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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

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    SCORE: 7.976

    2015 PLACEMENT: DOWN 37 - 39 of 210 (8.324)

    11 x 1

    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 17 (@funkyg @P'NutButter @OSHi @Remyky22 @matthew. @GimmeWork @Sail On @BreatheBox @FridayNight @scottdisick94 @Sideout @joeee @Miss Lange @phoenix123 @Remorque @LTG @japanbonustrack)
    LOWEST SCORE: 4 x 4 (@Angeleyes @theelusivechanteuse @Bleu Noir @happiestgirl)
    MY SCORE: 7.5/10

    (That single cover is egregious...)

    Well, our first loss from 2015's Top 40, the lead single to Rebel Heart, and another 11/10 falls! I think y'all have doing a little too much on this one for the last wee while, but I also think this is an appropriate time for it to go. The recency bias really helped out in 2015, I'll admit, but I think I do think it's generally a pretty great song that was fondly remembered at the time for a few reasons I'll get into now. This write up will be a revolution in inquiring FURTHER.

    Originally meant to be released on Valentine's Day in 2015 (because Madonna is nothing if she isn't making lonely single gays feel less lonely and single and gay), "Living For Love" was one of the songs that was released in late 2014 when Madonna had to respond to the entire album's sessions leaking. I'm guessing the plan was to always coordinate with music awards season for promotion around that time given the performances it received. It was one of the tracks that she worked on Diplo, who has said that it pretty much got every treatment imaginable from piano torch song to EDM banger, with him and Madonna finally settling for something in between. You add in Toby Gad, MNEK, and Alicia Keys on the piano (WHY?!) and it makes for another Rebel Heart melting pot of ideas.

    Listening to it in 2020 does kind of expose the fact that it maybe got put through so many different treatments that it ended up being a little fragmented in the end, but I still have a lot of fondness for this track. It very much felt like the beginning of a course correction as an entire package, from the dusting-myself-off theme of the track, the way she looked utterly joyous and rejuvenated and like she really wanted to do this again in the video, and also, from the way she went around the world three times over performing it everywhere, giving it a classic promo blitz that the girls these days can't do because they can't be too far away from their emotional support low-readership-editorial-spreads to do the thing. And they wonder why they can't get an album out. We spoke a lot at the time about how much of a tour de force the Rebel Heart era was in terms of promo (probably one of the most heavily promoted pop records this decade in terms of actual appearances put in its artist), and "Living For Love" was a great part of that.



    "Living For Love" will also go down in infamy for being the soundtrack to... a gay calamity. At the 2015 Brit Awards, homosexuals were made to sit through roughly seventeen hours of Ant and/or Dec doing... whatever it is they do, while the British music industry had their annual weird, incestuous piss up where no one can hold their drink past 9PM. I don't even remember who else performed that night and I don't care. We were waiting for some proper excellence, and finally, Mother arrived. And reader, she arrived. With a cloak the length of the O2 Arena, she stalked up the catwalk, and unveiled herself to begin the performance. Except, there was a problem. During a crucial moment where her dancers were meant to sweep the cape from Madonna's shoulders, she couldn't unfasten it and, unable to sign to her dancers to not sweep the cape from her shoulders, was dragged by her neck down a flight of stairs and

    Reader, when I say all the windows in my living room BURST from the SHRIEK I let out, I'm only exaggerating a little bit. I screamed into my hands, I found myself with tears almost instantly springing from my eyes. I went into, what doctors would later coin as, queer cardiac arresT. I thought she had been killed. I couldn't get a fucking breath. Madonna had been bludgeoned to death by the floor of the O2 Arena on live television and I we had all seen it happen. I couldn't. I didn't. I still don't.

    ...However, this all happened in the space of about five seconds. While I was starting to wonder which one of my smashed windows to jump out of because life honestly wasn't worth living any more... Queen got up. Before tears could even fall from my silly gay eyes, Madonna had unbroken her spine and resumed the fucking performance like she hadn't just suffered a TKO at the hands of her fucking garment. She was alive, she was moving, and was singing (shakily, but her vocal cords had been yanked about six feet behind her!!!!), and she was doing it. Girls, we say it all the time. In this thread, and in others, but: there will never be another one like her. She is the ultimate professional. One of a kind. Cannot be replaced. Cannot even be decked before getting back up. An icon.

