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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Seeing Madonna's skull smashed into the floor of the O2 was sort of eased by knowing that she can't actually die, but it was still such a tense moment. Then again, if there's any popstar in history who would get killed on live television while promoting her latest single, it'd be Madonna. Always a visionary.

    I don't often seek the song out, it has to be said, but when I do I still enjoy it a lot.
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  2. I’m more worried for the O2 floor, personally. Anyone checked on her?
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  3. "Nobody Knows Me" is a 6.5, as is "X-Static Process", which can go next. And, while I'm at it, the rest of Madame X can go now too.
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  4. It's just a hole, sir.
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  5. I share the exact same thoughts (and scores, though "X-Static Process" received a 7 from me).
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  6. so many


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  7. How long did it take you to make this
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  8. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    It’s still so iconic that I stopped speaking to a man because he thought Madonna falling was funny.
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  9. Amazing.
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  10. Nothing from American Life should be leaving (except maybe Love Profusion which should’ve been the next American Life cut, not Nobody Fucking Knows Me) before we get rid of Material Girl, Like A Virgin and True Blue.
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  11. Awesome opinions.
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  12. Oh, Nobody Knows Me is incredible. I used to not care for it as much, but really turned onto it after being obsessed with the Mount Sims remixes.

    The Above & Beyond mix is also a slapper:

    Living For Love is nice. It's lost some of its shine over time and the drop gets a little boring. I feel like they could have recorded more ad-libs for it rather than recycling the same ones.

    The video and imagery used for promo were fantastic though. Shame the single covers for the entirety of the Rebel Heart era were so awful ddd. The album shoot was lovely and the videos were all good to excellent so not sure what the hell was going on with that.
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  13. I know this will come across as obnoxious attention seeking but this is what I want Like A Prayer to sound like. The lyrics & choral aspect work so beautifully with this kind of production rather than generic 80s funk.
  14. Bitch I'm Madonna is truly excellent. Glad it got at least a little bit of justice with all those 10s. Thank you @RJF for that perfect write-up. I'm OK with people not liking it but at least let it be for the right reasons, it seems a majority of its detractors think it's miles beneath her when it's a completely worthy track for her.

    Once upon a time I really liked Living For Love but it's aged a bit with me. Among my least favourite Madonna leads even if it is a cute song.

    Nobody Knows Me was my lowest track on American Life, which was my highest rated album. I think a big part of why I like it less is because of that atrocious placement between Love Profusion & Nothing Fails. It ruins what would've been a beautiful flow and I resent it a bit as a result.
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  15. You heretics better be keeping X-Static Process' name out of your foul mouths
  16. Girl what the fuck.
  17. If I said what I really wanted to say, I'd be banned in a heartbeat so let me just sit here and bite my tongue until it bleeds.
  18. Not you swooping in here besting every single bad take in the rate with the objectively worst opinion yet?! Truly doing God's work. Whoever came for Don't Tell Me earlier, you are forgiven!
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  19. I-
  20. This is maybe the most wild opinion I’ve read in this thread.

    Edit: wait never mind

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