  14. I doubt she thinks much of You’ll See now but it could have had a really nice fado rendition on the Madame X Tour.
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  15. Sis, put me on ignore. I never said anyone who tanked a single song from the 80s was 80sphobic. It was a general throwaway statement fuelled by meltdowns over Like a Prayer the album doing worse than I would have liked to. I thought we were all being facetious and hyperbolic here, but your tone seems a bit pointed right now, so I can't be sure.

    Peace out until I tell everybody who didn't give Oh Father a 10 to go burn in hell with hot knife-blades stuck in their urethras xx
  16. Dear Jessie x Oh Father > Chromatica II x 911

    Facts are facts
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  17. Girl...bye.
  18. ...after you praised YOUNGER NOW BY MILEY CYRUS as being a good album?
  19. RJF


    The nothing you know.
  20. I mean, singles doing well shocker.
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