    Like I mentioned earlier, the song was performed everywhere. Jonathan Ross, the BRIT Awards, the Grammys, the Ellen Degenerate Show, Le Grand Journal, and of course the Rebel Heart Tour, where mother played with absolute fire every night and wore a fucking cape just to prove she could do it. When that cape flew off of her at my date I screamed so hard I burst a blood vessel in my eye. WORTH IT. The Oliver Nissim Living For Drums remix was used for a lot of these performances, along with the tour performance, which is a certified slapper, folks. All the performances take inspiration from video's crimson-draped matador theme, which originally premiered on Snapchat before Rihanna tanked their stocks. It's also pretty great, Papyrus notwithstanding. Enjoy!

    Ellen Performance
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  3. Living For Love - 9.5. This is pure joyful pop, and I don't care, I'm living for it.
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  4. I’m like 99% sure it’s literally because she happened to be somewhere in or near the studio that day. I think both M and Alicia have said as much.
  5. I knew as soon as I saw that tag that it was time. I just knew it.
  6. It's so iconic that she posted that performance on her official youtube channel.
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  7. I remember so vividly where I was and what I was doing when I watched the BRITs performance, live via some shitty bootleg stream. I was folding my laundry in my apartment at the time and when that cape yanked her off the stairs...girls I was shaking like a god damn leaf. Much like @RJF said, the .02 seconds between her falling and getting back up felt like decades. Absolutely terrifying.

    But then...she got up with hardly a dent in her titanium skeleton, like literally nothing had happened, and managed to be even MORE alive on that stage than she was before smacking her entire 5’4” ass on it. And then, like a little pussy who screams, I am unashamed to say I cried while folding my socks. Which she would probably mock me for, and I would thank her.

    Mother fucking did that. Talk about veni vidi vici.
  8. Meh, good fucking bye.
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  9. I scream every time I see the single cover. What kind of Canva-ass mess
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  10. That fall...
    The amount of messages I received...
    Honestly an icons life flashed before us all,
    Then she got the fuck up and slayed.

    @RJF how many people actually provided commentary for their 11's?
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  11. So, Living For Love was my 11 and I’m gonna try and explain why without it coming across a bit wanky but I’ll inevitably fail - I chose it because it came at the right time in my life to allow some healing within myself after the worst break up of my life. The lyrics spoke to me in a way that songs rarely do. I’d spent a long time desperately unhappy and lashing out at people when I didn’t mean to because I didn’t know how to express myself (reference) properly. I was losing friends because I was a horrible person online. I still sometimes fall into this trap where I can’t quite get my point across and end up coming across as a bit of a dick but I can usually realise this pretty quickly and own that feeling and apologise and try and make people see where I was coming from rather than reacting and posting from a place of anger and frustration.

    Sitting with Living For Love for a while made me realise that I had to make positive changes in my life and actual live for love rather than live for hate and trolling and jealousy. I even have the line “I’m gonna carry on for living for love” tattooed on me as a reminder to myself that I got through the worst times and that I can and will carry on - I got it tattooed on me about four weeks before the Brits performance. There was a time in my life where I almost didn’t carry on and tried to end things and Living For Love always reminds me that I made it through the troubles I had and that when I fell, I picked up my crown and put it back on my head.

    Also, issa bop. Sorry for the rambling, I just thought I’d proffer why I gave it my 11.
  12. Was it really that much effort to just use a picture from the Mert and Marcus shoot for the single cover? Mom really wanted to make us pay for those leaks.
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  13. This is the one I've been using


    I fully believe that they didn't even have the single cover finished when the leaks happened so the one we got was a rush job dd
  14. This is gorgeous. Ugh, that era was doomed from the start.
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    No idea babe LOL
  16. Rebel
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  17. The gasp when she goes down. The way she got back up. She picked up her crown and put it back on her head.

    I love Madonna.
  18. Oop, I didn't know @JMRGBY actually gave "Living for Love" his 11. Now I feel bad for constantly calling for it.

    I'm very lukewarm towards the song and don't really get the appeal, especially. Literally the most notable thing about it is the infamous fall.

    Speaking of which, props to her with that performance. Dusting off after a fall like that and finishing the performance like nothing happened is an incredible level of professionalism. My aunt (yes, the one who shares her birthday with Madonna and me) pointed out the situation to me, as I had no idea about it (I haven't even heard of "Living for Love" until this rate). Also, I saw a little explanation in Ellen interview a few years ago and she said that nothing even hurt her when she fell. Wow. Only Madonna.

    The song is still too basic and doesn't really do much to me. Maybe if I heard it in 2015 it would've appealed. It's just... meh.
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    Y'all's ability to get a page nearly to the end I swear...
  20. RJF

    RJF's a setup.
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